Top 5 Tips for Styling Your Hair After 40

As we age our hair gets frizzy and dull. If you want to have shiny, frizz-free hair, try using a flat iron.

Here are a few tips to help you use one without damaging your hair.

  1. Make sure your hair is clean and conditioned first
  2. While hair is still wet, use a thermal spray or heat treatment to prime your hai
  3. First, fluff your hair with a hairdryer using just your fingers (no brush) to get most of the moisture out
  4. Then use a round brush to get your hair as straight as possible
  5. Make sure to use a hair straightener coated with ceramic so that it doesn’t damage hair
Top 5 Tips for Styling Your Hair After 40
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112 thoughts on “Top 5 Tips for Styling Your Hair After 40

  1. I just wash and go. I never blow dry. Blow drying dries out your hair. Just air dry. Pull it up in a pony tail to show off your face and keep hair off your face. Who has time or money to spend on your hair when you have kids? Not me.

  2. I have recently tried my daughter’s flat iron, it is easy to create a different look, but I would love my own!

  3. I love Chi Silk Infusion to combat any frizz, best part is you just need a tiny bit. I also have great luck using Chi Twisted Fabric finishing paste to add a little pieciness ( is that a word?) to my do. Don’t cling to your haridressers vision of your haircut. I recently fipped up of ends of my short cut and used a curling iron all over and have never had so many favorable comments on my hair. Everyone seems to think I got any enirely new cut and some even thought I went with a new color. Had forgotten how I used to experiment with my hair. Its still fun to get out of a rut.

  4. I love Redken Iron Silk to prepare my hair for flat ironing. In my experience, I’ve found the shining products I’ve tried take the teeniest amount to add shine without leaving my hair greasy or weighed down. And I’m with Pam – my hair has gotten a little more wave to it. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to be curly and too much to ignore.

  5. Can you give some examples of products that are “thermal sprays” or “heat treatments” to protect the hair before using a straightening iron? Do these keep hair from drying out or “frying” on the ends? Also, can anyone recommend the temps to use to most safely straighten different hair types?

  6. I used to have very straight hair. As I have gotten older my hair is getting some natural curl. I need a small flat iron to tame those stray curls.

  7. The best tip I have is to begin straightening your hair from the back to the front. Do this by using a ponytail holder or clip to hold all your hair up and out of the way except for the very back section and then work forward release hair from the clip as you go.
    I hope I win! I’d love to have a Chi of my own!!

  8. My hairdresser just used a flat iron on my hair for the first time and I was amazed – it totally smoothed out my coarse thick wavy hair. I really need one of these – who knew it would even make my haircolor look better?

  9. I’m not good at blowdrying my hair with anything other than my hands. I have trouble manuvering a brush and blower at the same time. I have a long commute to work and it’s much quicker to blowdry with my fingers which is why I’ve had a perm for most of my life. I stopped getting perms when I started coloring my hair (many years ago) and still have some body to my hair. I blowdry using a diffuser, my hands and products to enhance waves. It’s still quicker than trying to blowdry my hair straight. I never used a flatiron because I was always afraid of destroying my hair especially since it’s colored but my hairstyle also hasn’t changed much these past years and I’m wondering if it’s time.

  10. My hair is short and highly textured. The narrower versions (1/4 inches wide) are much less cumbersome. Titanium instead of ceramic — lasts longer and is gentle on hair.

  11. Just found your site! It’s incredible! I live in Brazil, so maybe am not eligible for the giveaway, but if I am, “Yippee!”

    1. Hi Rebecca,
      Welcome to our fab group!!! Glad to hear you found us. Do keep your comments coming, we are always fascinated with the way others dress in other parts of the world!

  12. I love using a flat iron and would LOVE a new one like a CHI! I am also having to share mine with my 21 yr old daughter. Wish she’d get her own! lol I love the way the iron gets my waves and kinks smoothed out and I can poof and flip the ends too!

  13. My tip for straightening hair is to do it in layers. Clip up the top half layer of your hair and straighten the bottom half. Then let down the top layer and straighten it. That way the top layer doesn’t get overheated!
    My college daughter has a Chi and I love to use it when she’s home. I’d love one of my own! Thank you.

  14. Hi Deb,

    I would love to try a flat iron. Hair is very wavy. Looking for a new look this summer. Pick me LOL!

  15. I’d love to win this flat iron. My teenage stepdaughter has one and I love how it works! Wish I had my own. Crossing fingers…. :-)

  16. My tip would be to let your hair dry naturally then use the iron,,it seems to work better for me that way


  17. I’ve found that using the flat iron (on my thicker frizzy hair)makes me look younger. Not only does it make the hair look shinier, but the color and highlights look new and refreshed!

  18. I have finally grown my hair out a bit and can’t seem to ever get it really straight. I keep hearing from friends that the the Chi flat iron is the way to go. The one I have just isn’t cutting it.

  19. I always make sure to condition and shampoo my hair really well before flat ironing it. Also I make sure its dry, i apply conditioning serum and flat iron it. It always turns out beatiful. An one last tip make sure your flat iron is clean and flat iron your hair by sections not too much at a time.

  20. I make sure I use a good conditioner daily and also make sure to do a deep condition once a week to counter any damage done by heat styling.

  21. Hi Deborah,
    You’re going to think this ‘tip’ is a little off topic but, who doesn’t want firmer, more sculpted THIGHS…:)
    While you’re fixing your hair, stand in a plie position (legs a little more than shoulder width apart and knees and feet pointed outward), squat down (keeping back straight). Hold this position or slowly move up and down while fixing your hair (blow-drying, straightening, primping). It’s a GREAT way to start firming up those thighs…IT WORKS!!

  22. I am a naturally curly haired child of a pin-straight haired mom. I can’t tell you how amazing it was to have my hair mechanically straightened when I was 12 using Dippity-Do, two enormous rollers for the top of my head, humdreds of bobby-pins and at least an hour under a hair dryer. A long process, but it saved me from my mother insisting that my hair be kept boyishly short for the majority of my life.

    Although the hair still curls up if it is wet or excessively humid out, I can say I appreciate the look and feel of my straightened hair when using modern products and appliances. So much easier to do myself or quicker to have done at the stylist’s. I love the flexibility of having either look without hours of fussing.

  23. Flat irons are great! Just be sure not to rush yourself – give yourself plenty of time. Straighten smaller sections of hair at a time, smoothing each section with a large round brush or a big flat brush after you use the iron.
    Your hair will look great for at least a couple of days, so it’s absolutely worth the time!

  24. I find that I feel much better about myself when my hair is straightened! Funny but true! Janis

  25. I wear my hair short aka bob.Over the years I have discovered this is what looks best for me.

  26. I had a bad experience with a cheap hot iron once resulting in an emergency shag do. Use thermal protectant always! I love the silky look but I bet it would be even better with a chi… :)

  27. I have always had straight hair, so I went for curls for the longest time. Only recently I’ve seen what a flat iron will do. It is less damaging, takes less time, and makes a much more elegant look.

    I do not have a Chi flat iron, and that would be wonderful.

    I have learned that pinning my hair up and straightening the bottom first is the best method. Then I take sections down a little at a time and straighten each section.

    This creates a very soft, feminine look that works quite well.

  28. A flat iron is the only thing that has helped me tame my obstinate right-in-the-front cowlick. Thank goodness they were invented!

  29. My hairstylist uses a Chi flat iron when she does my hair. I tried to imitate it, but could only afford a very cheap one. It doesn’t give the same results at all! I was so disappointed. I would love to be able to have a Chi, so I could get great hair more than once every 2 months.

  30. I have curly, thick hair that frizzes all too often, and a flat iron is a great solution, especially in the summer! Thank you for all your tips.

  31. Broke my Chi straightener about a year ago and would love to replace it. I wish all women with frizzy hair (like mine) would discover the power of Chi. You’ll be amazed how a flat iron can make hair that looks hopeless into a gorgeous head of hair. Try it and bring some beauty into your life!

  32. I would love to win this Chi flatiron. I use a large flatiron that I bought nine years ago – big and bulky. Here’s my flat ironing tip – always condition your hair when you wash it. When it’s dry spritz with a flat iron spray, let dry hair then flat iron on the lowest temperature that gives you the look you desire. Flat iron use will dry out your hair over time if you don’t protect it against the high heat.

  33. I have a hard time getting a flat iron to tame my thick mane. Maybe it is time for an upgrade, because I do love the look!

  34. I have short rather coarse hair so i always use a flat iron. i usually have to buy one on the lower price side, so having a Chi would be awesome! I have heard they are “THE” flat iron to have. Having short hair you have to style everyday to keep your style. Thank you ladies for this wonderful website for those of us over 40 and Fabulous!

  35. I have very thick coarse hair and am a huge fan of the flat iron. I have two teen aged daughters who are constantly “borrowing” my flat iron. My favorite product for protecting my hair when using a flat iron is: It’s a 10 Ten – Miracle Leave In Product. Many other products smell like chemicals, this one smells great! Here is a list of 10 things this product can be used for:
    1.) Repairs dry damaged hair
    2.) Adds shine
    3.) Smoothes & controls frizz
    4.) Seals & protects hair color
    5.) Detangles
    6.) Prevents split ends
    7.) Stops hair breakage
    8.) Creates Silkiness
    9.) Enhances natural body
    10.) Flat iron spray & thermal protector

  36. I have fine, straight hair and find that a flat iron works great for adding shine and a sleek finish. I think they’re great for all hair types.

  37. Hi Deb,

    My 18 yr old daughter flat irons her hair at least once a week, and I am always tempted to try it, But I am really not sure where to begin.
    I would love to have some hair styling tips when using a flat iron, on hair that is layered and long, at the bra line.
    I colour my hair and worry that this type of styling may weaken my hair too.
    Any help would be appreciated!

  38. I love the chi hair straightener. I have used it regularly for over 6 years and my hair is not damaged in any way. This instrument is great because you can manipulate your hair to be straight or put a slight wave it in. Sometimes it helps just to straighten a bang (I have a cowlick and widows peak) so my bangs are always a challenge! I only have one problem- I don’t have one at my cabin…I have to haul it around. Would love to have another chi!

  39. Flat irons are great, especially for those of us who have frizzy longish hair. I have had to share mine with my teenage daughter for about 2 years as she has discovered the beauty of flat ironed hair; back and forth from my room to her room, every morning. She has curly hair and wants it straight everyday. I love her hair natural, but what can I say? Anyway she looks beautiful everyday, and I look semi beautiful, because I run out of time. Love that polished look that results froma flat iron, especially with a fringe (bangs).

  40. I have baby fine hair and I wear it in a Louise Brooks style bob. My hot iron is just harsh on my hair. I would love to try the CHI Original. I also work as a massuese at Day Spa in Santa Monica where we do hair and would love the opportunity to take it to work to use on clients. Thanks so much! :)

  41. I have coarse, wirey hair that, at times, has a mind of it’s own. The flat-iron is my saving grace. I’m not as patient as I should be (Originally,I bought a large one so that I could do more hair in less time >wink<) but I'm getting the hang of it. My stylist gave me an in-depth lesson on sectioning and straightening, a 12 count bag of butterfly clips, and I'm doing much better. Who knew if you didn't straighten it all the way to the bottom that the top wouldn't sit right?!

  42. I had never used a flat iron until I reached 50! Now I use one everyday to smooth my very weird combo hair [part curl, part wave, part flat!} I always use a John Frieda volume mousse and keep a comb handy to check each flat section as soon as I have staightened it. This is really important for someone like me who has unusual sections of hair in odd places! I would love a Chi…I bought my daughters each one a couple of years ago and I love borrowing their’s, but they have moved out now :(. I have an okay one…but I love entering contests. Maybe one day I will win…..great site, love to read about being fabulous after 40!

  43. I style my hair either up or under and the chi flat iron would be wonderful. I usually use alittle hair cream to get it smoother for the bob look or gel & hair putty for the piecey flip look. I would be happy to win the chi to get my thick hair straighter. Bonnie

  44. I have very thick wavy/curly hair and need to use various tools to keep it under control! The nice thing is that I only need to wash my hair 2 times a week or so, and once straightened, it says until the next shampoo – as long as I am not caught in the rain or high humitity! Thank heavens for shower caps!! I have always wanted to try the CHI straightener, but could never afford one so I would be very happy to win!

  45. I have a flatiron (not a Chi) but I really don’t have a lot of luck with it. It leaves my hair limp and flat and I need volume! So, I’m probably doing something wrong as I see others use it and their hair is beautiful. I would love to learn how to use it so that my hairs appears smooth with no frizzies, but yet, has volume!

  46. My Mom has had a rough few months. She has been taking care of my grandfather who has ad throat cancer. I saw that she wanted to win this on her computer. I have curly hair and love to flat iron my hair. She has a perm but Would love to do her ait straight sometimes. I just want her to win this or me win it for her because she deserves a happy fun something to make her smile. I’m not over 40 but I sure hope when I am that I look like you girls.

  47. I used to use a flat iron, but it died and I haven’t found another that works as well! I’d love to check this one out!

  48. I HAVE CURLY FRIZZY HAIR!!!!!!!!!! Please please please pick me!! I will use the flatiron i Promise!

  49. I use a flat iron though always use a great product to protect my hair
    now. Chi means real quality!

  50. My hair is curly, and I don’t usually take the time and trouble to flat iron it. But I love the look when I do! It makes me look totally different. A new flat iron would inspire me to do it more often, and this one is certainly lots better than the one I have!

  51. I have thick and curly hair. I use a flat iron all winter and go crazy curly for the summer. I can’t fight the weather so I just go with it! :)

  52. I use a flat iron every day. Best invention ever! And I love that you can use it to create curls too, if you should so desire.

  53. I do not use a flat iron (I use Large Hot Rollers) but would love to try. I have heard wonderful things about the CHI . . . my step daughter has used it for years and swears by it. Would love it if you would pick me so I could get a chance to try.

  54. I’ve never used a flat iron. I have thick slightly wavy hair. I had to give up my bob haircut because at the end of the day the waves took over. I think a flat iron could really help me.

    JoJami, love your latest do. How do you style it. Nora

  55. I have wavy hair and blow dry everyday. I use my flat iron and it is slowly dying. i would LOVE to have a new one!!!

  56. I use a mini flat iron for my bangs and I love it. I have read great reviews on the Chi flat iron and because of the cost I’ve been unable to have the opportunity to try one.

  57. I flat iron every day, just to smooth my hair out some. I’m not a flat iron guru but do like to use it. I don’t have a good one but the one that I use seems to work fairly well…most days.

  58. I use a flat iron and was happy to see that I follow at least 4 out of the 5 rules. I need to get a thermal spray.

  59. I do use a flat iron but is not ceramic I have really curly hair.
    Tip: Pin up the top part of your hair and start from the bottom, makes it alot easier and manageable

  60. I would love to try a CHI flat iron. I’ve heard wonderful things about them. Living in Florida, especially during the wicked humid summers, does a real number to my hair. It’s frizz central here & it just takes too long to blow it out straight every day. Thank you for offering this contest!

  61. I have very fine, silky hair. I love the fact that it’s silky, but hate the fact that it’s always flat because it’s so fine. My round face needs a lift and I’m constantly challenged to find ways to “fluff” my locks.

  62. I have partly wavey-curly-straightish crazy hair, so yes I use a flat iron every day. I could really use a new one!

  63. I have a bob haircut and have been using a flat iron for several years now. I initially straightened my hair with a round brush, but soon after discovered flat irons. My flat iron really adds that extra polish to my haircut, but I’d love to have a Chi!

  64. I straighten my hair everyday and I love it. I really would love to win a new straightener though as mine is getting old.

  65. I better not sign up for this! My hair is pretty straight and has just enough curl to turn under on the ends. I got my hair cut a little shorter last week…a short bob! I sure do love it! Thanks for the tips! ♥

  66. I do use a flatiron……once a week. I have naturally curly hair and wear it straight half the time, and curly half the time. My flatiron is on its last legs!

  67. Born with natural tight curly hair. I would like to kiss the ground of the man/woman who invented the flat iron! I’ve worn mine out. ; D

    One tip? I put my hair up in large velcro rollers and dry it under a hair dryer. THEN I use the flat iron. Much less damage to the hair…and a whole lot less time to flat iron it as the curlers already have “flattened” out the curl a bit. But also give volume to the hair.

  68. Having naturally curly hair is difficult, but flat iron’s have really come a long way and a huge savings than going to the salon and having chamicals in your hair that burn isn’t pleasant, and as you age, you want ease and time management to do your hair.

  69. I never knew a round brush straightened hair! Lol
    I use a flat iron sometimes, especially to create a 40’s finger wave.

  70. I want to learn how to use a flat iron: at my age, I have to have my hair colored every month; as a gift to myself I get my hair straightened every time I visit the colorist and EVERY SINGLE TIME either one of my children or my husband tells me I should do that every day…

  71. I have VERY curly hair and discovered my daughter’s flat iron recently. Love it! I use John Frieda heat protection spray. Would love my own, she hates to share!

  72. What would I do without my flat iron?! I love it! It must come with me when I travel. My flat iron is the best thing in my ageless beauty products arsenal. I keep it right next to my retinol eye cream and other age- defying make-up. Whatever it takes to keep me looking young and beautiful for as long as possible!

    Thanks for the tip about using the thermal spray! I’ll add it to my shopping list.

  73. I use a flat iron everyday, I have wavy hair so it is a great help. Would love a Chi one because I think it would be alot better than the one I’m using:)

  74. My daughter has curly hair and I recently got a perm…however it would be nice to try a good flat iron when I need a change back to my old self. I haven’t used one but would love to have one to try. I would also love instructions on getting my hair to cooperate!haha I am new to your page but love what I see! Thank you for giving me chance to win a free flatiron. You girls are fab!

  75. Yes! I use a flat iron regularly. I follow the exact directions you guys have offered. I wouldn’t think of not using a thermal spray (Tresemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer is my favorite). The flat iron is one of the greatest inventions around for the frizzy–uncontrollable curly haired girls! I am a dedicated user and just introduced it to my 78-year old mom! Soon she will be a dedicated user as well.

  76. Yes, I use a straightner — I have curly/wavy hair and it is a life saver! I’m able to relax my hair in just right places.

  77. I don’t use a flat iron… I use a BIG, FAT curling iron. I have crazy, wavy hair, mostly around my face, and if I don’t straighten it, it points 200 different ways, changing directions mid-day or so.

  78. I have naturally curly hair, and wore it that way for over a year, having gotten tired of flat ironing. But one day about six months ago I got the urge for straight hair again, and now I flat iron most every day. I desperately need a new flat iron, though, and a CHI would be wonderful!

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