How Chico’s Girlfriend Jeans are Like a Best Friend!

It’s National Girlfriend Day, and I’m celebrating by partnering with Chico’s to bring you their fabulous girlfriend denim! Helping me out is my best friend, Judy, who I have known since I was 15-years-old! That’s a lot of years of friendship, and I truly cherish our special bond!

When you think about it, it’s funny how a great pair of jeans is just like your best friend!

Great Jeans Make You feel Comfy and Relaxed

When I’m with Judy, I feel calm and peaceful. We don’t have to do anything special to be happy or entertained. Everything is natural, and something as simple as sharing a cup of tea makes for a wonderful, cozy afternoon.

It’s the same with Chico’s girlfriend jeans. As soon as I slip them on, they make me feel relaxed and comfy. That’s because they are made with So Slimming®, LYCRA® dualFX® technology, so they have more stretch than ever. I can move in them, put my feet up, and breathe easy. I just throw on a tee, and I’m ready for a great day.

Great Jeans Won’t Let You Down 

Judy is always there for me, and that’s a beautiful feeling. Whether I’m spilling my secrets or spilling my glass of wine (lol!), Judy is there to the rescue. She is my rock, and I can count on her, the same way I can count on a great pair of jeans.

Chico’s Girfriend Jeans are like that too. They lay the groundwork for great style because of their classic, clean-cut fit and take me wherever I want to go. From a casual day down by the water to a dressy evening out, I can rely on these sleek, ankle-length jeans to always make me look and feel fabulous!

Plus, my Girlfriend Jeans are powered by Stain-Repel, Bright-White™ technology, which means they stay white for up to 20 washes and repel water-based stains! Now, that’s handy!

Great Jeans Always Come with a Good Time

Whether we’re giggling about our favorite memories or making new ones, Judy and always have fun! I love that we have a shared history, and we can look back over the years and reminisce about all the crazy times we had (especially at the cottage), and reflect on how far we’ve come.

A great pair of jeans like Chico’s Girlfriend jeans are also all about fun times. Whether you are skipping rocks at the beach or having a girl’s night out, these jeans are ideal for play. They don’t bag or sag, and are made of a slightly stretchy fabric powered by exclusive So Slimming® Hidden Fit technology. They slim and smooth your tummy, so you can go out and have a ball and not worry about having to suck in your tummy all night! Lol!


Here are my new favorite pair of Chico’s girlfriend jeans. I love white jeans. They’re so fresh and classy!

I think they look great with this animal print, linen tunic shirt! Chico’s makes it easy to put an outfit together because they sell gorgeous jewelry too, like this brushed gold pendant and earrings.


They even have a great selection of hats, which helps to create a complete outfit around these fabulous summer jeans. I really like that these white jeans are thick enough that you can’t see through, but they also don’t feel heavy.

Judy is a regular Chico’s customer, and she owns a few pairs of their jeans, but today she picked out these cute embroidered Girlfriend jeans with the cuff hem!

She styled her Girfriend Jeans with a beautiful embroidered linen jacket, a taupe, a reversible stretch tank, and this very pretty summer scarf.

It’s a lovely layered look, and it would be especially great for traveling. I love the cool sunglasses too!

Forty- four years of friendship! Judy is like a sister to me! We lift each other up and help each other be all that we can be.

Be sure to check out these fabulous Chico’s Girlfriend Jeans. They come in dozens of colors and styles, and they really do make your life so much better, just like your best friend does!

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Happy National Girlfriend Day! The shopping links are above.

Thanks to Chico’s for sponsoring this post.

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2 thoughts on “How Chico’s Girlfriend Jeans are Like a Best Friend!

  1. I love your friend, Judy! She looks fun and she looks like me! You should do more posts with her styling with you. Most of us are not as stream-lined as you are (hello, Apple body type)! But seeing you both look cute and sassy gives me hope! Yay for friendship!

    1. Hi Barbara,
      Great to hear from you! Judy is a lot of fun. I have known her since I was 15, and I’d love to have her back on the blog! Both of our outfits are from Chico’s. They carry fabulous clothes for women of all sizes, and Judy and I love to shop there!
      I know you would find lots of outfits at Chico’s that would look great on you (Ms. Apple Shape)! Cheers, Deborah

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