Is It O.K. To Wear a Lace Wedding Guest Dress (and Not Offend the Bride)

Wedding etiquette dictates that it is not polite to wear white to a wedding because you never want to divert attention from the bride. But what about wearing lace?  Most brides have at least some lace on their dress, if not a lot.  Can you wear a lace wedding guest dress and not look like you are trying to steal the bride’s spotlight.

Wedding Guest Dress - lace wedding guest dresses
Lace Wedding Guest Dresses

The answer is yes!  It’s perfectly fine, and quite a popular thing, to wear a lace dress to a wedding if you follow these guidelines:


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1.  Wear Colored Lace

A white or ivory lace dress is a definite no-no, and cream lace is very iffy depending on whether the bride is wearing cream. The best lace dresses to wear to a wedding are those in a distinctly non-bridal color.

In the fall, go for something like this beautiful plum lace dress with the charming halter neckline. The color is deep, rich, and romantic, and cannot be confused with a wedding dress. I’ve paired it with black accessories for a beautiful fall look.

In the spring and summer look for lace wedding guest dresses in pink, yellow, soft blue, mint green or taupe. Continue reading “Is It O.K. To Wear a Lace Wedding Guest Dress (and Not Offend the Bride)”

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Creative Ways to Style a White Shirt

What wardrobe staple do many women reach for when they want to look casually chic? The classic white shirt, of course. Here’s a look at the many different types, and the way these top bloggers like to style them.


Jennifer kicks frumpy to the curb in a crisp white shirt, black leggings and booties, and classic jewelry. Her secret to chic? Turn up the collar!


Sharryn from Australia goes the loose and flowy route with an oversized linen shirt that has an artsy feel.



Texas blogger, Sheree,  gives this white wrap shirt a fun, festive look by adding frayed cropped jeans and pom-pom heels! Be sure to read my interview with this creative Styleblazer



Bigger is better according to Australian designer Lisa who looks fashion forward in this billowy white shirt worn with distressed jeans and ankle bracelets.



Janis, a Texas-born girly girl, looks feminine and classic in this timeless little white shirt that pairs perfectly with cropped pants



Tracey, a designer and model,  shows off her flair for styling in a dramatic white shirt with pleated bell sleeves.



Trends come and go but Beth’s white shirt and the way she has styled it is ageless. See more looks from this classic fashionista in my Fabulous After 40 Styleblazer interview.



Dawn looks soft and natural in a gauzy, boho-style peasant shirt is casual but classy.


Kirin looks white on in this head- to-toe monochromatic look that is cool and fresh.


Cherie oozes star style in an outfit inspired by a top model. See more from this Fabulous After 40 Styleblazer here.



It’s the tiny details that make a white shirt chic as  Styleblazer Jamie shows us. Cool and sophisticated, Jamie calls this her George Clooney shirt!



Living in Australia, it’s no surprise that Sharryn has a thing for white shirts. Here she is again in a cute linen shirt, made even more interesting with the addition of this dramatic wooden statement necklace.



Margarita, Spanish Instagrammer shows us that it doesn’t make much more than a pair of khakis, a fab bag and a pair of glam shades to make your white shirt look classy and expensive.

I’m always on the lookout for Stylish women to feature. Be sure to include the #fabulousafter40  HASHTAG to your Instagram posts so I can find you easily!



3 Sexy Dresses For Dinner With Your Sweetheart

There are times when a woman wants to look extra feminine and alluring! A special date night with your honey might be that time. Here’s a look at three Knock ’em dead dresses to wear to a special Anniversary Dinner, Valentine’s Day Dinner, or even on a fancy date if you happen to be on the market for a partner.


Sweet and Pretty

If your style is sweet and romantic, then this pretty bell-sleeved dress is a darling choice. Keep the lacy look light and airy by keeping your outfit monochromatic with sparkling gold jewelry and accessories. Continue reading “3 Sexy Dresses For Dinner With Your Sweetheart”


Corporate Class – How to Update Your Work Wardrobe

If you work in a corporate office, when’s the last time you gave your work wardrobe a long, hard look? Workwear evolves, and if you’ve worn the same jacket and skirt combos for several years, chances are it’s time to update your look.

You don’t need to be young but giving the impression that you’re modern, and hip sends the message that you’re current and on top of things and is always a smart career move. Even small updates can make a big difference. Here are some ideas on how to update your work wardrobe. Continue reading “Corporate Class – How to Update Your Work Wardrobe”


Comfy, Funky Walking Shoes for Travel

When you travel, comfy shoes are a must. Sporty sneakers or walking shoes fit the bill, but they’re usually more practical than stylish. A pair of cute ballet flats or sandals can also work and will help you avoid the tourist look, but what if your style is more whimsical, funky or even tomboyish?

Here’s a look at some funky walking shoes for travel that are creative, playful and easy on your feet.

fly london shoes


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Black Fly Yala Sandal  / Jade Wedge Leather Sandal / Tan Yuke Platform Wedge

Fly London  – For Funky Types

Continue reading “Comfy, Funky Walking Shoes for Travel”


3 Ways To Wear A Striped Maxi Skirt

Maxi skirts may be a bit of a throwback to the 70’s, but these days they are more popular than ever. Women love them, especially in spring and summer because they’re cool, casual and feminine when you want to feel feminine but you don’t want to wear a short dress.

The hottest selling style is the black and white striped maxi which makes sense since it is super versatile.  Here are three readers who know how to wear a striped maxi skirt with style. Take a look at their different approaches.

chevron maxi with a zig zag stripe

Glam – With a Wrap Top 

Rebecca is an L.A. based blogger with fabulous style that’s always on the Glam side. Here she has taken a chevron maxi with a black and white zigzag and paired it with a sexy black wrap top. Wrap tops are super flattering for most women because they lift and shape the bust.

They’re nice and fitted, so work well with this slim summer maxi. Oversized jewelry at the neck helps balance out the bold print. Feminine gold sandals and a chic clutch create a look that’s casual but classy.

Black and White Striped Skirt

Sporty – With a Pop of Red  

Here’s a good idea for how to wear a long maxi skirt. This look is more on the sporty side. My reader is modeling an outfit she put together at the Delaware boutique Peter Kate.

It’s easy to drown out your shape in  a lot of fabric and look frumpy in a maxi. That’s why it is important to define and highlight your waist. Most times you can do this by tucking in your top, adding a belt, or both! This reader has created a waist by layering a short cardigan that ends at the waist over a long tee.

Red canvas sandals with rope soles and a white bag give this outfit a nautical vibe. This gal looks like she is ready for a fun, causal day out with her daughter.

Funky – With an High/Low Top

I found Fabulous After 40 reader Chris Favorite in downtown Sedona, AZ  wearing this cute striped maxi.

Chris is the owner of a beautiful upscale boutique called Favorite Clothing Company She’s put a creative twist on this look pairing her skirt with large hoop earrings and flat suede cowboy booties. This outfit is definitely Sedona-inspired with that artsy, boho vibe.

Cynthia Vincent Suede Flat Boot

Hoop Earrings go with the Boho vibe

Hoop earrings go with the boho vibe.

Do you have ideas for how to wear a striped maxi skirt? Let me know.

What to Wear Over 40 to the Grocery Store

When you’re out doing errands you want to feel ship-shape about what you have on.  It’s no fun getting that sinking feeling when you run into an old friend and feel that you’re looking frumpy.  It’s happened to all of us!

What to Wear to the Grocery Store

Looking great when you fly out the door does not have to be complicated.  With just a few of the right pieces you can update your casual look in a jiffy.
Here are a few tips on how to go about choosing what to wear if you’re over 40 and going out to the grocery store or running errands:

Continue reading “What to Wear Over 40 to the Grocery Store”


Best Necklines For Narrow Shoulders

Narrow shoulders may have been no problem when  shoulder pads were in style but since they are not used so much now, what tops and jackets can you wear to make your body look more balanced?

Ah, those shoulder pads. They worked wonders, didn’t they, making everyone look like they had the smallest waist and most balanced hips. The only problem, if you wore shoulder pads today, you’d look pretty silly (unless you were trying to make a dramatic high fashion statement)

If you are narrower on the top and wider on the bottom (pear-shaped) and want to balance your figure, then here are some tops that will broaden your shoulders in a more modern way:

Bateau (Boat) Neckline
This type of neckline that is high and cuts straight across will make your narrow shoulders and chest seem broader. Horizontal stripes also create that visual width and so you get a double shot of looking more balanced up top with this cute stretch top  by Michael Kors
Continue reading “Best Necklines For Narrow Shoulders”

Best Over 40 Style Bloggers~The Fashion Flash

It’s my turn to host the Fashion Flash and introduce you to our group of fabulous bloggers who specialize in over 40 topics!  I know you will enjoy exploring all of these beautiful and informative blogs! Here they are:

Menopause Makeover: Create your own personalized Menopause Makeover planner with these FREE downloads! Set goals and track results, document symptoms, journal your feelings, prepare your food plan and shopping lists.  If you can see it, you can BE it!

Fab Over Forty: Looking for a makeup organizer that is perfect for travel and home? Fab Over 40 shows us this Laura Mercier must-haveFab Over Fifty: Hurrah, it’s spring! Now slowly back away from those pastels. The colors of the season are BRIGHT pink and red. Learn how to wear them on FabOverFifty and see splurge and save pieces in these hot hues.

Female Fat Loss Over 40: You don’t need to do this workout in the middle of an airport restaurant like Female Fat Loss Over 40 Expert, Shawna K did, but you SHOULD try it in your living room for a quick and effective metabolism-boosting workout.  

No -Nonsense Beauty:  Deb explores  Retin A options.



Tips On Plus Size Dressing For Fall

Many of you who are plus size have been asking for tips on plus size dressing in cool weather. So, here’s what’s in style and how to wear these trends when you are size 16+

plus size poncho and black pants outfit



Try a Blanket Poncho 

They’re cozy, comfy and they give your outfit some dramatic flare. A fab poncho is perfect for the plus size gal this fall. You can pull it off. Pair your poncho with a simple top in a neutral shade, and then wrap yourself up blanket style.  Be sure to keep your pants dark, to slim your bottom half and show off the gorgeous colors in the poncho. All eyes need to be on this gorgeous statement piece.

Booties with a heel will give you a long, lean look and make your swingy poncho look more glam. Continue reading “Tips On Plus Size Dressing For Fall”