Sustainable Style at Nordstrom

Lately, thanks mainly to my kids, I’ve been much more tuned into Sustainable Style. They’ve opened my eyes to the glut of cheap, poorly manufactured, throw-away clothing made through unfair practices, that is ruining our earth.

This has sparked an interest in me to discover the best eco eco-friendly brands. It’s become much easier since Nordstrom launched Sustainable Style — online shopping category that consists entirely of responsibly-made products.

The featured items are sustainably sourced, manufactured in factories that meet higher social or environmental standards, and/or give back. The Sustainable Style shopping category includes more than 2,000 items from 90 brands such as Nordstrom-made Treasure & Bond, Reformation, Patagonia, Eileen Fisher, Toms, S’well, and Caudalie.

Here are three outfits all from the Sustainable Style Category and more about how Nordstrom defines this term.



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What is Substainably Sourced?

Products tagged as sustainably sourced are made with at least 50% sustainably sourced materials (organic cotton, recycled polyester, and materials with eco-certifications like Bluesign and Fair Trade Certified). 

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What Does Responsibly Manufactured Mean?

According to Nordstrom.com, Responsibly manufactured items come from factories that better protect their employees and our planet by offering empowerment programs to workers, ensuring fair wages, and managing chemicals and resource use.

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Give Back Item – What’s That?

Give-back items mean a portion of the proceeds benefits people, animals, or the planet through charitable giving – I like this part a lot!

Other Perks

One of the perks of a store like Nordstrom is that you can buy from multiple brands at a time. This reduces your shipping, fossil fuel, and environmental carbon costs. Plus, it’s easier to return what doesn’t work.

Finally, In addition to offering sustainably-sourced apparel, home goods, and beauty items, Nordstrom is also making improvements to its supply chain process so that it’s eco-friendlier. It is reducing materials used to ship items and helping customers donate clothes.

I’m so glad to see stores like Nordstrom carrying and highlighting more eco-friendly products. Let’s hope other retailers follow suit.

I’m the first to admit, it’s tough to be 100% style eco-friendly. However, even a little change goes a long way to help save our planet, and it’s a thrill to feel you have done some good in this world. This is one movement I’m interested in becoming a much bigger part of.  How about you?

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7 thoughts on “Sustainable Style at Nordstrom

  1. Thanks for highlighting sustainable style. I find I am buying less as I move towards retirement.. Choosing clothes that will last and look good is important for financial as well as environmental reasons.

  2. I love this! Thanks for sharing. I’m also working on creating a more classic, timeless wardrobe so I don’t have to buy as many clothes. I have decided it is more responsible to invest in well made pieces rather than throwing money into so much fast fashion.

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this post. I watched The True Cost 3 years ago this month and made a commitment to only purchase from sustainable and ethical companies or secondhand and I am proud to say I have been about 95% successful. It is a little more difficult but it gets easier every day as more brands and influencers join the movement. I am excited to watch you bring more awareness on this topic to your blog.

  4. I’ve become more aware, over the past year, of how cheap trendy clothes are not good for the environment as they eventually go to a landfill once you get rid of them. Even a shocking amount of donated clothes. Good article Deborah.

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