What to Wear With Mustard Yellow Shoes

Have you ever owned a pair of mustard yellow shoes?  I’ve looked at them, I’ve admired them, but I’ve never been brave enough to try a pair, up until now.  This fall, I’m putting my best foot forward in a pair of hot and spicy mustard suede flats.

yellow suede flats with rust sweater, black cropped knit pants


Bright, aren’t they?  But they’re super modern, too! It all started when I bought a few things at Nordstrom and couldn’t resist trying these on the mustard yellow shoes, just for fun.

At first, it felt pretty weird to wear such a “Hello, I’m here!”  vibrant color on my feet, but the more I wore them, the more I liked how these shoes made my outfit pop. It seemed dull to give in to plain old black shoes. These cute loafers definitely “cut the mustard,” and so now, they’re mine!

Smythe jacket green bag

When you buy a bright-colored shoe, what do you wear with it? Luckily, I found lots that would work at Nordstrom, like these fabulous cropped knit pants.

I am so happy I bought these. They are soft and stretchy (I went down a size since there was so much stretch), and they’re super comfy. The cropped hem makes them look chic. I’m going to live in these, for sure! You can also wear them with a top that you tuck in because they have these cute zippers in the pockets which are a cool detail.

plaid burlap blazer

Did I mention how comfy my shoes are too? My flats are from Halogen- a very affordable and stylish Nordstrom brand that I have always found to be nice and roomy (but true to size). I would have no problem wearing these anywhere. My feet love them!

mustard loafers

Do you see the square toe? That’s part of what makes these mustard yellow flat shoes so comfortable and so fashion-forward. I love the clean, polished look of these loafers, which also come in plaid, red suede, and black suede.

plaid linen jacket, black pants

As for the rest of my outfit, I picked up this gorgeous, rust cashmere sweater, which seems to go perfectly.

Jenny Bird Necklace and Earrings

My jewelry is from Jenny Bird, a Canadian designer. She calls the gals who buy her jewelry her Birdgirls – Isn’t that cute? I love her simple, bold, modern style.

Smythe plaid jacket

And then, of course, there’s my jacket and bag. The jacket is by Smythe; also, a Canadian brand that has gotten famous since Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, and Megan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, have worn their designs. Their jackets are the best! They fit like a glove.

My fabulous tote bag in Asparagus green is leather with a suede fabric block. It also comes in brown.

Smythe plaid jacket with cropped pants


So there’s what I’m wearing with my mustard yellow flats! It’s a beautiful combination of fall colors that looks modern and rich. I’m really pleased with this outfit, and I know I will get a lot of wear out of it because it’s so versatile.

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  1. Hi, Veronica., Last week, I bought some spinach meal prep for work at a local Walmart. I was browsing the aisle, talking to my best friend. I saw these shoes on sale for three dollars in orange, red, yellow, and black. The yellow is the only one I had in my size, which is 9 1/2. I bought a yellow one. I am so glad I did. It is super cute. It is—Mustard yellow color. I can wear all black. I wear all white. I can wear all gray. I can deal with black, white, and yellow. The possibility is endless. I love the color yellow. It makes you happy Try wearing yellow, being in an angry mood. It instantly makes you happy. I love the color yellow. I have a yellow purse, yellow lunch bags, and yellow earrings. Yellow dress and pantsuit. Yellow is one of my favorite colors. Your article was an inspiration to me. I can wear my black capris—a rust shirt and blazer with my new mustard shoes. My shoes are time and Tru memory foam. M .have a rubber and point ballet. These shoes are so cute and look expensive.

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