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Top 10 Wearable Fashion Trends for Fall Winter 2022/23

The Fall Fashions have arrived, and the mood is bright and optimistic. Bold hues and powerful silhouettes make this an exciting time to update your style. Here’s a look at what’s trending and most wearable.

1. Wide Leg Trousers

Long, loose trousers that flow as you walk are trending this fall. They’re part of the bigger oversize trend that is so popular now. Some are flat front, many have pleats, and they are usually high-waisted, giving you a long, lean look. There are many styles to choose from, including cropped above the ankle to extra-long trousers that pool on the floor. Whichever you choose, wide-leg trousers or trouser jeans are a surefire way to look modern right now.

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2. Longer Lengths

Goodbye short dresses! Midi and Maxi lengths are the new norm. Long dresses that fall straight down or flare to an A-line shape are feminine and flattering. There’s a 90’s minimalist feel to many of these dresses. Long knit skirts and top sets are popular too.

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3. Blazers

Have you noticed all the fabulous blazers online? This year, blazers are a must. They range from leather to herringbone to corduroy and are a great way to give a casual outfit a more polished look. What’s new about them? They have stronger shoulders and a sharper cut, thanks to another popular trend- the 80s revival.

They’re still a bit oversize, as we saw last year, but the gorgeous tailoring means they are not sloppy looking. You can wear blazers with jeans, dresses and wide-leg trousers. The key to nailing the look is to wear something fitted underneath, so you have the loose blazer over a bodycon top.

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4. White Tanks

Speaking of bodycon tops, the latest new wardrobe staple is a white stretchy tank top that looks like a man’s undershirt. These are usually sleeveless, fitted, and worn under a jacket, cardigan, or bomber jacket- another big trend. Think of them as a sporty alternative to a camisole. You’ll also find white tank knits if the others feel too thin and flimsy.

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5. Bomber Jackets

Fashion designers must have watched Top Gun: Maverick because bomber jackets are back. This time there’s a twist. Instead of being short and fitted, they are longer, looser, and slightly oversize, just like everything else. Wear them with jeans and chunky boots for a perfect weekend look.

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6. Statement Leather

Luxurious statement leather is modern for fall, especially oversize biker jackets worn with biker boots that come halfway up your calf. Head-to-toe leather is also trending. For example, a black biker jacket worn with black leather pants. If that is just too much for you, rest assured there is lots of colored leather in some fresh new silhouettes. Also trending is evening leather which is soft, lightweight, and buttery.

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7. New Knits

Chunky knits are always exciting when fall arrives, and a few types are taking center stage this year. Look for fluffy sweaters that make you want to reach out and touch them, classic cable knit sweaters, some reimagined in new ways like patchwork. Cropped cardigans are everywhere, too, worn buttoned up on their own, unbuttoned with a tee underneath, or layered with an oversized long white shirt peeking out the bottom.

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8. Dopamine Colors

Super bright colors are lighting up fall. Bright red, blue, green, and hot pink (inspired by Barbicore) are being worn here and there, or head to toe. These bold shades are quite different from the browns, golds, and rusts we are used to seeing this time of year, but they are being well received. The reason is that they feel fresh and optimistic, and it’s nice to have plenty of year-round color choices in anything in the fashion world.

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9. Chunky Loafers

I mentioned chunky booties are trendy paired with biker and bomber jackets. Heavy shoes are also selling like hotcakes, especially chunky loafers. Many have a  platform sole, chain detail, and a classic schoolgirl look. Even if they are not your cup of tea, there’s no denying they are super comfy.

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10. Sequins and Shine

Cocktail time is exciting this year with plenty of sparkle and shine. Sequins galore make you feel like you are in a disco. There’s also lots of silk, satin, fringe, and feathers. Some also liken it to the opulence of a roaring 2o’s look. Have fun with this one!

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And there you have it! Some of the best new fall trends for 2022. My favorite is the bold shoulder blazer that widens your shoulders and makes your waist look narrow. I love that powerful ’80s vibe that makes you feel you can conquer the world!

What’s your favorite?

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12 thoughts on “Top 10 Wearable Fashion Trends for Fall Winter 2022/23

  1. On your like-to-know-it app, where did you find the Amazon honeycomb cardigan and marble top? Can you provide the links? Thanks!

  2. I wouldn’t say I like oversized, soo I am sticking to fitted blazers and jackets. Being petite, I would look like I am wearing my father’s jacket. JCrew still offers classic blazers. If I can find wide-leg pants that aren’t too wide, I would try them. The white tank baffles me. In summer, aren’t they always in style? It’s fun to read this, but I will stick to what suits my body and colors that look good on me.

  3. Thanks for providing a comprehensive list of what’s trending for Fall. I was just going through my winter closet and debating whether to bite the bullet and toss some of my favorite maxi coats and Armani jackets with larger shoulders that haven’t been in style for quite some time but I think I’m going to keep and wear. Hooray! Good quality never goes out of style

  4. I think the only trends I will be following are the square neck, florals, and animal print. Nothing else appeals to me, and I especially don’t care for the tiny bags or the Neon or shoulder pads which were the trends when I was a teenager. I think it’s interesting how these “trends” go in approximately 20-year cycles or so. There really is little that is truly new.

  5. I for one will not be looking for shoulder pads…my natural shoulders are wide and square, so I get that look without pads. When I started working in the late 1980’s I would snip the shoulder pads out of my new clothing. I have a cape that my grandmother made in the 1970s – very simple style – that I keep planning to dry clean and add a lining. Maybe this will be the year! Thanks.

  6. So far I’m not getting very excited about the fall trends. I have seen a lot of “oversized” sweaters at Nordstrom, is this a look we over 40 gals can wear? Other than that, I think I’ll stick with Classics this coming season.

xo, Deb

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