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10 Wearable Fashion Trends for Fall Winter 2023/24

The Fall Fashions have arrived, and the mood is “Quiet Luxury.”  We’re talking low-key, elegant looks, minimalist styling, and high-quality pared-down essentials. But don’t worry, Fall 2023 is not so quiet that it’s boring. Between all this, there are splashes of bold color – RED, purple, and pink- optimistic brights to mix and match this season’s sophisticated neutrals and elevated basics.

It’s modern fashion that is really quite wearable for women 40,50 and 60+ who want to age gracefully with style and class. Here are some of the best trends for Fall/Winter 2023.


Fall trend 2023 -black wide leg trouser pants

Wide-Leg Crepe Pants

Relaxed Trousers

The pendulum has swung, and tight skinny pants have made way for loose, relaxed trousers that drape, flow, and even puddle at the hem and let you breathe -LOL!

These pants look so comfy and inviting that you’ll want to slip on a pair and try them out. Admittedly, all that volume can make you wonder if they will make you look bottom-heavy, but rest assured, there is a wide-leg pant for everyone.

You may also wonder what to style them with,  so here are a few ideas. A silk shirt is beautiful, or you can try a relaxed, soft tee, a cami with a chic slouchy jacket, or a vest with your slouchy pants- a super hot trend.

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fashion color trend 2023 - red sweater

Mock Neck Rib Sweater

All-Red Everything

I’m a red girl, so I’m super excited about Fall’s most popular bright, and you should be, too. Even if red is a little intimidating, you may change your mind this Fall. Yes, there are some bright cherry and poppy reds, but there are also reds that are more like the hues of the finest red wines. Merlot, Burgundy, and Shiraz are some of the names I’ve seen brands give the new red, which are deep and rich and often more like fig, plum, or redwood.

You can go all red like a stunning red sheath dress or combine a shot of red with one of the many beautiful, quiet neutrals dominating fall. Red is an attitude. Make it yours!

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brown leather jacket - fall trend 2023

Faux Leather Cocoon Jacket


The Urban chic look is modern and cool, and the easiest way to inject a bit of that youthful vibe into your wardrobe is with a touch of leather. From leather pants to dresses to jackets and shirts, leather is front and center this fall. A little goes a long way, so think about this modern favorite and find a way to add a touch of edginess to a classic outfit for a contemporary quick change.

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metallics- fall fashion trend 2023

Metallic Top


Fall wouldn’t be fall without a little glam, especially with cocktail season coming up. This year, metallics will be the party favorite, so look for all-out shine in occasion wear and metallic touches in everyday looks.

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neutral colored sweater - fall fashion trend 2023

Surplice Neck Sweater


Beige, tan, taupe, black, white, and gray are no longer the background colors of an outfit. They’re the star, especially when worn tone on tone. Neutrals signify elegance and sophistication and are a key element in the Quiet Luxury trend. If you want to look classy, monied, and super stylish, this fall neutral will take you there.

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satin blouse - fall color trend 2023

Satin Tie-Front Blouse


Shiny satin goes hand in hand with the metallic looks I mentioned earlier. You’ll find satin blouses, skirts, and dresses in the most stunning fall shades. Satin and silk are pure luxury – timeless classics that instantly elevate a simple blouse or everyday work dress. Go for the glam and shine on this fall. I’m worried about how this might look on a more curvy, softer 40+ body.

Shapewear to the rescue to smooth out the lumps and bumps and make you look like a star!


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snakeprint jacket - fall fashion trend 2023

Snakeskin Moto Jacket


Snake print has slithered up to the fashion forefront, and it’s showing up on much more than just accessories. Snakeskin dresses, blouses, and pants are the new trend for gals who want something different from good old leopard print.


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knit jacket - fall fashion trend 2023

Houndstooth Blazer


Classic preppy style is suddenly fresh and new and a great way to add a classic, sporty vibe to your wardrobe. Look for timeless pieces with modern twists like cropped lengths and creative color combinations. Preppy works at 14 or 74 – Find new ways to wear it and have fun.

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burgundy sling back shoe - fall fashion trend 2023

Slingback Kitten Heels


Sexy slingbacks with low kitten heels and chic sling back flats have put a serious dose of glamour into fall. Not only that, they’re super comfy and easy to walk in and don’t we all love that at 40, 50, and 50+

I’ve already bought two pairs and love this style paired with cropped straight leg jeans for a classy casual look or worn with a pretty dress. Pure elegance!

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camel fringe lady jacket- fall fashion trend 2023

Cropped Tweed Jacket

Lady Jackets

Chanel-inspired Lady Jackets are having a fashion moment, and women can’t get enough of them. They’re short, boxy, cropped, and textured- the perfect complement to all the high-waisted jeans and pants on trend. There also seem to be a lot of really soft, cute sweaters in a lady jacket style. Talk about comfy!

Either way, this silhouette is a winner and a relaxed, elegant way to uplevel an everyday outfit.

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Watch for more Fall trends coming your way. What Fall trends have you bought so far? I’d love to see it. Be sure to post a photo in The Fabulous After 40 Dressing Room – My Private Facebook group where you can meet and chat with other 40+ fashionistas about all things style and beauty. Join here!


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14 thoughts on “10 Wearable Fashion Trends for Fall Winter 2023/24

  1. My favorite is red, which I wear a lot in the winter. The lady jackets are a no for me……..too, 1960’s from the Jackie Kennedy era of dressing. I have read tweed looks old too, which I don’t know if that is true or not, but I’ll pass on that trend. I love the soft, neutral sweaters. Slingbacks are good for church with me, but I don’t wear them every day. Satin is a trend I might try as I ordered my daughter a blouse in satin, and it’s beautiful. Thanks for the list! In Mississippi, we are still burning up and running the AC.

    1. Hi Bonnie,
      I’m in love with the red too, but I’m surprised to hear you think Lady jackets are too old. With a pencil skirt dress pants sometimes, but with jeans I think they look really modern. There are also sweater jackets which are popular this year. You might want to go with one of those if you find the traditional lady jackets too stiff!

  2. On your like-to-know-it app, where did you find the Amazon honeycomb cardigan and marble top? Can you provide the links? Thanks!

  3. I wouldn’t say I like oversized, soo I am sticking to fitted blazers and jackets. Being petite, I would look like I am wearing my father’s jacket. JCrew still offers classic blazers. If I can find wide-leg pants that aren’t too wide, I would try them. The white tank baffles me. In summer, aren’t they always in style? It’s fun to read this, but I will stick to what suits my body and colors that look good on me.

  4. Thanks for providing a comprehensive list of what’s trending for Fall. I was just going through my winter closet and debating whether to bite the bullet and toss some of my favorite maxi coats and Armani jackets with larger shoulders that haven’t been in style for quite some time but I think I’m going to keep and wear. Hooray! Good quality never goes out of style

  5. I think the only trends I will be following are the square neck, florals, and animal print. Nothing else appeals to me, and I especially don’t care for the tiny bags or the Neon or shoulder pads which were the trends when I was a teenager. I think it’s interesting how these “trends” go in approximately 20-year cycles or so. There really is little that is truly new.

  6. I for one will not be looking for shoulder pads…my natural shoulders are wide and square, so I get that look without pads. When I started working in the late 1980’s I would snip the shoulder pads out of my new clothing. I have a cape that my grandmother made in the 1970s – very simple style – that I keep planning to dry clean and add a lining. Maybe this will be the year! Thanks.

  7. So far I’m not getting very excited about the fall trends. I have seen a lot of “oversized” sweaters at Nordstrom, is this a look we over 40 gals can wear? Other than that, I think I’ll stick with Classics this coming season.

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