5 Classy, Casual Ways To Rock Your Jeans This Weekend

Jeans are the hero piece of many a weekend look.

If you want some chic ideas on how to keep things fresh, here are five classy ways to rock your jeans this Friday and beyond!


 1. Embrace Embellishment

One way to perk up a weekend look is with a pair of jeans that have some small, pretty detail.

The delicate embellishment at the bottom of these jeans adds a feminine touch and is a great way to put the focus on your pretty ankles.

I’ve kept the sweater a solid color to make the embellishment pop. The sneakers are neutral for the same reason.


 2. Try Colored Jeans

Why stick to blue jeans when there are some fabulous fall colored jeans out there? This beautiful burgundy pair, for example, looks stunning with a creamy camel turtleneck.

Add some suede booties and a relaxed leather bag, and you are ready for a nice fall walk through the leaves.


 3. Experiment with Cropped Flares

You may have been avoiding cropped flares because you didn’t know what to wear with them, but fall brings the perfect answer. Try a pair of tall, skinny booties.

Sock booties for fall are best. They ensure a nice long, lean leg line, and they keep your ankles and lower legs toasty warm.



 4. Go for a Release Hem

The weekends are a great time to experiment with something new, so if you haven’t tried release hem jeans, why not now?

You can go for a regular skinny jean with a release hem, or for a more fashion-forward look, try a cropped flare.

Not sure what to wear them with? This collage, above, is a relaxed but classy look. Shorter gals are best to tuck to look taller.

5. Switch Skinny for Bootcut

For many gals, skinny jeans are their default jeans, but once in awhile, it’s nice to try a classic bootcut. The slight flare does wonders to make you look super balanced and shows off your curves.

Rule of thumb –  the wider your flare, the higher your heel. You don’t want your shoes to be drowning in your flares. This doesn’t mean you can’t wear a flat if you wish with a bootcut (which has a small flare), but you won’t get that long leggy look.

If you are going to wear flats such as the loafers above, a pointy toe flat is best because it helps to elongate your leg line. A dark pointy-toe flat takes it even one step further and would be your best choice if your legs are short


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9 thoughts on “5 Classy, Casual Ways To Rock Your Jeans This Weekend

  1. You mention that flats take you to frumpyville, with bootcut jeans, but you show flats in the pic ensemble😂. Love your posts!

    1. Hi Lin, You’re right I didn’t make myself very clear. The bottom line is, of course wear any type of footwear you want, but when your jeans are so long and wide that they drown your flats, that makes you look squat and frumpy. If you are interested in a long, lean, leggy look, I would say the wider the flare, the higher the heel. If you prefer flats, then a pointy-toe flat, especially in a dark color (if you are wearing dark jeans) will make you look taller and leaner. Thanks!

  2. The outfits offer some good ideas. Accessories are definitely key to a stylish pulled together look. I have to say boot cut jeans really look dated to me. I think you can be over 40 and still wear skinny jeans if you have the shape for it.

  3. Beautiful outfits! I know you are just giving examples here, but I thought I would faint when I saw the prices of some of the pieces. Paying nearly $3,000 for a purse and almost $1,000 for a blouse are just a teeny bit out of most people’s price range. At least in my world.
    Keep up the wonderful posts though, I really enjoy the inspiration!

    1. Thanks Laurie,
      Yes, sometimes we just work with what we have regardless of the price just to give you an idea of pieces that work well together. We’ll be putting some high/low price outfit comparisons together so watch for those.

  4. Loved this article! Great advice! I will be combining my darkwash bootcut jeans with a pretty shell purchased years ago at Loft and a lightweight cardigan (still hot here in Georgia) with my new oxblood purse I got for my birthday this coming weekend. Hoping to celebrate with my husband and two sons, 21 and almost 18!