Cute Jackets To Hide Your Midlife Tummy

How to Hide Your Midlife TummyLast  week in Part 1 of How to Hide Your Midlife Tummy we talked about what tops to wear to hide your midlife tummy. Today’s tip is on how to hide that little “pooch” of a tummy and is all about fit.

We would like to urge you to try something new. If you have been wearing clothes that are all the same shape, why not try something with a little fit!

 Wear A Fitted Jacket that has some style to it!

Out of Style Boxy Jacket
This jacket is out of style and has no flair!

Fitted Jacket Etcetera
Notice the soft ruffles and oversized buttons. (jacket and pants from Etcetra)
 Too Boxy Slimming and Youthful


When you have a big tummy the tendency is to hide it under a big boxy jacket, but that is only going to make you look big overall.

What you really need to do is buy a jacket that nips in at the waist. A straight up and down styles have  no shape. It adds bulk especially if you keep it buttoned up.

An updated jacket should be shorter and have definition at the waist. Here is what you should look for:

  • A jacket  that skims your body creating a feminine silhouette
  • Updated patterns and colors are youthful
  • Look for little details that add interest, like soft ruffles
  • zippers and angled pockets are always slimming and youthful

If you usually wear boxy, this might take some getting used to but you will look 10 pounds thinner, instantly!

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19 thoughts on “Cute Jackets To Hide Your Midlife Tummy

  1. Hello Deborah and Glam Gals,
    The lady in the photo wearing the black plaid jacket actually looks very nice. However, I do agree that the jacket could be “nipped” in just a bit at the waist to reveal a more feminine shape. Does anyone know if a tailor or seamstress could easily alter the shape successfully at a reasonable alteration cost? I would imagine many of the glam gals would be interested in being informed. Love your posts!!

  2. That boxy jacket looks almost identical to a Burberry jacket I have had hanging in my closet for I can’t tell you how long. Your post has convinced me to bite the bullet and get rid of it.

    Someone mentioned summer dressing as we don’t usually wear jackets then. I live in the Central Valley of California which is hot in the summer. I don’t do sleeveless because I don’t like my upper arms. I prefer floaty tops so the breezes can flow through and they are not tight and sticky on the body. Although I am at a good weight I don’t mind looking slimmer so tops that fit through the bust and midriff and then get larger on the way down provide a flattering illusion.

  3. That first jacket, the boxy one, is exactly like a beautiful Burberry one that I have had in my closet, unworn, for I don’t want to tell how long. Yes, it is time to get rid of it. Though I’m a good weight my waist and midriff are a little puffy so this is a good tip. As for summer, I live in the hot Central Valley of California. I also don’t like my upper arms so I cover myself up in floaty things that don’t bind the body. I like tops that are narrow through the midriff and larger as they move down towards the hips which gives an illusion that I’m slimmer than I am.

  4. Hi,
    It is heading into Summer here ‘Down Under’ and even the thought of wearing a jacket sends me into heat malfunction. But…I will be applying this theory of waist definition and skimming, details and ruffles and using it in my shirts for this hot season. So instead of the usual plain, boring shirts of past I will (hopefully!!!) update my shirts so that they can camouflage (fingers crossed) my jelly belly. 10 pounds (or 4.55 kilos in my language) thinner – that’s nearly a dress size!!! Well worth a try…

  5. This lady is just adorable! My goal is to look that GREAT when I am her age! I am always looking for “nipped” jackets..but they are not easy to find. Will you comment on short “swing” style jackets? I think they look a little better than the box style Has anyone else noticed that Coldwater Creek and similar stores are full of those boxy jackets? Is there a better place to shop for more flattering pieces?

    1. Hi Belinda,
      You are right to ask about ideas for jackets that are NOT boxy… they are sure hard to find!!! Anyone with some ideas? You have to be picky…this jacket is by Etcerta. which is only sold by sales reps across the country. They are a bit pricey as well. However, we do recommend that you save your money and buy less clothes but better quality. It is hard for many to do this, but once you do start buying quality you will see that you feel SO much better and it is worth the splurge!

  6. I’m so glad you gave your advice on this issue. Even though I am my ideal weight now, I still have what I call…a pouchie belly! So it’s nice to know some tips on hiding it. You think when you are wearing something loose or boxy, that is best. But the jacket that comes in at the waist is such a nicer choice! Thanks for the tips, sweet ladies! ♥

  7. I have lost 130 pounds (via gastric by-pass) so have a lot, A LOT, of excess skin in my belly. I just can’t face more surgery, so instead I’ll use all the fashion tricks I can. This series DOES help, thanks.

    1. Hi SueZ,
      Great to hear!!! We bet you look FAB!!! Having lost that much weight you will have to try hard to see the “new” Sue. You probably have a new shape to dress as well! Be careful to start adding clothes to your closet that fit your body properly. It will take some time to find out what style you want to express! We will be announcing a new workshop in Jan. that we are excited about! Keep tuned in to hear more!!

  8. Now that lady has CLASS! I wouldn’t even have thought to wear a fitted jacket until I saw this pic. I guess I’ll just have to test drive this one myself. Thanks for the tips!

  9. How bizarre. I’m sure the lovely lady modeling the jacket will be happy to know someone is criticizing this post because she has “not an ounce of fat”.

    This is a great post and really shows the ideas presented. I’m a little bummed because I let someone at Coldwater Creek talk me into a boxy blazer last month! Doh.

    1. Hi Celeste,
      Yes, this lady is just lovely! Thanks for your kind words! While we all have a different definition of “tummy” or “pooch” it can be camouflaged! This jacket is such an improvement and she was going to be buying a boxy one if we had not interveended! It is not easy finding stylish jackets but they are out there! This line called Etcetra is pricey but well worth the splurge!

  10. Hi Rose,
    Actually this lady is 75 and has a roll around her middle. It is just hidden in the jackets! However, thanks for the comment. We will try to find a photo of someone larger as well, so that you can see that this advice will work on all sizes.

  11. This is no help at all I mean look at the gal in the picture she has not even an ounce of fat, let along a mid section problem that we trying to find a solution too. Why don’t you put a picture of a person with that problem dressed in the solution outfit so we can picture ourselves that it is doable not a flat tummy skinny size, whatever is pictured. I can’t picture that jacket on me because she does not look like me.

    1. Hi Grace,
      If you are always hot, you can always take off the jacket. Fabrication is everything. In this article we are trying to show ideas on how to update a jacket. If you don’t wear them, a light shawl or sweater set can be a good option, depending on the occasion. If you have thick arms, then that can be a trickier problem. But we have found that shirts that have elastic across the top, that you can wear off the shoulder, with a full sleeve or 3/4 sleeve is an elegant option, too! Hope this helps!

      1. Thank you for the suggestions on jackets. I am also hot all the time but a nice lite jacket speaks volumes. If I know I’m going to be hot by not being able to control the temp or due to temp, a nice button up blouse over a tank or cami is great. Adds a finish and planned look style.

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