Corporate Class – How to Update Your Work Wardrobe

If you work in a corporate office, when’s the last time you gave your work wardrobe a long, hard look? Workwear evolves, and if you’ve worn the same jacket and skirt combos for several years, chances are it’s time to update your look.

You don’t need to be young but giving the impression that you’re modern, and hip sends the message that you’re current and on top of things and is always a smart career move. Even small updates can make a big difference. Here are some ideas on how to update your work wardrobe.

Buy Some New Shoes

They weren’t kidding when they said that shoes make an outfit. One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to update your look is to add a pair of shoes in the latest style and color. Case in point: block heels. While a narrow heel is always a classic, a thicker, block heel looks much more modern these days. A bonus is that they’re comfortable! And when your shoes are in a pretty go-with-anything neutral burgundy, olive instead of basic black, you instantly elevate whatever you wear them with and show you know a thing or two when it comes to style.


Work Dress Navy

Accent Your Outfit with Accessories

Use accessories to take your look from ‘Meh’ to ‘Marvellous!’. Not only are they an effective way to change the look of something and get more mileage out of your work wardrobe, adding something with even a little sparkle to a work basic makes it interesting. This simple navy sheath dress is nice on its own but a little plain. But add an eye-catching necklace and gold earrings, and now you’ve got something special.




Try An Interesting Print

Another great way to inject a little life into a corporate wardrobe is to play with print.  Floral and graphic prints tend to run a little too casual, so I recommend a geometric print in a neutral color. Take a look at this dress by way of example. You get the visual interest from the print but the black and white palette – not to mention the black accessories – keeps the overall look grounded.



Add A Punch of Color

If your work wardrobe is black, black and more black, it’s time to liven things up with a little color. Red is a classic, but you can also look for something in the color of the season. Opt for a pattern-free solid in a classic silhouette to balance out the color and keep things on the corporate side of the spectrum. I also recommend you think about your shoes and bag. If black looks too heavy with your colorful dress, nude accessories may be a better way to go. A nude shoe goes with everything, makes your legs look a mile long and is something that every woman should have in her closet.



Go For Quality Jewelry

The office is no place for tassel earrings and funky pendants. If you are in an executive position only fine quality conservative jewelry will do. If you are getting tired of gold studs and pearls, then a beautiful gemstone in sterling silver or gold is an elegant way to update your corporate look. This double drop necklace is a little bit different and brings personality to this classic gray suit, but still keeps it looking professional and authoritative.

How often do you update your work wardrobe? Do you have any strategies you can share? I’d really like to know.


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