Amazing Lace! – 5 Pretty Lace Party Dresses

black lace holiday party dress - black lace dress

black lace holiday party dress

If you’re stuck on the outdated notion that wearing lace at 40, 50 and beyond will make you look like your grandma, then you need to rethink that.

Lace continues to be strong for the holiday season and the choices out there are modern and sexy. Take a peek at these fabulous, lace, holiday party dresses that look nothing like Victorian lace doilies!

Black Lace:
This beautiful black lace dress with its scalloped neckline and hem is a great choice for a Christmas cocktail party, or any special occasion, including as Mother of the Bride (Yes, you can wear black). The 3/4 length sleeves are a fantastic way to show some skin and look sexy, but still cover up any giggly bits.

purple lace holiday party dress - classic sheath dress

purple lace holiday party dress

Purple Lace: 
Look like a queen in this classic sheath dress in stunning purple a color associated with creativity and royalty. A classic shape + a pop of color makes this dress a recipe for 40+ chic.

Red Lace:
Sometimes red lace is so bright, it looks tacky, but this beautiful berry colored dress oozes elegance and class. The wide V-neck balances the hips by making your shoulders look broader.

red lace party dress - elegance and class

red lace party dress

Blue Lace:
This simple dress that stand out because of its color and ladylike scalloped edges. Love this gorgeous shade of blue. It’s so royal.

blue lace party dress - gorgeous shade of blue

blue lace party dress

Metallic Lace: Here’s a dress that does a great job of hiding a midlife middle. This pretty metallic shift dress almost has a vintage feel. Very elegant!

metallic lace party dress - Metallic Lace

metallic lace party dress

Peek a Boo Lace.
A nude-colored underlay makes this black and nude lace dress look extra sexy. That’s balanced nicely with an elegant, bateau neckline and simple, panel-pleat skirt with peek-a-boo cutouts makes this dress look fresh and interesting. Will you be wearing lace this party season? Have a look at how real women over 40 wear their lace dresses.

black and nude lace dress - nude colored underlay

black and nude lace dress

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  1. Beautiful, classy dresses that are on trend but fitting for our age group.

  2. All are so gorgeous! So nice to see more dresses this holiday!

    • Hi Kathryn, Yes, pants can get very boring, but a dress, well a dress can make you feel really feminine and uplifted. Lace has been around for a few seasons now and it’s still super popular. Love these styles. They make a statement but in a soft way. Cheers, Deborah

  3. Lisa Scott says:

    These dresses are very pretty. But so few with sleeves! It is winter here and I cant help but think this article and pictures are just for those in warmer climates. Why? What are we cold weather girls supposed to do? Plus, even if I was living in Fla year round, I would like some sleeves to cover the unattractive parts of my upper arms. And I have a feeling I am not alone in this.

    • Hi Lisa,
      These dresses can be worn all year, but you just have to have a good coat and shawl to add. However, you do have a good point about keeping the arms a little more covered and we will try to find more dresses with more fabric…. I do understand that many women have issues with their arms.
      Thanks for writing in.

  4. Oh I love the first dress especially. If only I had reason to wear then I might purchase.