5 Way to Look Modern in a Floral Dress over 40

If you shy away from floral dresses because you think they will make you look dated and matronly, it’s not true! There are many gorgeous spring floral dresses that are modern and youthful and perfect for so many events like Easter, Mother’s Day, and Graduation.

Today, I’m styling one such dress. This fresh floral find is 25% off!

talbots white and blue shirtdress

Finding the perfect floral dress involves many elements, and it’s the unique combination of these elements that will make you look modern or frumpy. Today, I’m discussing five important things to consider: style, color, print, fit, and accessories.

Style: Choosing the best floral dress style at any age is mainly about finding one that suits your particular body type. However, some silhouettes are a little more sporty than others, and sporty always reads youthful and modern. For example, a shirtdress.

This cute floral shirt dress is simple, relaxed, and timeless. It’s a great style to wear whether you’re 20 or 70.  The cute puff sleeves give it a modern twist.

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Color: While it’s true that modern color combinations like pink and red ( which is very trendy right now) can make a floral print look modern, it doesn’t mean you can’t wear classic mixes like blue and white.  A blue and palette like this one is crisp and classy anytime.

Prints: Large, bold floral prints, painterly florals, or abstract floral prints are considered part of modern style. But again, that doesn’t rule out wearing classic prints if other elements are present.

For example, this gorgeous floral print is small, classic, and old-world. It might look more old-fashioned on a long, flouncy, ruffled dress, but it seems up to date as a print on a short, sporty shirtdress.


Fit: The right fit is always important, especially if you want to look modern and youthful in a floral dress. Large or bold floral prints can overwhelm your body when the fit is off.

If your dress is long and sloppy, you’ll look dowdy. Or if your dress is too tight and short, floral prints can look childish. Any dress, especially a floral dress, needs to have a perfect fit.


floral shirtdress | pink denim jacket | silver sandals | sunglasses |white bag


Accessories: The little touches you add to your floral dress can also make or break your look. Dated accessories can make the most modern floral dress look frumpy, so keep things fresh.

I’ve added this cute bright pink denim jacket to my shirtdress to give it a punch of modern color and style. Yes, I could have worn a blue or white denim jacket and that would have be fine, but they’re just not as fashion-forward at the moment.


As for accessories, the latest spring shoe is a silver metallic slide. Silver is very trendy at the moment. It’s also a little glam, which is great for balancing out the more classic print and color scheme. I’ve added some sporty sunglasses to enhance this outfit’s active, youthful vibe.

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Are You Ready to Bloom?

So you see, wearing any floral dress after 40, 50, or 60 is a balancing act. Play with style, color, print, fit, and accessories to look modern in a floral dress.

There’s no need to shy away from florals. Your wardrobe will be like an empty, boring garden without them!

Now bloom!


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  1. I have a floral skirt, ankle length, which I bought last year. It has a black background with splashes of roses, and I thought I’d wear it with a plain black t-shirt and black sandals or booties … not sure about it yet. I would love to read what you say about long skirts, how to wear them, etc … Thank you!

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