What to Wear Over 40 to the Grocery Store

When you’re out doing errands, you want to feel ship-shape about what you have on; it’s no fun getting that sinking feeling when you run into an old friend and think that you’re looking frumpy. It’s happened to all of us!


grocery store outfit
Looking great when you fly out the door does not have to be complicated. With a few easy pieces, you can update your casual look instantly.
Here are a few tips on how to go about choosing what to wear if you’re over 40 and going out to the grocery store or running errands:
1)  Start with a thin sweater or top.
2) A relaxed top with some stretch in the fabric to skim your body.
3) Find a stripe that fits your personality. These tops come in various colors, like red, yellow, navy, and white or cream. Depending on what looks best with your skin tone, be aware that those with cool skin tones look best with a stripe of white, and those with warm tones look better with streaks of cream.
4)  Change out your regular purse for a lightweight tote. This cream tote keeps the look clean and elegant but still casual. The blue piping echoes the blue stipe shirt and pulls this look together.
5)  Try a crazy pop color with this adorable yet comfy flat. These tangerine loafers are the updated ballet flat version and can give you more support. If you are not daring enough to try a colorful pair, you could quickly try a neutral color of brown or navy.
6)  Keep the accessories minimal. You don’t need much, but a casual, long chain with a simple bauble adds a little shine and polish to the outfit.

Please comment below and let us know what your favorite casual outfit is. Are you going to be shopping for a new one this fall? I’d love to hear from you!

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9 thoughts on “What to Wear Over 40 to the Grocery Store

    1. Hey, I was thinking the same. Be honest with us and do some accurate target models. I’m 56 and checking out this page.

  1. Love this. I always find myself coming here for encouragement when I’m a little bummed out about getting “older” .. boo-hoo!

    Anyway, here’s my burning question that I’ve had all summer … Is it cool to wear your hat in the car while driving?? I love hats, and this summer, I’d get my little outfit all pulled together, pop on my straw fedora, and jump in the car. Then for some reason, I’d feel all weird driving around town with my hat on in the car, and I’d take it off, even though it’s an adorable hat!

  2. What about trading the white pants with a dark wash or black, blue jeans with the above outfit? Would that still look classy but not out of whack with the rest of the company? Or is it the blue jeans that make you look frumpy?

  3. For me, the summer-ish outfit you show is perfect. I live in Florida, and we’ll still be wearing hot-weather outfits for a couple of months.

  4. That outfit is super cute. I love the blue and orange combo. I have a hard time giving up the blue jeans, however! They are my favorite.

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