Look Real in Faux Eyelashes

Long False Eyelashes, once the magic beauty tool of models and movie stars, have gone mainstream.

Debra Messing eyelashes

That’s great news for gals 40, 50, and beyond whose natural lashes are usually starting to thin, and get shorter, and lighter. But with so much choice out there – different lengths, colors, and thickness, what kind of false eyelashes should you choose?

Here are a few tips for how to look real in fake lashes that I picked up from celebrity make-up artist Sana Young.

Deborah BolandDeb Q. What’s the best kind of Faux Eyelashes to wear in the daytime?

Sana: The best daytime lash is one that is short and thick. Black lashes work best because they give the illusion of thicker, fuller, and more youthful lashes. Brown is a more natural look and is best suited to women who typically don’t wear mascara or who have extremely fair hair and porcelain skin.

Q. Individual or Strip?

This completely depends on the woman. Some women prefer strips simply because they are easier to apply, but individual fake lashes will give you a more natural look. The application of individual lashes takes longer and if done professionally can be quite pricey, but they are definitely worth it in the end. Professionally applied lashes last around four weeks, and cost anywhere from $50-$75. They give you much more freedom when it comes to thickness and length. Individual fake lashes also last a lot longer than strip lashes, but either one is quite acceptable.

Q. How do You Prepare Your Lashes

Before you apply your false lashes, curl your natural ones and give them a coat of mascara. Then once the false lashes are applied apply a second coat.  This makes your natural lashes blend in with your fake ones, so ardell fake eyelashesthey look more natural. Just make sure your mascara is dry before adding on your fakes or things could get pretty messy.

Measure Your Lashes

Remove the lashes from their packaging and place them above the lash line. This gives you an idea of where the strip will go and if you would need to cut them to fit your eye shape.

You can trim long false eyelashes, but if you buy the short-length ones instead, you will likely find they are just right for daytime. The short length gives you some fullness and a bit more length than your natural lashes. My personal favorite is Ardell’s fake eyelashes.  I like their #110 full strip lashes at $4.  They are easy to apply for first-timers. The do-it-yourself individual lashes are about the same price.

Q. Best Tips for Applying False Eyelashes?

Apply a tiny amount of glue directly above your lash line. Then hold the eyelash strip by your lash above the glue and squeeze lightly. Only squeeze out a small amount onto the lashes and let them dry slightly before applying them to your lash line. Remember to start from the outer corner and then move inwards. Revlon has a glue called Great Lash Glue that is very easy to use. It has a small applicator brush, which makes it easier for not only first-timers but also anyone who doesn’t have a steady hand.

Q.  Tips for Removing Lashes

Put a moist towel into the microwave for 1 ½ minutes and place it over your face. This will help with loosening the glue without putting too much stress on your eyes. You may need to steam your eyes for one to four minutes before the lashes easily come off your natural lashes. Remember never to sleep in your lashes-just like makeup- and to remove it every night.

Q.  How Do You Care for Your Lashes  – Real and Fake?

Some women worry that wearing big fake eyelashes all the time will ruin their natural lashes, but as long as you apply glue to the lid and not lashes then you will be o.k.  If you feel like you would like a lash conditioner sometimes then try Lashes to Die For Night Conditioner. As far as caring for your faux eyelashes, be gentle taking them on and off and you should be able to use one set for a whole week.

Q.  Special Occasion Lashes- What Should You Buy?

There will be times when you want long false eyelashes for evening drama and for that, I recommend Ardell  Double Up lashes to give you movie star glam.

Have fun and don’t forget to bat those new long, thick, sexy lashes!

Like the look of faux lashes but prefer your own? Sana has this advice on how to thicken up your natural lashes. 

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3 thoughts on “Look Real in Faux Eyelashes

  1. Nice tips! I am a fan of faux eyelashes, but sometimes they are just a pain to get on. Most of the time, they do look pretty natural, though!

    Thanks for the article.

  2. I have a friend who’s been wearing false eyelashes every day for years, and they look perfect and natural. The thing is, she glues them UNDER her eyelid! I balked when she told me, but she maintains it’s perfectly safe. She uses surgical adhesive and has never had a problem. Can someone with experience and medical knowledge comment on the safety of this?

    1. Sana says: I’m not a doctor, but I would always recommend that you do everything possible to not get any product on your eyes. There is a reason the manufacturer suggests the placement of lashes is on top of the lashes, not underneath.

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