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What will Sarah Jessica being wearing when she’s 70?

What do you suppose a true fashionista like Sarah Jessica Parker will be dressing like at 65, 75, and beyond?

If you are a creative dresser in that age bracket, and looking for inspiration (or just want to see some fascinating photos) then check out this very unique blog we found called Advanced Style

We say, Go for it ladies. Express yourself !!

…..still, we’d love to hear what you think- Do these glam gals look cool or kooky? For more photos visit Advanced Style.

advanced style fashion

cool of kooky?

advanced style fashion blog

Advanced Style

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Comments, Feedback, & Opinions:

  1. Heloise Conradie says:

    What a fantastic inspiration this website is!!! I live in South Africa and since seeing all these wonderful, stylish dressers on Advanced Style I’m walking around with open eyes to see what’s on our streets. It’s quite amazing.

  2. Betsey Johnson pulls it well

  3. It so happens this week I posted the following question on my Facebook page: Should you dress for your age?” I personally believe that you should dress for yourself.

    When I was young, I loved to experiment. I just don’t believe that you should stop once you hit a magical age. It is the same thing with bikinis. Hellen Mirren was caught in a bikini at the tender age of 60 and she looked great.

    If we feel comfortable in our own skin and we like to wear crazy outfits, good for you. Thanks for the insight. I love it.

  4. Belinda Gomez says:

    They look kooky. The Sartorialist finds lots of older men and a few older women (he should look for more) who look great without wearing costumes.

  5. Advanced Style had some interesting photos! I like some….others seem over the top! It seems like the men were all very debonair! I really like this subject. I dress too conservatively! I would LOVE to have my own style! I just haven’t found out what it is! But I’m learning! It’s never too late…I hope! lol

    • Hi there Lavender Dreams,
      Yes, finding your own style can be challenging and sometimes it just evolves as our life does. Did you see the post about Dressing Your Truth? That book is a great way to explore your sense of style! Just type it in the top of our search box and you can read more about it! Good Luck!