Countdown to New Year’s Eve – How to Dress in Looks You’ll Love

Another New Year’s Eve coming up soon, and you are probably wondering, what to wear? If there ever was a time to sparkle and shine, now is it. Here are some tips on how to look fabulous, ringing in the New Year.

NYE Black and Silver Dress

1. Wear A Sophisticated Color

As much you love bright colors, brightly colored evening wear like hot pink or lemon yellow can look loud, harsh, and frankly, not chic, especially at New Years’.  Your best choice for a black-tie party (and the most popular color for New Year’s Eve) is, surprise, black! 

Black is a natural choice because it is elegant, understated, and somewhat mysterious. It also has the bonus of being very slimming.  If all black is too draining, try black dresses with silver or gold touches to bring more life.

Midnight blue or chocolate-brown with a bit of sparkle or shine can also be lovely too. Deep, rich jewel tones like Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire are festive yet formal and sophisticated.

Gold sparkle top with bell sleeves

2.  Metallics are Perfect

A glittering gold sweater, a cute sequined silver cocktail dress…nothing looks more perfect when you are popping the cork and pouring the champagne than an outfit that sparkles and shines.

Metallics like this are considered neutrals and look sophisticated on their own or mixed with black or white.

Just look at how this stunning bell sleeve gold sweater dresses up simple leggings or black pants. Don’t stop just there, though. For an occasion as festive as New Year’s Eve, pile on the sparkle and shine with a satin pump and glittery gold clutch.

Sparkly Navy Halter Cocktail Dress

3.   Keep it Clean and Simple

How do you wear a very sparkly dress and not look like a hardened Las Vegas showgirl? The key lies in the cut of your dress. Choose a dress that is uncluttered and has clean lines if you want to look sexy and modern. 

Frilly, fussy, busy, is old. Clean, simple, more tailored is modern. Avoid busy details, complicated patterns, and crazy hemlines and necklines just there for shock value.  Less is always more.

Purple cocktail dress with bell sleeves

4.   Don’t Over Dazzle Them

Another way to tackle New Years’ Eve glitz is to wear a dress with small touches of sequins and sparkle that highlight a particular spot. Beading around the neckline, for example, or, like this dress, with a brooch at the waist.

See how the sparkly brooch draws the eye to the model’s narrow waist? Decide what you want to highlight, then sparkle it up.  Bits of sparkle here and there are easier to wear for most women than sparkle from head to toe.

The same goes for jewelry. Too much bling, and you will look like an overdecorated Christmas tree.

5. Don’t go Crazy on Hair and Make-up

Just because New Year’s is the BIG event of the Year doesn’t mean the message here is to have BIG hair. On the contrary, big, puffy, sprayed hair that doesn’t move is dated. (I know you know that, but another shot of hairspray is so tempting, isn’t it?)

Same for makeup. This is not a costume party. Don’t automatically apply your make-up any heavier than you normally do on any other night out on the town. But, smokey eyeliner and false lashes or a bold red lip will give you that extra party punch you are looking for.

Black Sheer Top Black Skinny Jeans

6.   Look Sexy

If you think the definition of sexy is spaghetti straps, deep necklines, short skirts, and showing off showing as much skin as you can, then think again. Over 40 sexy can be as simple as some lace detail or a long-sleeved sheer blouse with a camisole worn underneath for a more modest peek-a-boo effect.

The key is to focus on just one hot spot and play it up. Great legs? Splurge on a decadent pair of high heels. Beautiful bust? Don’t hide it. Make sure to find a top or dress with a tasteful V neckline, and wear a great plumping bra to make sure you are looking perky! By playing up one feature and keeping everything more classic and conservative, you will look sexy in a grown-up way.

New Year’s Eve is one of those rare celebrations when what you choose to wear can really make your end of the year feel like a big “hurrah.”  Go for something special and glam. It’s your time to shine!

As the costume designer, Rosemary Ponzo says, “ Buy the right dress, and the party will come!”

NYE - Black Pants

7. A Little Black Dress Always Works

Sequins, sparkle, and glitter will light up any party and put you in a festive party mood. Something as simple as a black pair of pants and a sparkly top is all you need to look Fabulous at any age.

8. A Splash of Sparkle Rings in New Year’s

It’s new year’s so be sure to go for something that flatters your figure and shows off your shape, even if it’s just a little. This all-out slinky white sequins dress is for the gal who has been working hard all year to look age-amazing and wants to show that off!

For the rest of us, a slim fitting dress in a soft, stretchy fabrics that follows our curves without being tight is alluring and party perfect.

9. The Right Shape is Sexy

When in doubt, an elegant little black dress with some modern embellishment, sexy shoes, and fab evening clutch always works! Ready to break out the champagne?

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