3 Women’s Linen Jackets To Look Effortlessly Chic

A jacket is a powerful third piece that instantly pulls together the plainest of looks. In summer, as temperatures soar, a breathable linen jacket is a natural choice. Here are what to look for in linen jackets for women, and 3 of the newest ones out there guaranteed to make you look effortlessly chic.


1.  Ruched Sleeve Linen Blazer

womens linen jacket -pink with jeans

It’s natural for a linen jacket to wrinkle and is all part of the casual vibe, so why not take it a step further and embrace that with a linen blazer with ruched sleeves?  This smart-looking jacket features an elegant single button front and drawstring sleeves that gather below the elbow. The drawstring trend is popular this summer and a great way to give this linen jacket a sporty, modern look.

Pair this jacket with your favorite tank top and some everyday jeans for a casually chic look.

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2.  Striped Linen Jacket

women's linen jacket - blue striped with white shorts


If drawstrings aren’t your thing, then a good old-fashioned pushing up of the sleeves will give your linen jacket a summery look. This cute striped linen jacket can be worn in so many ways. Try it with a pair of pleated shorts and see how it lends an air of sophistication.

These cute star mules fit right in with this modern outfit, that’s kind of fun and different.

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3.  Collarless Linen Jacket

women's linen jacket - blue with white cropped jeans

For a dressier look, try a collarless linen jacket. This sleek style is more formal and sophisticated. The key to a great linen jacket, collarless or otherwise, is to make sure the jacket is slightly fitted. Boxy linen jackets are not flattering as they come across, looking stiff.

This gorgeous blue linen jacket can be worn with dress pants, but also look great with these trendy cropped wide-leg jeans. If your jacket gets a little to crumpled for your liking, just give it a quick steam. Ironing ruins the look and takes away from the natural, casual vibe.


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