15 Women Who’ve Embraced Their Curly Gray Hair and Love it!

If you’ve been fighting your curly hair all your life, and are now battling some gray hairs too, maybe it’s time you took a different approach.  Accepting your curls and embracing the gray can give way to a modern, and very beautiful look.  Here are 15 midlife influencers who went the curly, gray hair route and ended up loving it!


curly gray hair tinac


Tina has been living life in black and white since 2018, and has never received more compliments!  There’s no doubt in her mind that her gorgeous gray curls are playful and rather youthful! She also describes her stunning mane as unpredictable, untamable, uncontrolled, and bold. Now she’s on a mission to prove that curls are elegant too. That won’t be hard to do. You look fabulous, Tina!


curly gray hair lou


Whether it’s hair color, fashion, or the latest diet fad, while curious, Lou is not someone who automatically drifts along with the masses. This stunning Aussie who took the plunge and went au naturel with her hair is now loving the gray, curly tresses that define her. Lou is a woman who prides herself on authenticity and self-acceptance, and we salute her bold and beautiful choice.


curly gray hair trina


Trina is a doctor who considered growing out her natural color for months before she was actually able to #ditchthedye. At first, she was not able to grow her hair past her collar without a lot of frizz and fray that required her to cut it back.

But after inspiration from an Instagram go gray support group and the right hair products, she now has spiraled down her back, and she is thrilled with the results! Doc, can you write a prescription for the perfect curly gray hair because you certainly have it!


curly gray hair sara


With her stunning long curly silver locks and gorgeous good looks, Sarah might be the closest thing to a mermaid!  She’s challenging stereotypes about long silver hair past a certain age, and it’s obviously working!

Sara says she has spent the last several years learning and practicing how to regulate her nervous system to heal from trauma. One of the ways she has done this is through her hair.

She says our hair is an extension of our nervous system and taps directly into our deepest being. Working with it can help us become extremely grounded in our own nervous system, resilience, and capacity, and has allowed her to be fully present! Who would have known?


curly gray hair bobbi


Bobbi, a proud army wife, and mom, isn’t shying away from her curly gray hair. She’s happy with it au naturel and says she never usually brushes her hair to get this gorgeous look. She just showers, towel dries, and uses lots of product, but doesn’t brush.

Some days she coils and scrunches. At the end of the day, Bobbi likes to think of her hair as being more “sparkly” than gray, and I couldn’t agree more. Look at that silver shine like a diamond!



Georgina is a women’s rebel coach who helps her clients release blocked potential, rebel against self-doubt, and rise unapologetically to transform their lives! Going gray was something she resisted for 15 years. But at 40, she finally gave herself permission to embrace her curls. This was after years of straightening them, trying to attain a standard of beauty she believed she had to aspire to.

Once she let go and went with her gray curls, a whole new wave of acceptance rushed over her. Now she feels liberated and wonderful! I think she looks empowered!


curly gray hair asa

Asa believes in a clean approach to aging fearlessly! She went gray for health reasons when she needed to lower her toxic load due to her rheumatoid arthritis.  Asa has discovered that embracing her natural hair has liberated her and brought about many positive changes regarding the aging process.

She loves who she has become and continues to become as she grows older and evolves. What a soft and lovely curly gray hair look!


curly gray hair michelle


Michelle is fond of the quote, “A strong woman looks a challenge dead in the eye, and gives it a wink.”  And that’s precisely what she did when hundreds of gray hair came rolling in. Michelle’s gray waterfall of womanly waves is a gorgeous combination of gray, silver, and black on the underside.

Michelle says when her hair was dark, her black hair just kind of faded into anything that she wore that was black. But now that she’s a silver sister, she loves the way the silver contrasts with the black and makes a powerful statement. Don’t we wish all gray hair could look this fabulous?

curly gray hair mildred


I happened to be at a blogging conference once and met this beautiful Glam-ma who’s as beautiful and sparkling a lady as her stunning gray curly hair. Mildred has what I’d call a “wow,” head-turning hairstyle with a color she describes as silver and sexy! Mildred says she’s doubly blessed because her hair is both silver and kinky! I’d say it’s truly a work of art!


curly gray hair michelle


Michelle’s “happy hair” (as she likes to hashtag it on her Instagram account) is sassy and silver! She lives her life celebrating her natural, tight silver curls, often wearing them in an afro style that flatters her face and shows off her gorgeous smile!

Michelle, you look beautiful!


curly gray hair victoria


Everywhere Victoria goes, her hair is the topic of conversation and compliments. So it’s no wonder she decided to produce and direct a documentary on the celebration of gray hair called Gray Is The New Blonde. Victoria is also the designer of a line of tees and tanks for women who’ve embraced gray hair and want to show off their silver locks.

There’s no doubt about it, glamorous-looking Victoria is a credible source for how to look fabulous in long, wavy gray locks.


curly gray hair rama


Exotic beauty, Rama has spent almost three years patiently letting her hair grow long and gray.  She’s a big fan of vegan hair products to enhance her curls and keep her long locks healthy and shiny. Her best advice for dealing with unruly curls: DON’T comb your hair!

Yes, it might be all wild and crazy for a while. But see where the curls go when they are uncombed for a few days! The wild grays will likely get under control and start behaving like normal hair.


curly gray hair lu


Lu’s sure knows how to work those gorgeous gray curls.  Her short, curly hairstyle is sleek and polished, giving her a chic, modern look. Not only does this perky style suit her pretty face, but it gives off a youthful vibe without looking too cutesy or girly.

I love the two-tone shades of silver, which add character and depth to her Lu’s lovely hair!


curly gray hair maritza

Martiza says she likes to count her blessings, and one of those surely has to be her stunning curly, salt and pepper hair!  Her chic, curly bob is super sophisticated and makes her look fresh and professional. Isn’t it great how she has color-coordinated her outfit to match her hair? And that swipe of red lipstick makes her hair come alive. Fresh and youthful!

curly gray hair leslie


Going gray takes time and is a lot of hard work.  Leslie is proudly documenting her hair transition on her Instagram to help other women who are also trying to embrace their grays! Leslie’s last dye was June  2019, so she’s coming up on a year and still has these cute black tips.

One thing that’s really helping? – Strangers who come up to her to share kind words about her hair – She says it makes going through an often uncomfortable process a little bit more enjoyable. I’m rooting for you, Leslie. Go, Girl! You look great!

For curly hair tips for gray hair (and curly hair of every color over 40), be sure to check out this post. I hope these Silver Foxes have inspired you to embrace your curls and celebrate your gorgeous gray!

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5 thoughts on “15 Women Who’ve Embraced Their Curly Gray Hair and Love it!

  1. I did semi-permanent colors for about a year and a half. Then let Mother Nature take its course. I also let my curls have their way. And I receive compliments all the time. So when I see a fellow embracer. I, too, feel the need to compliment!

  2. I love all the pics and stories. Great inspiration!!
    I am sad that this natural process needs encouragement, but I still need it.

  3. I, too, have learned to embrace my beautiful wavy silver tinsel. No more anti-age for me. It’s all about pro-age. I never received more compliments than now. When I pass by a silver-haired beauty, I give them the “ thumbs up” La Bella Vita !!!

    1. I 100% agree. I love my silver hair; I call it the silver Fox look! It’s much better than trying to be something I’m not

  4. I am very appreciated. I have also decided to embrace my curls and gray hair, inspired by these beautiful ladies. It has restored my faith in my aging process. Thank you.

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