Busy Mom Over 40? – Here’s a Casual Dressing Idea

Mom Over 40

Mom Over 40

Hi Deborah, 

I’m over 40  and have three children , 9, 7 and 5.  I spend lots of time on playgrounds and in gyms. I am in good shape and not overweight but would like to dress a little more sophisticated, stylish and attractive. However, I can’t keep up with my children in heels or even clogs.

I am most interested in spring/summer clothes. I end up wearing old shorts, t-shirts and running shoes or sporty sandals that all feel a little out of style, especially when I add a baseball cap to my pitiful outfit!  Any advice? Thanks  ~Ann

Hi Ann,

No matter what your age, we all need to be able to have a casual look that will make us feel comfortable and stylish. For example, everyone needs a Going To The Grocery Store Outfit”. Here are some other ideas for you.




Sporty Stripes

Denim jacket with its fitted waist

Bring color into your wardrobe!

I recently wrote an article on color blocking which is one of the newest trends for Spring. It’s casual but classy and you will go with your energetic lifestyle. Red jeans have been very popular and always look classy paired with blue and white for a fab summer nautical look.

Perk it up with Stripes!

If you want to stay cool a t-shirt is a great item but why not try updating your wardrobe with a stripes. Stripes are sporty, youthful fresh.

Invest in a comfortable shoe. Those dingy tennis shoes can wreck an outfit. If you can find a shoe  like this, or a ballet flat or a sandal that is fresh and comfortable, you will feel like a new person. You want something comfy for running around in but you still want to look cute.

A Jacket is Always Handy

You never know when the weather is going to change so this cute denim jacket with its fitted waist is the perfect daytime cover-up. It’s got a little edge that keeps away any frump factor.

Don’t be afraid To Wear a Sundress

 If you don’t feel like wearing pants then a little sundress is the way to go. If you find one on sale or at a consignment shop you can actually pay less and look sharper than you would in a pair of casual shorts.

Like this outfit? It’s from reader Barbara Gillespie who was a winner in our pin it to win it contest. Check out more casual dressing winners here.

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Comments, Feedback, & Opinions:

  1. Hi Deborah I am your fan. I will be happy if I find how to be fabulous after 40 for those who can not get rid of fats. I am from India I love western dress but it is difficult to look fabulous because of the fattiness.

  2. we all know clothes look better on thin women already

  3. All your models are thin but in reality most women over 40 are not. Please PLEASE do more outfits on women who average a size 12/12 which is the reality

  4. i am a latina female looking for advise on how to dress after the age of 40. And I am very dissapointed to see you dont have anything to suit a curvy latina woman.

  5. I would like to see more about women 60+ years. I’m a widow and somehow became totally lost as to what looks too old on me and what looks too young. I’m very small (5’2″, 95lbs.) and have been alone for almost 12yrs. now. Haven’t worked in 16 yrs. However, I really do show my age and having so much trouble with late age developed allergies, I’ve had to quit wearing much makeup on a regular basis. This meant, researching all the latest stuff out since I wore all of the same for years, skin tone changed somewhat and living in Miami now instead of cold MI. Absolutely did fall into a rut because I am home most of the time but even at that, I do feel better when I “fix” myself up a bit. Drastic difference in over 40 and over 60 for me. HELP!

    • Hi Diane, We have featured several women over 60 on our site. Just put in the name JoBee in the search bar at the top of our site…and you will see several examples of a woman who is 75 and looking really chic!

  6. I love your articles, but why are your models barely over 20? It’s very hard to imagine myself wearing any of the clothes you recommend when I can’t see them on a person who is at least roughly a reflection of myself.

  7. I love Boden. I make most of my clothes now but when I shop I find Boden to be cute, fun and flattering.the quality is pretty good.

  8. This site is supposed to provide fashion tips for women that are 40+ so why are all the photos of twenty year olds??!!! To quote your article title; “Casual Wear Confusion? What to wear when you are over 40 and want to be casual.”

    • HI Susan,
      Thanks for bringing this topic up! We are as frustrated as you are when trying to find good examples of women over 40 on the web. You see all the vendors always show young women. So we pick out the clothes that are age appropriate and have to hope you will trust us that they really are! Once again we try to show as many real women as possible but there are times we just do not have a choice in who is actually modeling the clothes!

  9. I also like sundresses.it is very comfortable and seems to be beauty.Nice post.I like this post. Thanks for sharing..

  10. Jcrew, Gap, Boden, Talbots, Banana Republic are all still great shopping options in my book, and I’m closer to 50 than 40.

  11. Cristina Butler says:

    Hi – I love your article, but you don’t make any suggestions on where to shop. I tend to gravitate to stores like Macy’s, but feel I am too old to shop in the Juniors Department, yet not quite ready to shop in the Women’s Department either. I am looking for casual, weekend wear where I will have to mingle with co-workers/clients. Any ideas?

  12. THANK YOU!! I’m in sunny Florida where heat and humidity set the stage for whatever you THINK you might wear. Not unusual to have 80 degree temps in the dead of “winter.” I have 2 young children (age 2 and 4) and a teenager that keep me running the roads- so like you, heels and a bunch of layers just don’t work. Keep up the suggestions on ways to dress cool, and LOOK cool!

    • Hi Rika,
      Your welcome and thank You for asking the questions! We love to hear from our readers, it keeps us on our toes and helps us keep bringing you the information that you want to read! Keep those comments flowing!!! Cheers! Deborah Boland(JoJami and Deborah)

  13. LOL. The models are real women! Real young women. Personally, I’m not concerned about seeing women who look precisely like me. Models are supposed to be fit and gorgeous, that’s their job. My job is to know which silhouettes look best on the body I’ve got.

    Designers want to show off the clothes in their best light, and let’s face it, they look better on tall slender and pretty women whatever their age.
    Could there be more over 40 models? Sure. Will they be average looking? No. I don’t expect them to look that way either.

    • Hi Elle,
      Yes it is a dilemma…We don’t want to see clothes on real women because, we are so used to seeing them on models. That being said, there is nothing like being out and seeing a woman look terrific when she is not “mode”l perfect, but still shines and looks great because she is dressing her body type the right way.. Those are the women that we look for “on the street”. I will try to feature more of those types of women. Thanks for bringing this very important topic up to discuss!

  14. Why are you using models who appear to be in their 20’s and prob barely 100 pounds in the photos for women dressing over 40 yrs old? :>:>
    We need realistic please! :>

    • Hi Deanna,
      YES!! I hear you load and clear! I have a hard time finding photos of women in over 40 fashion that you can buy in the stores…. None of the stores will shoot real women! I do put up women we see on the street, but most of the time their outfit was purchased a while back!
      I need to start a petition to department stores to start using REAL Women!!!

  15. I so love a sundress in the New Mexico heat. A sundress is better than shorts when the temperature gets over 100 degrees.

  16. I sooo agree with the sundress concept. I live in New Mexico were heat is an issue. I wore sundresses last summer and liked them better than shorts. The only problem that I had was finding them in age appropriate styles. Sometimes they show more than I am comfortable with. But overall I love them.