What To Wear When You Have a Broken Arm : 5 Tops to Wear With Arm Casts

Hi Deborah,

Can you give me some ideas for tops to wear with arm casts?  My dominant arm is broken, and it’s really hard to put together a look, let alone apply make-up. I just had surgery Wednesday, so I have been wearing short sleeve stretchy tees and yoga pants. My mother always believed if you “dressed up,” you would feel better, so suggestions and links would be appreciated.

Thanks, Gail

So sorry to hear about broken your arm, Gail. You’ll probably be in that cast a good six weeks or more, so good for you for wanting to heal in style! I do agree that looking good makes you feel better! That’s the power of clothes.

Whether you have a forearm cast or are wearing one that comes up above your elbow, you are ideally going to want to seek out tops that are sleeveless or have short sleeves and that are loose, flowy, and stretchy.

Buttons and hooks are out unless you have someone to help you dress. And the key is, you need to make sure the armhole on your top is big enough to get over your shoulder and get your cast through. I have a few ideas.

Have you thought about Dolman sleeves?

Dolman sleeves, sometimes called batwing sleeves, are sleeves that are cut deep and wide at the shoulder, with armholes extending almost to the waist. The sleeves taper to the wrist, and when the arms are held outward, the fabric hangs in a long wing. This type of sleeves makes it easy to slip on when you are wearing a cast.



The blue sleeve sweater in this photo above has a Dolman sleeve, and what I love about this sweater is that it has buttons so you can undo the buttons to get the cast on. The sleeve can then be pushed up above your cast.  Also, the leopard top has a short Dolman sleeve. See how roomy it looks? Good when you have a cast!

You can go sleeveless, of course, and this green top I’m showing is nice than a t-shirt or tank. It is also super stretchy, so you should have no trouble slipping this on.

Ponchos and capes are also ideal. I like this camel poncho top  below. It’s so Chic that your cast will fall into the background (LOL!)


Another idea –tops with bell sleeves, so long as the top is stretchy enough to allow you to get your cast through the armhole. This purple one might work.


Oversize shirts or slouchy sweaters are also good, and soft jackets.


What about other types of clothing for a broken arm?

Well, as far as pants go, you are probably stuck with stretchy leggings and pants with elasticized waistband. That’s why it’s good to have cute tops to wear with arm casts are a must.

Be well, Gail, and I wish you all the best all you heal in style!


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7 thoughts on “What To Wear When You Have a Broken Arm : 5 Tops to Wear With Arm Casts

  1. When did you break your arm I broke my humorous also it’s a spiral break I’m still in so much pain and it’s been it’s been 5 weeks. I was in the hospital for 2 weeks and now I’ve been in a skilled nursing facility for 3 weeks I have one more week left

    1. Hi Deborah.

      I am struggling with what to wear with skinny legs and big upper body ( apple shapped)

      Help please.

  2. This was certainly timely! I had a hard fall yesterday and broke my humerus. I’ll see the surgeon next week and in the meantime I’m in a sling to keep the arm immobilized. These tops should work well for me too. They should be easy to slip on without moving my arm too much. Thanks for knowing just what I needed – as always.