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Top 10 Fashion Trends for Fall 2020 That Really Feel New!

The latest fall fashions have started trickling into stores,  but is there really anything new?

It doesn’t feel like it most years, but surprisingly, I’ve spotted a few interesting trends that feel different and exciting this time around. Take a look and let me know which ones you think could work for you?

1. Sweater Skirts

Sweater skirts instantly caught my eye because they seem like the perfect thing for where we’re at right now. With a stay-at-home, I’ve been living in pants, and although I’m tired of them, it seems crazy to get all dolled up in a fancy dress when I’m just sitting in my living room.  Sweater skirts may be the answer.

These cozy, tubular skirts are soft, feminine, and comfy. I can easily imagine them as up-leveled loungewear. Pair a sweater skirt with a cute tee or a cozy sweater, house slippers, or flats, and start feeling like you have a life again. This is comfort dressing at its best.

2. Chain Earrings

I don’t know where this idea came from, but chain earrings are suddenly the hot new thing. The chain detail we’ve seen on shoes and bags has made its way up to our ears, and it’s looking pretty good!

Do chain earrings feel different since I can’t recall ever wearing them even before? I say, count me in. I’m definitely part of this year’s chain gang. Are you?

3. Tall Statement Boots

Whoa! I did a doubletake when I started scanning the Boot’s department at Nordstrom. I found lots of very tall boots, and they’re anything but run of the mill! The detail and imagination that have gone into these new fall statement boots are fabulous.

They’re sky-high, cool, sexy, and range from very Victorian to way out of Space-age, with everything in between. Even though I don’t think I will be wearing them out much right now, I want a pair, even to have in my closet and look at! Is that crazy?



4. Victorian Details

I mentioned that I’d seen many Victorian boots in stores, but that’s not all. Victorian details like ruffles, lace, high necks, and corseted style waists are trendy at the moment.

The Victorian trend is intriguing and can work, so long as you wear just a touch. Otherwise, I think it can age a mature woman (plus, you may not be able to stand those high necks if you are menopausal anyhow!)

Try wearing a fussy ruffle-neck Victorian sweater with your favorite jeans, or pair black Victorian lace-up booties with a pretty dress.  Read more about the Victorian trend here.

5. 80’s Metallic

Remember all that gorgeous metallic we wore in the ’80s and how glam it made us feel? It’s back, and that’s a special treat since dressing up seems to have gone by the wayside in recent years.

You’ll find metallic coats, boots, and tops. Plus, a lot of stunning metallic cocktail dresses in sequins and satin are sure to make you feel like a movie star. Now, if we just had a place to wear these!

6. Equestrian Look

Tally Ho! The Equestrian look, while not new, has galloped back into our lives and is looking like a winner. Besides seeing lots of riding boots that everyone is tucking their jeans into, you’ll find some lovely sweaters, jackets, and beautiful leather accessories inspired by the horsey set.

I like this classy trend because it’s a good fit for the look I’m after at midlife- casually chic.

7. Matched Sets

Speaking of casually chic, here’s an idea for you. Matchy-matchy, which used to be a no-no, is making a return. This fall, there are matched suits and matched skirts and tops, plus lots of matched loungewear.

You can’t keep us gals dressed down. In the last few months, it’s been sweatpants worn with any top you had. This fall, casual loungewear has been elevated to lounge sets, and everyone is buying them. This matchy loungewear is another way to look and feel fabulous when we head back indoors.

8. Print Turtlenecks

Here’s an idea for print lovers who want to look right on-trend. Get yourself one of the wild, new print turtlenecks. These are light, fine knit turtleneck sweaters with very artsy, creative-looking prints.

All you need is jeans, some simple shoes, and a plain bag because this statement-making top needs to be center stage.

9. Houndstooth Reimagined

When a classic pattern like houndstooth is reimagined into new silhouettes, it feels modern and different. Check out these sophisticated fall pieces that incorporate this timeless textile. Did you see which one I bought? My houndstooth outfit is here.

10. Belted Jackets

Last but not least, here’s a trend that could be a big hit. I could only find a few examples, but more will be arriving soon. I’m talking about belted fall jackets.

Belted blazers with self-belts and classic coats with big leather belts are what I’m seeing, and they look good! This is such a feminine way to wear a jacket, and it can really help define your waist. Yes, to this trend. It feels casually upscale too, which I like.

Do you have a favorite trend– something you know you would wear or something you wouldn’t even be bothered to try? Let me know. Leave a comment below.

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9 thoughts on “Top 10 Fashion Trends for Fall 2020 That Really Feel New!

  1. Thanks for providing a comprehensive list of what’s trending for Fall. I was just going through my winter closet and debating whether to bite the bullet and toss some of my favorite maxi coats and Armani jackets with larger shoulders that haven’t been in style for quite sometime but I think I’m going to keep and wear. Hooray! Good quality never goes out of style

  2. I think the only trends I will be following are the square neck, florals, and animal print. Nothing else appeals to me, and I especially don’t care for the tiny bags or the Neon or shoulder pads which were the trends when I was a teenager. I think it’s interesting how these “trends” go in approximately 20-year cycles or so. There really is little that is truly new.

  3. I for one will not be looking for shoulder pads…my natural shoulders are wide and square, so I get that look without pads. When I started working in the late 1980’s I would snip the shoulder pads out of my new clothing. I have a cape that my grandmother made in the 1970’s – very simple style – that I keep planning to dry clean and add a lining. Maybe this will be the year! Thanks.

  4. So far I’m not getting very excited about the fall trends. I have seen a lot of “oversized” sweaters at Nordstrom, is this a look we over 40 gals can wear? Other than that, I think I’ll stick with Classics this coming season.

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