Trend Alert: Chunky Cropped Sweaters

Big Chunky Sweaters are have gotten the chop this fall. They’re shorter and more fitted than ever before, and it’s really quite a welcome change! Here’s one I just bought.

chunky sweater | Deborah Boland

I love a chunky oversized sweater that’s long, big, soft, and roomy, but I feel like wearing something a little sportier and fitted some days. When I came across this Pointelle cropped chunky sweater, I felt I was getting the best of both worlds.

chunky cropped sweater

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This cute sweater is chunky and cozy. It’s semi-thick ( but not bulky), with a marled look and beautiful Pointelle stitching.  Since it is slightly cropped, it hits just above the hips for a figure-flattering look.

Chunky cropped beige sweater | Deborah Boland

The rule of thumb is you never want a top to end at the widest part of your body. For me, that’s my hips, so I’m best with a top that ends just below or just above my hips. This sweater ends just above, without being too short.

Of course, with a top like this, you also want to wear a higher-waisted pair of jeans, so you don’t see your tummy hanging out when you move. That’s no problem for me because I always wear high rise. It helps hold everything in after having had three children! ( Lol!)

gold and gray chunky sweater | Deborah Boland

Look at this stitching and the gorgeous colors. You know I’m picky about my colors ( and you should be too). The mix of gray, black, and mustard gold is so unique and perfect for my golden coloring!

chunky cropped short sweater | Deborah Boland

And boy, is this sweater comfy! It’s spun from a blended wool yarn with a touch of cashmere, so it feels soft and luxurious.

sweater chunky cropped | Deborah Boland

It’s also semi-fitted, which makes it feel and look good. The way it nips in is beautiful. Some sweaters are so boxy.  Do you see the chunky gold resin earrings in this photo? A chunky sweater, chunky earrings to keep things balanced… and the mustard gold color works so perfectly with the mustard gold thread in my sweater!

brown purse leopard print flatsHow do you like the accessories? Brown is so rich worn with these colors, and I think the brown bag with black jeans is very modern. Also, you can’t go wrong with leopard flats, which are so trendy right now!

taupe chunky cropped sweater | Deborah Boland

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I live a casual, low-key lifestyle. I’m at home most of the time, running out to the grocery store or appointments. My hubby, Dr. D, and I like to go out to restaurants, the theatre, and movies, so this is the kind of upscale, everyday look I like.

Maybe it could work for you too? To shop this outfit, click the Shop the Look links above.

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7 thoughts on “Trend Alert: Chunky Cropped Sweaters

  1. I have this gray chunky oversize sweater which I’m wearing at this writing. Mine ends at my hips which are small. It’s perfect for a casual Thanksgiving dinner with friends in our cold Colorado weather. Out here it’s all about keeping warm. Love your posts.

  2. Love the sweater, but sadly I carry my weight from my shoulders to my waist. Were you aware you can’t get to the site to shop?

  3. Hi Deborah,
    Your lovely gray, brown, black chunky sweater looks wonderful on you. I have a similar gray sweater in my closet from years ago. It was a great find in a thrift shop. Very warm, falls slightly at my hips. I bring it out every winter. Still looks good. Glad to see some 70 styles coming back.

  4. I love the cropped sweater. Could do with little, bitty, slim, bootcut jeans. Mine are high-waisted, Democracy petite. In the winter this is a favorite look to do – long jeans with higher boots or heels with a great top. On petites it stretches your leg, ha!

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