Cute Sweathirts that Don’t Look Frumpy

Hi Ladies! Today, I’m talking about sweatshirts, which were once considered a frumpy kind of thing to wear. Boy, how that’s changed!

With the rise of athleisure wear and the shift to more casual lifestyles,  sweatshirts have become popular wardrobe basics and are much cuter-looking.

Today, I’m sharing a few of my favorite sweatshirts that are comfy and stylish for every day. Let’s dive in.


1. Animal Print Sweatshirt

Black and brown leopard print sweatshirt

Leopard print sweatshirt | Black Itty Bitty Jeans | Suede Boots | Woven Faux Leather Bag


Gone is that ugly varsity number from your college days or some heavy, oversized monstrosity with a hood. The new sweatshirts are lightweight, fitted, and chic.

For example, this cute Amazon sweatshirt is a fun mix of  2 very different looks – sporty and glam. You’ve got the coziness of a sweatshirt combined with an edgy animal print, making for a modern look.

I like to play up the animal print with a pair of black jeans. It gives this casual outfit a sleek, dressier look than a pair of regular blue jeans,  and that inky black also makes the leopard spots pop!


2. Classic Striped Sweatshirt

Gray sweatshirt with black stripes

striped sweatshirt  | Itty Bitty Bootcut Jeans | Straw tote | Silver sneakers

My favorite type of sweatshirt is one with stripes because I adore a cute and sporty nautical look in summer. This navy and white striped crewneck sweatshirt is a classic that you can wear with jeans, pants, and shorts.

I also love to tie a sweatshirt like this around my neck and wear it with a shirtdress or a cute plain tee.  The layering gives my outfit more depth and color. It’s also super handy when you get chilly. You just pull  it off your shoulders and slip it on top. I always travel in a sweatshirt like this in summer!

I’m also wearing this sweatshirt with Itty Bitty boot jeans, this time in blue. I added some silver sneakers, a fun change from white,  and this summery straw tote. I look like I’m ready to step onto someone’s boat!


3. Zippered Sweatshirt with a Collar

Orange quarter-zip sweatshirt

fleece quarter-zip sweatshirt |  Not Your Daughter’s Jeans | white sneakers

This is another style of sweatshirt I like. It’s got a great face-framing collar, pockets, and that sporty-looking zip neckline. Sometimes, you only need something bright and cheery like this: gorgeous white jeans that look summery and sporty.

You will notice that this sweatshirt and the others I have been sharing are quite fitted. They aren’t tight but follow your shape much more than a traditional sweatshirt. Of course, you could easily go up a size if you wanted a more oversized look.


4. Short, Puff Sleeve Sweatshirt

Black and white striped sweatshirt

short puff sleeve striped sweatshirt | Itty Bitty Boot jeans | silver sneakers

This cute little number is my favorite sweatshirt in a long time. That’s because it has short puffed sleeves. When I saw this at Amazon, I thought, what a great idea! I’m always pushing up my sleeves to get that sporty look, so why not try this? The slight puff at the shoulder also makes it a little more feminine and fashion-forward. I highly recommend this one!

5. Aqua Crewneck Sweatshirt

Pastel Mint Green Sweatshirt

terry fleece sweatshirtwoven tote | white jeans | sandals


If this looks familiar, you are right! It’s the same sweatshirt as the leopard and the first striped one I shared. I love this sweatshirt so much I bought it 3x! All of the sweatshirts I’m sharing today are from Amazon Essentials, Amazon’s house brand of basics. They are good quality for the price and very wearable since they are generally classic with a slight modern twist.

In this case, I fell in love with the aqua color, which is even more beautiful in person. I’m a gal who loves color, and the soft aqua with the white jeans in summer makes me feel like I’m on vacation where the sand is white, and the water is that gorgeous tropical blue. I find this a very calming color combination.

Again, all these sweatshirts I’m sharing are lightweight, warm, soft, and slightly fitted. I’m small, and these are all small, so they fit true to size.


6. Striped Hoodie

Navy and white striped hooded sweatshirt

striped pullover hoodie | Itty Bitty Boot Jeans | Silver sneakers

O. K.  There I go again with those stripes. Yes, I love stripes in summer, but I also picked up this sweatshirt because it has a hood. I don’t ever wear the hood, but it sure does look cute.  This darling hooded sweatshirt comes in many other colors if you don’t want any more stripes.

It’s a practical, relaxed thing to wear in summer on the weekends or especially when traveling. Wouldn’t this be great on a cruise?

More Sweatshirts

So that’s it. There are so many other types of sweatshirts you can find at different points in the summer. I really like this floral sweatshirt I got last season, and it’s always fun to wear a graphic sweatshirt with a playful message.  There really is a sweatshirt for everyone these days!

How to Find the right sweatshirt for you. Keep these things in mind:

  • Pick a sweatshirt in a classic print or sophisticated shade to avoid looking schlubby.  
  • Choose a sweatshirt that is streamlined through the sides rather than bulky like a traditional sweatshirt.
  • Keep any embellishments on the sweatshirt to a minimum. Just a touch is all you need.
  • Pair a relaxed sweatshirt with something more fitted. Try wearing one of these luxe sweatshirts with skinny jeans or leather leggings for a more casual look, or dress up your sweatshirt with slim-cut pants or a pencil skirt.
  • Don’t tuck in your sweatshirt, even if it is more streamlined. It will only make you look bulky across the middle.
  • If you are bottom-heavy, avoid a tight band at the bottom and go for a loose hem. You could even try wearing your relaxed, wide-necked sweatshirt slightly off-kilter, to one side, to take the emphasis off the straight line right across your lower tummy.
  • Counter the casual nature of a sweatshirt with some fab jewelry. A cute necklace, multiple bracelets/watches, or some sporty earrings are the perfect icing on the cake!
  • Choose the proper footwear. Sweatshirts are sporty, so trending sneakers are great.  Ankle booties are the perfect medium between casual and dressy, making them a natural pairing to your sporty-glam sweatshirt! Dressy flats fit the bill, too, or even a low wedge can look nice if heels aren’t your thing.
  • Finish off your outfit with a statement bag!  A great tote works or sporty over-the-shoulder bag looks great.
  • Add a dash of lipstick, and you’re ready to go!

The newest sweatshirts are the perfect mix of comfort and glam. A modern sweatshirt will make you look and feel fab at any age.

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5 thoughts on “Cute Sweathirts that Don’t Look Frumpy

  1. This is a GREAT post. I don’t like looking like a schlep, even when dressed casually. Lots of great choices here. Thank you so much Deborah!

  2. I love the look – I purchased several cute mixed blend fabric sweatshirts from Target or Tajae`!! Being a woman over 40, I am thrilled to receive so many compliments, especially when worn with riding pants and boots! Winner!

  3. I love these sweatshirts! Your website is lovely, just what I was looking for. I am a nurse and wear uniforms daily, so when I have to dress up I don’t know what to wear, and jeans and plain T-shirts are boring. Thanks

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