Confused by Casual Fridays? Here’s What to Wear

After a long work week, there is nothing better than the arrival of Friday, especially when it’s casual Friday. This is the one day you can let your hair down and have a little more freedom with your wardrobe. Casual Friday means relaxed dressing, just not as relaxed as your weekend look.

How casual you should dress depends on how conservative your workplace is. If you work in law, finance or at a  large corporation you need to keep your laid-back look more polished and professional. The best way to do that is to stick with your basic work essentials, but just add a casual twist. Here are three examples of how to do that:


1. Keep Your Button Down Shirt

You might be tempted to throw on a cute, fun top,  but if you want to maintain a professional air stay with your button down shirt. Instead of wearing your button down shirt with a matched suit or a pencil skirt as you might normally do, pair it with a sweater, a pair of khakis and a stylish heeled bootie.

The crisp shirt will add structure to your casual outfit, creating a more polished look. Choose a blouse with a little-added detail to add a pop of personality like this jeweled tuxedo blouse.  A pattern, texture or some embellishment will add more fun to your look.

2. Switch Your Jacket

There’s a reason business people wear blazers to work. A blazer’s strong structure gives the wearer instant power and authority.  If you want to look casual but still credible you need to wear a jacket, but that doesn’t mean you need to look boring.

Choose a blazer in a bright color or spice things up with a sportier style of jacket such as a Chanel inspired jacket over a cowl-necked top and jeans for a casual but chic look. This crystal embedded tweed jacket is perfect. Add a necklace and elegant leather flats to give you polish and modernize your ensemble.

casual friday outfit with jeans for over 40

3. Stay Dark 

During the week, a pair black pants go a long way, but on the weekend nothing feels better than the perfect pair of jeans. Keep the look by opting for dark denim instead of lighter washes on a Casual Friday Dress Day. The darker color has a more formal feel and will dress up your denim.

Refine the look with a silk blouse and gorgeous cashmere cardigan like this one. Wear with a leopard flat to add some flair to your outfit.

casual friday work outfit denim

There’s a reason why these items have become staples in your work wardrobe. They are classic, professional and have stood the test of time. You don’t have to sacrifice your weekend comfort and style to look work ready. The next time Friday rolls around try this take on work classics to look casual, confident and in control.

*Guest Contributor: Lucia Sobral

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5 thoughts on “Confused by Casual Fridays? Here’s What to Wear

  1. I love this website!!
    I am a failure at my ‘style’ I feel I am so constricted due to my budget, so I do the best I can with what I have. All my stuff is so old and outdated and it is so depressing to look at my meger items, accessories and…… trying to toss out the old, worn and very dated items.. getting down to bare items now and to purchase anything puts me in a financial downfall. So I dont buy anything.. I have been in jeans and a top forever. So tired of looking at my look. I admire your ideas and so many women that can pull themselves together and look great.
    When I do have $$ to spend, something always comes up (more important) than my wants and desires to look polished.

    So I enjoy looking and reading at your information in the mean time.
    I would love to even sew my own tops and vests and other items.. but material is expensive too.
    Whats a girl to do?

    1. I shop consignment shops for great deals. Often the items are new (tags still on) or barely wore.

    1. Hi Jacqueline,
      Just click on the links in the post that describe the clothing and the information and prices will come up. I love that cashmere sweater too. I’m going to get that for sure!

  2. Love all these looks! I would love to know where the blouses can be found. All 3 are adorable and the styles work so well for not tucking in!!

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