How to Groom Grey, Frizzy Hair

Hi Deborah,

My question is a little (a lot) self-indulgent, but I want to hear about how to groom greying hair (mine is frizzy and blah). I color it, but It doesn’t respond like it used to. As well, can you give us some fabulous hairstyles to consider? I love your newsletter!

Hi Ana,

Thanks for your question and nice comment! We turned your hair question over to our Fabulous after 40 Celebrity Hairstylist, Billy Lowe. Here’s what he had to say:

Hi Ana, Yes, grey hair can be a bit challenging.  It is often wiry, unruly looking, and can leave one feeling helpless.  But not all hope is lost.

The answer is called product – product – product.

  1. First of all, think about how much time you actually have to work on styling your hair.    If you don’t have a lot of time, I recommend a light styling cream and a light hold spray.  The cream will help tame the ends and give you more control throughout the day.  The light hold spray helps hold the shape as well.
  2. If you have more time, then a little round brushing and a hairdryer will do the trick every time.  Once again, I recommend finishing with a light hold spray, or firm hold spray if you prefer more control.
  3. Adding color to hair does help give some level of control to the hair and many color formulations these days give a greater amount of polish, shine, and condition to the hair.   Ask your salon professional about the appropriate color (or color type) for you.
  4. The biggest rule is – NEVER DO IT YOURSELF.

I look forward to hearing your results!


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14 thoughts on “How to Groom Grey, Frizzy Hair

  1. I have to weigh in on this discussion, because I have tried so many products on the market, from the least expensive, to high-end solutions, with NO luck…..a friend of mine recommended a product that has been around for years, at your local drugstore, and under 10.00. With much hesitation, I figured for the price, I might as well try it, and to my big surprise, this stuff WORKS……it controls my frizzy grey hair, it camouflages yellow or brassy tones, and helps with styling. If you really want to try something that works and doesn’t cost you a fortune, try Alberto V05 Conditioning Hairdressing, for grey and frizzy hair…….THIS STUFF IS AMAZING.

    1. I have been using V05 for over 20 years. I warm some in my hands & and apply it to my dry & and styled hair. It works great, shines, helps frizz & and shapes my curls. It’s getting harder to find.

  2. I have gray,curly, frizzy hair, too. Try Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious Calming Creme. It cuts the frizz but leaves the curl; it’s wonderful.

  3. I have naturally wavy hair – not too curly but definitely frizzy. I wear my hair both ways – naturally wavy as well as pin straight (via a flat iron).

    Either way I style my hair, I use the Somaluxe Exotic Oil Conditioner – It eliminates/makes the frizz go away and gives you a smooth and sleek look. This product does as good a job and smells great. I have been using the same bottle now for 2 months – it lasts a long time. . .

  4. I have a haircut with feathered layers, so when the ends looks frizzy, it’s a disaster. What works for me, is prior to heat styling to use the Shielo Antioxidant Leave in Protectant Spray, which truly works to blow-dry the ends smooth instead of puffy/frizzy. I’ve tried dozens of “heat-tamer” products, and none of them works anywhere near as well as this Shielo product.

  5. I don’t have a lot of grey (just starting at 43), but my “normal” hair is fine, but the greys frizz in the high humidity of Florida. If I put product on my hair to control the grey frizz, the rest of my hair looks oily and weighed down. Need advice on a good product that will tame grey frizzies and not ruin my natural young color.

  6. Ana your silver hair is gorgeous. Please ignore the well-meaning but clueless people who try to pressure you into dyeing it. I too have naturally wavy and curly hair which is inclined to frizz. Curly hair is chemically different to straight hair due to its structure which makes it dry, hence the frizz. To smooth your hair you need to smooth the cuticle to stop humidity which is what causes the frizz. Look for products that contain silicones (the water soluble ones). These strengthen and protect your hair. Also there are 3 oils that penetrate and nourish hair: coconut, avocado and olive oil, which are cheap to buy and make your hair shiny. Best wishes!

  7. Another great product is Moroccan oil. It makes the hair more manageable, softer and shiner. Most great salons carry it! …and I’ve found the power of the straightener. I like the U-Smooth iron.

  8. I think the volumizing shampoo and conditioner…and a really good hair cut has helped me the most! My hair used to be so thin and limp until I changed shampoo! ♥

  9. I totally disagree with the “never do it yourself” comment above.

    My mother, who is in her 60s and colours her hair herself, gets loads of compliments and comments on her beautiful hair. She uses a standard colourant from the supermarket, applied just as directed, and as far as I know has never had her hair coloured professionally.

    Also, the truth is, if you want to keep the grey roots at bay and get it professionally coloured, you’ll be up for hundreds of dollars a year (maybe thousands). Home colouring really does look just as good. I mean – can you tell on the street which of your friends got coloured at home and which got coloured in the salan? Of course not! Apart from the genuine mistakes – and they happen at the salon too (I speak form experience here!) – no one can!

    Re: product – the best hair product I’ve found for keeping my own dry frizzies at bays is the cheapest sorbolene cream, bought in bulk from the chemist and used sparingly, applied with my fingertips. Apparently that’s what these fancy “products” are anyway – just sorbolene (moisturiser) with a few fancy perfumes added to make them smell good, and watered down to boot.

    The one thing I *do* think is to go with your natural hair. If it is curly, let it be curly and throw away the straightening tongs. If it is wavy, embrace the wave! Frizzies are made a lot worse by the damage we cause our hair when we try to make it something it isn’t. I’ve learned this only recently – after years of wondering why my hair was so dry and straightening it every morning, I finally embraced my natural curl and wave, and am finding it looks and feels terrific, and is getting its natural shine back. Oh – and no frizzies!

    I’m not needing to colour it yet, but if I do, I’ll be taking a leaf out of my wonderful Mum’s book, and heading to the supermarket and doing a DIY :-)

    1. Hi Leanne,
      Great to hear that your mother is getting great results doing it herself, however from years of doing both coloring at home and at the salon I can tell you that my hair tends to really get dried out from the store bought kits. Sometimes I do like to stretch out my going to the salon however I now I am going to have to do a lot of extra conditioning!

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