7 Cute Tops to Banish The Winter Blues

Are you sick of winter and all the fashion head games it plays? March is almost here, but they say tomorrow it’s going to snow! This is the time of year when, regardless of the cold, gray weather, I have to get out of my winter clothes, or I feel like I’m going to suffocate.

What do you wear to feel happy and alive, when it’s freezing out and still not quite spring? Here’s a look at a few great tops to perk up your mood, and bridge the gap between seasons.

To make it feel more like spring, try my dressing tricks:

1. Try a Bright, Colorful Sweater

coral ribbed sweater

When I’m feeling blah, one way to feel better is to wear something bright. This bright coral dolman sleeve sweater lifts you up out of the winter blues.

This is a light, feminine sweater to wear now with jeans, or with white jeans come spring. And that gorgeous coral color pretty reminds you of something tropical and summery.

2. Slip Into a Pretty Floral Print

Spring florals are always a great way to perk you up. This pleated flutter sleeve tee is a feel-good find this time of year. You can’t help but smile and think of spring when you slip this on and see how cute you look covered in pretty poppies!


3. Incorporate White

White always looks so fresh and springlike, so if you can find a top like this to ease you into spring, you’re sure to start having more pep in your step!

The great thing about this floral sweater tee is that it’s versatile. It has both dark and bright colors in the pattern so you can wear it in winter with dark, long winter pants, or in summer pair it with cropped white jeans. Either way, it will look equally great!


4. Play with a  New Spring Detail

Something as simple as catching the early wave of a new spring trend can make you feel more alive in winter.

For example, ruffle necklines are the big thing this spring, and that’s why I’m attracted to this square ruffle neck tie-sleeve blouse.  It’s just that little bit different, which makes it fresh and exciting, and that vibrant green color tricks me into thinking I’m enjoying a picnic lunch in a grassy green park.  This is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day too, which is coming up soon.

5. Transition by Wearing Navy

When I can’t bear to wear any more black, but Easter egg spring colors feel too light for this time of year, I turn to navy. Navy is the perfect transitional color that I like wearing from February – May.

This navy floral wrap blouse is something I’d typically wear now. I call it a spring teaser. It’s dark enough to look right for February- March, but it also opens the door to spring. The touches of light blue, green white are fresh and uplifting. Wearing this is like announcing, “O.K., I’m done with February. Hurry up, Spring!”

6. Choose Soft Pastel Shades

Pretty pastels like lilac, peach, pink, soft blue, pale yellow, and mint green remind us of summer, so wearing them is a great way to take your mind off the harsh winter.

Luckily pastels have become very trendy to wear year-round, so there are a lot of pastel tops and clothes to choose from right now. I love this cute tie-front top with the lovely texture.  It’s has a fresh, summery feel but is fine to wear year-round. Wear it with your favorite jeans all year round.

7. Throw on a Spring Jacket 

Another way to shift your winter wardrobe into spring is with a chic transitional jacket. This stunning periwinkle suede moto jacket is a real stand out piece worn with your winter blacks or lighter neutrals in spring. Look at the gorgeous shape too, which is right now, inspiring me to lose those extra five pounds I put on over the winter!

Don’t you love a piece that you can wear for a good long stretch? This jacket would look great right through to early fall, and because it is so light and soft, I think it would be perfect for traveling.

What do you wear to get you out of the dumps this time of year? What colors, patterns, and styles make you feel uplifted?





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33 thoughts on “7 Cute Tops to Banish The Winter Blues

  1. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful article. I was actually looking something to buy for my mother on her 45th birthday & this article for your’s really helped me. So, there’s this site I know I always shop from & my mother really likes the plain t-shirts that I buy from there. I was planning to get one for her. The best part of the tee is that they are boyfriend sleeve t-shirts so they are kinda loose & a bit over-sized. As my mother is comfortable wearing them thought show buy one. Sharing it’s link with you all & would really love to hear whether it would be a good tee to gift. Thanks in advance.

  2. Hello, I just discovered your blog last week, and I’ve enjoyed reading your posts on style and looking good. I’m an almost 60 grandmother of seven, and I want to feel good about how I present myself. I love this post and plan on ordering the side knot top as it is my favorite. Have you ever posted on your particular hairstyle and the type of cut it is? It is simply adorable, and I would be interested in knowing how you style it.
    I look forward to reading and learning more about style and looking at our best in the season that we are in. Blessings to you!

  3. Do you think tops with a tie in front or side add more bulk to the middle area? That is the area I am working on minimizing. I love winter; I hate February – it seems like such a long month.

    1. Hi Arna, Than ks for dropping by. If you are concerned about your middle then you are better off with a side tie. By placing the tie in the middle of your stomach, you are drawing attention there. Depending on how big your tummy is you may not want any tie around your middle area. You could also try a tie at the hip. Looking forward to spring too!

  4. Hello Deborah,

    Based on your recommendations, I recently purchased the floral print with pleated cuffs and mauve background from The Loft. It is absolutely beautiful. I can wear it dressed down with white or blue jeans, or dress it up. Many thanks for your recommendations and advice.

  5. I love the tulip print blouse. The details on the sleeve plus the fresh print is calling my name. Off to check out shipping details to Canada.

    1. Hi Joanna, They ship to Canada but there is a duty/shipping charge. I’ve done it before, but then I found out if you call a Nordstrom store in Canada, they will search in Canada and ship it to you from one of their Canadian stores free! Nordstrom is in Vancouver and Toronto so call one of their stores to order and receive free of charge.

      1. Thank you for that info. I shop at Nordstrom anytime I visit Ottawa. There is one in Vancouver but it’s about a four hour trip from Vancouver Island (ferry et all) . I didn’t know the store would search out and ship. I love the selection at Nordstrom, especially the shoe department. I’ll be calling for the tulip blouse.

  6. I love the floral cold shoulder top so much! But has anyone here experience with Nordstrom deliveries to Europe ? At the website they state it is possible and that all charges (also customs) are included at the check-out. But I rather rely on actual experiences: Anyone tried it yet?

  7. I’m not sure what it is that makes us think we need to dress to match the environment. No wonder we start to get a case of the blahs when everything around us is dull and gray…maybe because we’re only wearing clothes that are dull and gray. Color does wonders for the mood and it just helps to break up the scenery ;) Thanks for the colorful inspiration.


  8. I love these. I think it’s important to know how to combine your own style with some of the latest trends, but not be a slave to fashion. I think Deborah, you have a good handle on a lot of this. There was an article a while back in More magazine about Carolina Herrera. She knows her personal style – fuller skirts at about knee length, crisp white shirts, great jewelry. Would that we all were that way in knowing ourselves! For myself, I prefer a v-neck.

  9. These are adorable, and I already have several of them on my Nordstrom’s wish list, but I’m wondering if they can be belted? I’m an hourglass, which means that straight tops/dresses that hang from the bustline make me look much heavier than I am. What do you think?

  10. I love these. I live in Norway, but will be going to New York in April for some shopping. I’ll be sure to put Nordstroms on my to do-list.

  11. Love them all! I have the figure and look very young for my age. I have a very soft almost girly look so I THINK I could pull it off.

  12. I just love this look! 20,30,40 can all wear these adorable styles.
    I must not shop enough I have not seen these out there but will now be heading to the stores.

  13. I bought something like these late last summer at Steinmart and I love it! I’m going to bring it out for spring too. So comfortable with sandals.

  14. Hi!

    This is a fun site! I am 46 and need the inspiration here!

    I go to church. I dress for church. It is the nicest I look all week, as I have been a stay-at-home mom for 20 years. I really enjoy that one day each week to dress it up. I think that through the years having a weekly dress up day has helped me keep my weight down. I don’t know, but if I never had to wear a dress or skirt and jewelry, but just did the casual affair all the time, I think it would have been easier to let myself “go”.

    I think it helps to dress up. Church, the office, a date night, night out with the gals, some special but regular reason for raising the fashion bar. For years, I even had a dress up Monday established here at home, just to jump start myself for the work week. (I am a very active homeschooling mother) My daughter and I wore a dress every Monday.

    This Sunday I was exactly where this post suggests – the winter blahs! And I dragged out a dress that looked almost like these shifts! Funny! It is an older “geo” design of a few years back, but the three-quarter sleeves, black-with-royal blue colors and shorter length. As stated, the length would have been shorter on a tall gal, but I am 5’3″ so it hit my knee. It was only 36 degrees but I went without hose and used s bronzer on my legs. It felt Great!

    Thanks a lot, I’m having a blast here.

    Sandra in WA state

    1. Hi Sandra,
      Welcome to the group! Thanks for writing in…I LOVE to hear about what everyone is wearing! Also, that is really a great point about having to dress up at least one time a week, make you aware of sneaky weight gain! Did you realize that you only have to gain 5 pounds a year and in 10 years you could be 50 pounds overweight! At this age, we need to be diligent that the pounds don’t sneak on.

      By setting a good example for your children by staying fit and dressing nicely you are helping them see the importance of healthy living and self appreciation! Good job!!

      I hear complaints from corporations everyday, that their employees are dressing sloppy and that it is bad for business and makes for sloppy work.

      I feel that with a little effort, you can still be comfortable and look and feel great! Sandra, you are preparing your kids for success in the real world! YEAH!

      Welcome and we look forward to hearing more from you!!


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