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Your Guide to Mastering Brazilian Style No Matter Where You Live

Sunny skies, white sand beaches, a colorful and chaotic life- that’s Rio. This Brazilian hotspot is world-famous for being bright, bustling, and wildly festive. When you think of Brazilian fashion, the thong bikini immediately comes to mind, but that’s only one small part of the spicy style scene.

If you want to look colorful, fun, and drop-dead sexy, here are some Brazilian Style Made Easy tips.



Be Bright

The cornerstone of any Brazilian-influenced look should be bold, bright hues like orange, yellow, and cobalt. Mix vivid shades fearlessly like it’s Carnivale and avoid those boring neutrals. Try color blocking- wearing multiple solid-color items in different shades for an extra dose of authenticity and not feel guided. Go for bold accessories anchored with a trusty basic, like simple blue jeans.

Brazilian-Style outfit

Flaunt your Figure

Italian style is about subtle sexiness, while Brazilian style is about getting right down to it..meaning? Wear shapes that show off your body- think fitted sheath dresses, knits that hug your curves, or ultra-flattering wrap dresses.

Just make sure they gently follow your shape and aren’t too tight. Of course, this may mean investing in some sturdy support garments like Spanx and supportive bras, but the payoff is oozing bold confidence. To turn down the heat a bit, try pairing one fitted piece with a looser item-  it gives the same scorching effect but the ability to have seconds at dinner!

Bold Blooms

Large floral prints and embroidery are a hallmark of Brazilian style, so play with fun, festive prints on everything from blouses to bags. For bonus points, pick a floral print in vivid colors and pair it with something bright.

Necklaces and Necklines

Tying into the whole super-sexpot look is a love for low necklines. Brazilian-influenced faces should feature deep v-necks or wide scoop necks- they add bold energy and sassiness to your style. To keep from looking overexposed, wear a big necklace. It fills in some of that neckline while highlighting your collarbones- very seductive!

There you have it- a way to dress that’ll make you feel like you’re suntanning on the beach at Rio, even if there’s still snow on your front lawn. Turn up the heat in bold prints and bright hues, and feel sexy, girl!

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