Styling a Pretty Pink Sweater Blazer

A beautiful blazer is a great way to uplevel a pair of pants and a sweater. Today I’m sharing one of my new favorites, which is special for a reason.

Pink knitted jacket

This cute pink blazer is not only a beautiful looking piece, but it’s also a comfy one too!

Pink sweater blazer with white pants

That’s because it’s part jacket, part sweater – also known as a sweater blazer. It’s soft, light, and flexible so you can easily move around in it, and don’t have to worry about it wrinkling.

Pink sweater blazer with white pants

A sweater blazer is perfect when you want more of a relaxed look and feel, and it’s handy for traveling.

pink sweater balzer, pink striped top

I’ve paired it with this cute, striped sweater with the scalloped V-neckline and a pair of white waist tie pants, but it would look just as cute with jeans.

pink sweater blazer blue stripe top

Go pink on pink, or wear the navy striped version of this sweater with the pink blazer for a sportier look. Which do you prefer?

pink sweater blazer, white pants, clutch

Want to dress things up? Switch out your white over the shoulder bag for a floral clutch, like this. So long as the colors are in the same family, mixing stripes and florals is a chic look. Finish off the look with the gorgeous silver and clear plastic slides, and you are all set for Mother’s Day, or any other time when you want to looks casually chic.

To shop this look, just click the links above. This jacket also comes in a whole range of colors and prints. I tried it on in Leopard print, and it also looked Fabulous. You can see that photo in my private Facebook group. Not a member yet? Just join here!

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2 thoughts on “Styling a Pretty Pink Sweater Blazer

  1. Is the pink sweater blazer a bright pink? It looks bright in your photos, but looks like a pale pink on the Nordstrom page.