5 Non-Creepy Ways To Wear The Snake Print Trend

The snake print trend has slithered onto the fashion scene this fall. How do you feel about it?

If you hate snakes, you might not be too keen on this edgy animal print look, but there are lots of ways to wear snakeskin without looking like a python ready to strike! Here are five stylish, non-creepy ways to wear the snakeskin print trend.

Snakeskin Print Cardigan

1. Keep Your Look Classic

One of the easiest ways to make snakeskin look chic, not slimy, is to keep your look tailored and classic. For example, a conservative cardigan with clean lines and no fuss, done in a python print looks classy, but also cool. Wear it with a crisp white shirt or blouse ( another classic) and a pair of dark wash boot cut jeans.

Dark wash is key here because it makes you look more elegant. Top off your outfit with a black leather signature tote and sleek black leather booties. These matching dark accessories also keep the look more low key, so that just the sweater stands out.

Snakeskin Print - Booties

2. Wear a Snakeprint Bootie or Accessory

A smidgeon of snake print is all you need to look on-trend, so whether that means some snakeskin piping on your handbag or wearing these sophisticated snakeskin booties, you make your point. This is personally one of my favorite ways to go with this trend.

A snakeskin bootie, like this, is considered a neutral and will work with lots of things. I love this bootie with the elasticized black stretch panel because it makes the boots easy to pull on, and it adds loads of great style. Wear this bootie with white jeans, blue jeans, gray jeans, black jeans, burgundy jeans, or even a cute solid colored dress. These are fabulous boots!


Snake Print - Skirt

3. Try Snakeskin in Modern Colors

Color is powerful and affects both the person seeing it, as well as the person wearing it. If you want to tone down the aggressiveness of snake print, then there are lots of pieces out there in some interesting colors. This pretty satin skirt is a great example. Brown, pink, cream, and lime green are a beautiful, modern color combination that comes across as more friendly than your typical black, gray, and brown mix.

Pair this top with a cream turtleneck,  see-through mules, and fine hoop earrings to lighten the look further. A warm brown bucket bag tops off this chic fall outfit.

Snake Print - Peplum Top

3. Search for Pretty Snakeskin Pieces

One reason you may shy away from snake print is that it can be quite masculine, but this fall, you will find many snakeskin print tops that are feminine and pretty. For example, this lovely wrap top in an emerald green color is delicate but powerful at the same time. The sweet ruffled sleeves add feminine charm and make this top very easy to wear.

I love the all-black with the peplum wrap top. Black is like a beautiful canvas that makes the top look very sophisticated. I can see myself in this one. Can you see yourself in it too?

Snakeskin Print - Midi Dress

5. Avoid Body Hugging Snakeskin Dresses

If you are wearing a body-hugging snakeskin dress, you need to think carefully about what you are communicating, and if that dress is also short or low cut, watch out. You are likely sending the wrong message!  Snake print is by its nature dark and sexy, so if you don’t want to look too threatening, especially by day, then consider the style of your snakeskin print dress.

This sophisticated shirtdress is a good example of how snake print can be worn during the day and look beautiful. Team it up with sleek black suede boots and a sporty black bag, and you’ll find that this snake print dress strikes just the right note between professional and poisonous. ( LOL!)

To see more snake print looks, check out my other snakeskin post.

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3 thoughts on “5 Non-Creepy Ways To Wear The Snake Print Trend

  1. I have classic button-front silk blouse in a subdued taupe/gray snakeskin print. It was in the donation bag, But maybe I’ll hang on to it for the fall. You’ve given me some ideas on how to style it for my more casual workplace.

  2. I enjoyed this post and ordered the sweater. Currently, I have a great pair of snakeskin pumps and a cool duster thing; the sweater I can wear to the office. Thanks for the looks

  3. While leopard or cheetah print seems to never go out of style, snakeskin does so I don’t want to spend a lot of money. However, I want to get in on this trend while it lasts so I did so by buying a non-expensive top from Target. It’s a snakeskin print tee with flutter sleeves with undertones of blush. Great post Deborah.

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