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5 Casual, Luxurious Fall Outfits for Women Over 50

How do you dress casually but still look classy? As we all know, it can be a challenge, especially at midlife when our bodies, have changed and our lifestyles too.  Not to worry. I’ve put together 5 fall outfits that are casual, but also luxurious looking. Check out my tips on how you can get this relaxed upscale look.



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1. Choose Classic Pieces

One of the secrets for dressing well at any age is to ground your wardrobe by investing in quality basics. Look for classic clothing with strong shapes and minimal detail, and then work in some of the latest trends.

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2. Stick to Rich Neutrals

Neutral shades like black, brown, grey, burgundy, and olive are stunning in the fall and have an old world, old money vibe. Combining these colors in different ways makes it easy to create some luxurious, sophisticated outfits to wear casually.

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3. Mix Texture and Print

For an outfit to look laid back but luxurious, it needs dimension. One way to achieve this is by layering a few different textures and mixing some prints.  Luxury is a beautiful cableknit sweater, tweed jacket, plaid pants, a suede bag, or croc print shoes.


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4. Add Some Faux Leather

Leather or faux Leather can be casual and luxurious when you pair it with a chunky knit sweater or silky top. Buy a pair of light, soft, buttery leather pants, or try wearing a thin leather/suede jacket or dress to look chic.


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Mix Texture with Print

5. Choose the Highest Quality Accessories

A quilted leather handbag, fine gold jewelry, elegant suede booties, and classy earrings are the finishing touches that make a casual outfit look upscale. Luxury is in the details.

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