Wearing White Pants After Labor Day – Is it O.K?

It’s 2020, but many women still ask, Is it okay to wear white pants after Labor Day? 

The short answer is Yes! The old No White Rule that we all used to live by is long dead and gone. White pants can look very stylish this time of year. It’s all about what kind you wear and what you wear them with. Here are 5 style tips for wearing white pants in the Fall.

1. Switch to Warm Tones

There are a million shades of white, and most summer pants are an icy, cool shade. Cool white looks fresh, energetic, and crisp, and gives a high contrast look. You can wear cool white summer pants mixed with fall pieces when it is still hot outside (for example, September in the Northern US), but bright white from top-to-bottom looks too summery for fall.

As the leaves begin to turn and the temperature drops, you’ll want to project a warmer, cozier look. In this case, you are better off to shift to off-white, ivory, or creamy-colored pants. These softer white shades work better, with traditional fall colors like rust, brown, green, plum, providing a lower contrast look

2. Wear Thicker White Pants

More important than the shade of white you wear after Labor Day is the weight and thickness of your white pants. Thin, lightweight white pants, such linen, are too flimsy for sweaters and layering. White denim jeans, white corduroy jeans ( like the ones above), or an off-white, lined pair of dress pants worn with a nice fall top.

3. Pair White Jeans with Fall Colors


White pants after Labor Day - FLoral Tie Top


To pull off white pants after Labor Day, you need a top that transition you from summer into you into fall. You can go with a solid colored top in a bold fall color like burgundy, a multi-colored top in fall shades ( Dark florals like the one above are excellent for this), or you can wear an off white top that has some fall colors in it. Don’t try to match your whites; it won’t work and looks too matchy-matchy.


4. Stay Away from White Shoes

White Pants After Labor Day - Sleeveless Tie Neck


White shoes look great with white pants in summer, but in Fall, lose something, even if it is a warm fall. The only exception might be white lace-up sneakers which are trendy year-round.

To ground your fall look, try a shoe or bootie in a light neutral shade like tan, taupe, or brown. Black can also work if you have some black in your top. Also, an animal print shoe in leopard or snakeskin, works really well.

5. Switch out Your Summer Tee for a Light Sweater

White Jeans and a great tee or pretty blouse are perfect in the summer but as you move into fall switch those out for a lightweight sweater.

6. Accent With Fall Accessories


6. Incorporate Texture into Your Outfit

Textures like tweed, suede, and leather will instantly make an outfit more fall-like. The easiest place to find these are in your footwear and accessories.

For example, if you have a dark floral top, pull out the fall floral colors and add fall colored tweed bag or soft leather jacket.  Suede booties and shoes are popular and  a great way to add texture and weight and make white pants look more appropriate for Autumn. Even just all black and white with white jeans is a classy, timeless look.

Now you know how to wear white pants in Autumn, here’s how to transition a white dress into fall.



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15 thoughts on “Wearing White Pants After Labor Day – Is it O.K?

  1. As Jennell stated I to am taking the step to wear white jeans in Winter. I’m going to pair it with a loose fitting black top and I’m going to wear black clogs that have a little bit of a heel. I’ve always been too timid to take the plunge but tomorrow I’m going to go for it.

  2. Love how u put things together- & even better go the step further to offer where to get the items… It would be perfect – if u had the link to purchase the actual product in the “look.” Thanks! If more women had the benefit of your knowledge, or took time to just read-look at your site there would be less 16/60’s walking around… U should blast it out to all the hs mons who r hanging onto & wearing their daughters styles!!

    1. Hi Tammy, Great to hear from you. The link to buy the clothes are in the post. See the little photos of clothes underneath each collage? Click on those to purchase. Cheers, Deborah

    1. Yes white can look fab and so can cream. I have a pair of cream colored jeans and a light creamy caramel colored sweater I wore yesterday and it looked great for this time of year when the weather is in-between. It had a rich monochromatic look. Cheers, Deborah

  3. Wow, maybe it’s me, but it’s the twenty-first century, and you would think that we would be over these silly, pretentious adages like “No white after Labor Day”. It’s an obnoxious rule that was probably derived by pompous people for pompous people.

    While I still believe that certain occasions and environments call for decorum, all this “wear this, wear that” is driven by silly, artificial rules from another time. If you live in Florida, why on earth would you need to wear grey tweed in October? Silly rules!

  4. Hi Deb, love the website, check it everyday!
    I’m am an Australian and we wear white all year round, no rules too laid back I think! x

  5. I have finally decided to wear my white jeans year round! I also wear open toed sandals year round:) My plan is white jeans with fall colored tops and sweaters and boots.This is a big step for me as I always thought no white after Labor Day:)

  6. I live in Arizona. Temperatures here are still in the low 100’s in September. I work in a resort, and love to see women still enjoying white in these ways: A gauzy white blouse with a colorful long skirt… shawls for a breezy evening on the patio…flowy open blouse over tank tops with any kind of bottom piece. NO white shoes or handbags please! I’ve always thought of white shoes or handbags as “old-lady-ish” anyway. BAH!

    1. HI Bobbi,
      LOL…White shoes are tricky even in summer or hot climates…much nicer to find a pretty pair of bronze, gold or silver (the dull kind, not the shiny)! White purses as long as they are updated can certainly be fabulous but they do get dirty and dingy easily so are a maintenance nuisance and have to be tossed sooner than later.

    1. Hi Lavender Dreams,
      Yes, I visit Florida frequently and have seen the “too casual, too often” as well. Probably because the weather is so nice and warm it is easy to just throw on a pair of capris or shorts and t-shirt and call it a day. No need to do that…a little sun dress and flat sandals will always look more polished and actually can be cooler as well! There are lots of ways to dump the frump and start feeling more energized and pretty when you go out!