How to Style a Cropped Jumpsuit

Why am I jumping for joy?

navy cropped jumpsuit 11) It’s the long holiday weekend 2) I love my new cropped jumpsuit. I haven’t worn something like this in years, and it sure does put a spring in my step!


I was looking around in Michael Kors the other day, and I came across this. It didn’t look like much on the rack, but I was curious to try it on.

Wide leg cropped jumpsuit

Part of me was saying, don’t bother because a wide-leg cropped jumpsuit is going to make me look frumpy. This gaucho style can be tricky to wear. But the sleek, minimalist style drew me in. Wow, was I surprised? It felt really different and new, instead of the same old, same old.

navy cropped

See that cute zipper on the shoulder. I love anything gold, and this sporty little detail did it for me! I decided to play that up with a pretty long gold necklace with a simplistic, modern vibe. You wouldn’t want anything too busy with such a sleek outfit.

navy cropped jumpsuit 6

The jumpsuit has a cute belt that comes with it. I thought it looked too dull worn the usual way, so I tied it like this. If you have a beautiful wide dressy belt, you could switch it out for an evening look, and it would be great.

navy cropped jumpsuit

How do you like my bag? I know, Gucci… expensive, but now and then, I treat myself to something I adore. My sister has this bag in that gorgeous bright pink color, and I fell in love with it. I don’t have many things that go with bright pink, so I bought a red one.

There are two sizes, small and medium. I bought the medium. I am mad about red purses. I always have one in my wardrobe.

Navy cropped leg jumpsuit
Navy cropped leg jumpsuit.

It’s a crossbody bag, just the right size, and what I love about it is that it is both casual and dressy at the same time, so I’m sure to get a lot of use out of it. Please scroll down and take a look at my shoes. They’re from last year- gold Michael Kors slingback sandals. They have a low vamp and no ankle strap, which helps elongate my legs. I tried on strappy sandals, and my legs seemed short and cut up.

Cropped wide leg jumpsuit
Cropped wide-leg jumpsuit

Interesting note: When I bought this, I talked to the salesgirl, and she said she had a gal come in and buy it for a wedding. I never thought about something like this for a wedding, but I can see how it could work. This one is quite elegant.

Also, a few days after I bought this, I happened to see it on another gal. I had to do a double-take because this gal was so petite. It was a full-length jumpsuit on her. So I guess depending on how long your legs are, and mine are pretty long, the look will vary.

Navy cropped wide leg jumpsuit


I love this look. It just goes to show you; that you have to try things on because you never know!

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12 thoughts on “How to Style a Cropped Jumpsuit

  1. I love this look, and your post has helped me accessorize a recent jumpsuit I bought. I got a fantastic bargain in the sales. I saw a TV presenter wearing this particular jumpsuit and just loved it. It’s a green that I suit with lovely cold shoulder sleeves – perfect for my “mature” arms! Also in a great fabric that camouflages my figure issues. I have gold sandals and a gold belt with which I can dress it up and add a pop of color to a red handbag. All I need to do now is think of a dress-down look by changing my shoes from gold to another color. This is my “go-to” site for all my style advice.
    Thanks a million for your excellent blog!

  2. Love your entire look! Earlier this year, I, too, found a Michael Kors jumpsuit. It is black with a standard length leg and silver buckle at the waist—what a great surprise when I tried it on and loved it too. I’m checking yours out to see if I can get my size.

    ps: I love ❤️ the bag too! It’s time to start treating ourselves…if not now, when????

  3. Do you have to be tall and slim to wear a jumpsuit? What styles would suit us, short and not-so-slim girls?

    1. Thanks, Nancy,
      Yes, I love the Navy. It’s chic like black, but it doesn’t drain me as black does. The Navy has some energy and life to it and is very popular now, especially for evening wear. Thanks for dropping by!

    1. Hi Darlene, Nice to hear from you. So glad you like the jumpsuit. Agree zipper makes it!! If it had been silver, I don’t think so. The gold and navy are just so regal! Cheers, Deborah

    1. Thanks, Liv, Those pretty gold sandals are so refined like this jumpsuit, and the open-top pulls the eye down from the hem of my pants to my toes, elongating my legs. Glad you stopped by.

  4. This is a fabulous look! I love it! I appreciate all that you bring to your site, with your selections of clothes and accessories. However, they tend to be on the pricey side for me. So, I make this a game – I take what you wear and then find something that has some of the same looks for a much lesser price. I feel good about my purchases and stay within my budget while looking great.
    Thank you so much for your blog!

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