Would You Wear A Jumpsuit Over 40?

black jumpsuitI was out shopping the other day and came across an elegant black stretch knit  jumpsuit. I was intrigued. I used to wear jumpsuits back in the 70’s and loved them! They looked sexy and chic.  I hadn’t worn one in years, so was curious to see how this one would look.

After several ” what the hecks”, I tried it on. I looked in the mirror and started to giggle. I felt pretty darn good. Still, I didn’t quite like how the elastic waistband made my little mommy tummy look. Some Spanx would have done wonders, but instead I just put the jumpsuit back and said, “I’ll think about it”.

What was stopping me? Did I feel too old to be wearing something I wore in my teenage years?

I came home and went online to check out this new trend and found lots of jumpsuits, mainly black. I’m thinking that this look is worth another try, and if I can find the right jumpsuit I will buy one. I’m still pretty slim and tall, so maybe.

What about you??? Would you wear a jumpsuit?

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Share Your Comments, Feedback, & Opinions:

Comments, Feedback, & Opinions:

  1. I’m in my 50’s and would definitely wear a jumpsuit if it looked good. A black smart type with chunky jewellery would look fab.

  2. I love jumpsuits, find them sooo comfy especially in the summer.

  3. Hi. I’m 57, slightly overweight, and just purchased a FABULOUS chocolate brown knit jumpsuit that looks dynamine on me. Age is relative ladies.

  4. I love the look of a jumpsuit. We are seeing them ALL over the South of France right now. I am 5’10”, so they don’t fit me (most French women are quite a bit shorter!) but I am hoping to find one when I come to the US this summer!

    • Hi Megan,
      Thanks for writing in and giving me an update from the South of France!! We are just entering warm weather back east so should start seeing them around too.
      Anyone out in LA or the South seeing them???
      Please send photos! This is definitely a new trend~

  5. If you are slim, a jumpsuit will look good on you. I remember I had one when I was young.

  6. I just turned 40 and am only 5’4 and bought a fabulous black jersey knit jumpsuit. The pants are long and wide legged and the top is like a sleeveless wrap. I have pulled this off at weddings and parties and feel so comfortable in it. I usually wear it it with cage high heels and a simple long necklace. it is a fun trend!

  7. Deborah, yes I’m definitely with you – love the long dresses. We’ve just seen a lot around in our Summer (I’m an Aussie) & am looking forward to them being around for a long time yet. Had to laugh at the ladies room dilemma comment re the jumpsuit & yes I do recall – what a business that was.

  8. Hi Lucy,
    Love all the different opinions! You are right, it is not for everyone, so it is interesting to hear the pros and cons!
    Something like a jumpsuit might just take the right gal with the right attitude to pull it off.
    We are still seeing lots of long dresses for Spring (like last Spring). That might be an easier alternative than going with a jumpsuit.

  9. Nah not for me, at almost 45 I think I’ll pass. If I can remember wearing it the first time around I’m definitely too old to be wearing it the second time around. Leave it for the teens & twentysomethings I think, maybe early thirties at a push. A bit too try hard for me but hey that’s just my opinion.

  10. If the jumsuit were offered in petite then I might give it a try in a conservative style and color.

  11. Hi Deborah, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all the tips and advice you give you make us feel very confident navigating our mature years. I trust your advice and often recommend your site to my friends who are amazed on how knowledgeable I seem to be. LOL
    Thanks again keep up the good work we NEED you!

  12. Like you, Deborah, I had a favorite jumpsuit in the 80’s. Mine was actually animal print — really, it was amazing (and even understated for animal print). I wore it until it had holes! I would consider one again (I especially love the one here with the cowl neck but I wish it came in chocolate brown instead of black) — somehow I’m just not sure I want to (let me be frank) have to take the whole thing off to use the ladies room — maybe just too much trouble, but I’m open. I can safely say, however, that I am so not a fan of the rompers — I’ll leave those to the teenagers!

    • Hi Ginger,
      My favorite jumpsuit was a crisp, white, shiny cotton one with a fitted waistband that I bought in Hawaii. It had white zippers all over it. I also remember a lilac one when I was about 19 that was more flowy and dressy.
      Too bad there’s so much black out there now. Chocolate brown is so much softer, and navy would be better for me than black. Black seems to wash me out these days.
      As for those rompers, I totally agree. I was looking at some and thought they’d look really silly on a grown up gal!
      Cheers, Deborah

  13. The black is the most versatile and can add inches to the more petite. The fun part is putting a fabulous belt w/ texture or metallic that changes the look instantly. I’m tall, so I find the challenging part is the torso length and the rise. Not so comfy. But love the elegance and ease of it overall.

    • Thanks for your suggestion Leslie,
      I love the way accessories can magically change an outfit. Great jewelry can transform too as well as gorgeous shoes. That’s where you can bring some personality in.