5 Favorite Amazon Puffer Jackets for Winter

A cozy puffer jacket is the best way to stay warm in winter, but with so many choices, it’s hard to know where to start. If you want something practical and modern with a great fit and price, check out these Amazon Puffy Jackets I have loved lately.


brown puffy amazon jacket

camel puffer jacket| rust turtleneck  ( similar)| faux leather leggings | booties |earrings

Packable Puffer Jacket

This year, I took a deep dive into Amazon and came across some adorable puffer coats that turned out to be real winners. The first is this sporty, chic, cropped puffer coat that has become one of my go-to favorites.  I hate the cold, especially the wind, so naturally, I want something warm but don’t want to feel weighed down. I want to move and turn without feeling or looking like the Michelin Man. The beauty of the Amazon puffer coats I’m sharing is they are all cozy yet thin and lightweight. They’re not bulky and don’t make you feel dragged down.

In fact, this coat comes with a small drawstring bag. The whole jacket easily rolls up into a ball and fits inside this bag. It’s fantastic for travel; pop it in your suitcase and go.

Amazon has quite a few styles of short puffer jackets, but what I love about this one is the fabulous collar. It has this quilted, sporty-looking standup collar, which gives the jacket a very sophisticated edge. It’s actually chic if you can call a puffer jacket chic (lol!). I also adore this acorn color, as I call it. Amazon calls it camel. I’ve never seen a puffer this color before, and I think it’s rich-looking. There are plenty of other colors to choose from, too.


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long red puffer coat from Amazon

Knee Length Puffer | Ivory Sweater | jeans | booties

Diamond Quilted Knee-Length Puffer

On those days when I want to bundle up, I slip on this knee-length puffer for super comfort and warmth. This sporty coat is the longest of my puffers. It has a very relaxed fit but is quite streamlined, so you don’t get a lot of bulk or that sloppy look. In other words, it’s sleek for a puffer coat.

You can get this in several colors, but I’m crazy about this perky red because it’s so fresh and cheery. The diamond quilting is beautiful, and that hood is practical and adds an adventurous look!



burgundy amazon puffy jacket

burgundy puffer jacket | burgundy sweater (similar)| faux leather leggings | burgundy booties | sunglasses | earrings


Hooded Puffer Coat

The second puffer I bought and adore is this long, hooded Amazon puffy jacket. Some days, it is so bitterly cold that I dread going out or getting in my car and sitting on a cold seat while the car warms up. This coat is fantastic because it is long and covers your bum.

Again, it’s very lightweight and easy to move in, but it keeps you nice and toasty. And because it is so thin, you can easily wear it into warmer March weather when it’s just chilly out.

The hood comes in really handy, especially if you are out walking, shoveling the snow, or caught in bad weather and don’t want to wreck your hair!

Check out all the dozens of colors this puffer jacket comes in. It’s so hard to decide!

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white amazon puffy jacket

white sherpa puffer jacket | red sweater | faux leather leggings | booties | sunglasses |earrings

Sherpa Puffer Jacket

The third puffer coat I bought is this darling white one. Here’s what is special. It’s a Sherpa puffer. Sherpa is a faux sheepskin. Do you see the sherpa patches on the front of the coat at the bottom and on the arms? They are subtle because they are white like the jacket, but they give it the most beautiful texture and a very classy, tone-on-tone look.

I’ll be honest; I never thought I’d look good in white in winter. It seemed stark, but I ordered the coat anyway and love it. The white looks so fresh and crisp, with a dark sweater underneath. It also looks great with a beige or cream top under it. It just has a softer vibe.

This snuggly jacket also comes in camel and black, but for me, white is right!

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gold amazon puffy jacket

metallic puffer | jeans | booties

Metallic Puffer Jacket

Finally, I just wanted to throw in this very cool Amazon puffy coat I bought last year. I had always wanted a metallic puffer jacket, so I went for it. I love the rose gold color, which is so different, and the space-age shine.

This is a little puffier but still lightweight, and it’s super fun. I feel hip when I wear it. It’s a bit playful. See more photos of this metallic puffer jacket here.

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So there are my favorite Amazon puffy coats that look fabulous, keep you warm, and are budget-friendly. Check out the prices. You are going to be surprised. It’s nice to have at least a couple of puffer coats to switch around. These are all classic with a modern twist, so you don’t have to worry about them going out of style any time soon!

To shop these coats and my complete winter puffer jacket outfits, just click the links below each coat.  Which is your favorite? Do you own one? Join my private Facebook group and post a photo of yourself to inspire the other members!

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