10 Fall Clothing Colors to Make Your Wardrobe Come Alive

Fashion has been pretty low-key in the last year and a half. We’ve all been living in loungewear and soft, muted colors, but that is about to change. The world is starting to feel more optimistic, and with that comes an exciting new fall color palette.  According to Pantone, the world predictor of color, You can expect fall clothing colors to be a lively mix of classic fall hues and vivid bright pops of color.

Some of the colors for fall clothing are soothing, natural, and practical, but many more are bold, bright, and joyous.

It’s like someone has taken a pile of beautiful, rustic fall leaves and splashed bright primary-colored paint on top. It’s a fascinating, feminine, modern mix that’s part of the newest trend towards greater personal expression in fashion and in life.

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Here’s a look at the top 10 fall clothing colors for 2021/22 and the neutrals to mix with them.

1.  Mykonos Blue

This brisk blue, like the Aegean Sea, has a regal quality to it. Like its name, it reminds me of the Greek Islands in summer under a gorgeous blue sky. I always picture it with but, and it always pairs well with fuchsia. It will be interesting to see it with these earthy neutrals.


2.  Illuminating Yellow

Pantone calls Illuminating an optimistic, friendly, joyful yellow like the promise of a sunny day. You’ll be seeing it paired a lot with gray. I personally love yellow, but this super-saturated shade is pretty bright for a lot of women, so that it might be more popular in prints or small doses as an accessory.


3. Leprechaun Green

It’s like St. Patrick’s day in September with Leprechaun, a wonderful green “rooted in Irish folklore.”  I wear this fresh, clear green hue all the time in spring, and I’m excited to see it carry on over into fall.


4.  Fuchsia Fedora

Vivid flirtatious bold, and alluring, this super feminine pink is a show stopper.


5.  Pale Rosette

Here’s a color I think pretty much everyone can wear. Pale Rosette is being hailed as an endearing, gentle romantic pink. I think it brightens any complexion and is a lovely complement to any color.


6.  Adobe Rust

I love this warm sundried clay color that is calm and comforting. This feels like fall- warm and cozy.


7. Firewhirl Red

Red is always exciting in the fall, and this year it’s red on the warm side. Firewhirl is being called “a vigorous red with a dynamic presence.” I’d say it’s a brilliant brick red. It’s gorgeous!


8.  Rhodinite Blue

This is one of my favorite colors this fall because it’s not blue or purple- but both. It balances the two perfectly. It’s a color Pantone says “will help you reach your highest potential.” I like that it is a stunning alternative to black, which can be draining on mature skin. It will be great for work, too, as a  high authority color.


9.  Spring Lake Blue

This is another blue we see that sits midtone between  Mykonos Blue and Rohdinite. It is quiet and restful for those who like more understated colors.


10.  Root Beer Brown

Brown hasn’t been around for a while, so; it’s refreshing to see this herbal brown shade that Pantone says is like rootbark.


There are many ways to combine these new colors. You can solid brights, colorblock, or if you prefer a more toned-down look, no problem. Just mix one of the new spring colors with one of these neutrals.

The 2020 classics, the season’s core hues are:

  • Coconut Cream: thick, rich velvety white.
  • Ultimate Gray: Quiet, composed reliable gray
  • Soybean: Mild blonde beige
  • Olive Branch: Tasteful and symbolic of growth


Here are some of the new colors for fall clothing combined in prints.



How do all these colors translate into outfits? Check my post on How to put together an Outfit with Fall’s Trendy New Colors!

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