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There’s a pretty new way to frame your face, and it’s all about square necklines. Here’s a beautiful new top I just bought that highlights this trend.

square neckline top - pink velour

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I touched on square necklines back in September when I named them one of the hot new trends for Fall 2019.  They’ve been a little slow to roll out, but now I’m starting to see them more and more. By spring, they should be really big!

This pretty top with the square neckline is made from velour, so it’s lightweight, soft, and it feels great! I fell in love with this hot pink color,  but it also comes in several other gorgeous shades like pale pink, electric blue, and of course, black.

Square necklines not only look really modern, but they also help elongate a short neck and also widen narrow shoulders. How do you know if you have a short neck? If you have a double chin, if your jowls blend into your neck or if you don’t feel comfortable wearing anything around your neck, then you have a short neck.   

Is there any time you might want to avoid a square neckline? I would say if you have a square face and you don’t want to emphasize that, then stay away from square necklines. Otherwise, go for it!

I have a pretty long neck, to begin with, although with age, it is changing. But I did notice this square neckline definitely makes it look longer, and a longer neck, makes you look slimmer too, which is a bonus.

I wore this outfit with black suede jeans and leopard flats to add a touch of excitement, but a top like this would also look great tucked into a skirt or a pair of paper bag waist pants.

pink square neck top with layered necklaces

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Another thing I wanted to mention is that without Jewelry, this square neckline looks empty and bare, so I added my favorite Kendra Scott layered necklaces. The square neckline frames them and makes them look fantastic!

My top in this Pinkberry color is selling out fast, so I have linked the outfit above. I have also linked some other square neck tops below, some for now and some more warm weather or vacation-ready.

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