Utility Jacket and Jeans – An Easy Style Recipe!

I’ve been transitioning out of the white jeans and sleeveless tops I wore all summer, but it still feels too early for black jeans and bulky sweaters. So, what am I wearing in between? Today I’m sharing one of my favorite fall style recipes that looks great with a new brand of jeans I’ve just discovered!

mott and bow jeans

If you are looking for a way to dress that is casual but classy, fall-like but not full tilt, this jacket-tee-jeans- bootie combo is it.

cargo jacket tiger tee jeans

It all starts with a great pair of jeans. Recently I’ve been wearing this sleek, cropped pair from Mott & Bow. Mott & Bow are elevated, premium-grade jeans that are as comfy as they are chic, without the $200 designer price tag.

cargo jacket, Mott and bow jeans

These are the Beekman highrise – a stretch dark indigo denim that has been stonewashed to a medium blue. What I like about these jeans is that they fit well and feel soft, and the wash is classic. Plus, they are only $108.

cargo jacket blue jeans, booties

Usually, I like dark wash jeans because they look more elegant. I’ve tried different light washes but never found one that felt classy enough. These are what I’ve been looking for. They’re not overly faded, the wash is even, and the color is perfect, so they look relaxed but not worn out.

The next ingredient in this style recipe is this fab jacket you’ve seen me wear. This olive cargo jacket (similar) style has been around for at least a couple of years because it’s always so popular.

I like that the structured military style gives me a great shape. The epaulets made my shoulders seem wider, and the gathered middle makes my waist look tiny. Plus, that olive color goes with so many other fall colors.

tiger tee, skinny ankle jeans

I’ve paired it up here with this cute tiger print tee. I have a lot of leopard and cheetah tops, but this is my first tiger. That rust color is such a nice change and looks great with my new suede Marc Fisher booties.

rust suede booties

Aren’t these a gorgeous color? They pop against the blue denim.

animal print tee

Here’s a better look at that Tiger Tee. Carol Baskin would love this!

green cargo jacket, tiger tee
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Now for the good news. Mott & Bow is offering Fabulous After 40 readers 10% off a pair of jeans with code Deborah10. 

They have an excellent system where if you are unsure about your size, buy your first pair, and receive a second waist size free. Keep the pair you like and ship the pair that doesn’t fit back free of charge with a premade shipping label. I love that because sometimes, figuring out which will fit better is too stressful.

Check out this link to order Mott & Bow Jeans at 10% off with code Deborah10, and you can also shop the whole look above!

*Thanks to Mott& Bow for sponsoring this post

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    1. Hi Michelle, Banana Republic is the only retailer where I have to put in two sets of links, one for my US and one for my Canadian readers. If you are in the US and click the Canadian link, it will say malformed and vice versa. Try the other link, and it should be American. If there isn’t one, it’s because the item has sold out in the US. I hope that helps.

  1. The jeans look great, but some reviews say that the legs are too slim and way too tight….how would you evaluate this?

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