How to Rock an Off the Shoulder Top After 50

Wearing an off-the-shoulder top when you’re younger may feel like no big deal, but what about when you’re older?

How do you rock an off-the-shoulder top at 50 or 60+ to feel confident and look fabulous? I have some great tips for you!

nude strapless bra for women over 50

Start with a Good Strapless Bra

I love the elegant look of an off-the-shoulder top on a mature woman.  It’s a great way to show some skin (which is youthful and alluring) but in a subtle way.

However, the one thing that stops many gals our age from wearing off-the-shoulder tops is that they require a strapless bra.

I don’t know about you, but the older I get, the more I prioritize comfort. For the longest time, finding a comfy strapless bra that fit just right seemed like a hassle and nearly impossible.

I pretty much avoided off-the-shoulder tops until I came across the Wacoal Red Carpet Convertible Strapless Bra. This bestselling bra is great.

It’s snug without digging into my skin, and I don’t have to pull it up and adjust it all the time to make it work. This bra makes wearing a strapless top easy, so I highly recommend it.

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Prepare your Skin

A woman’s shoulders and decolletage are naturally beautiful at any age. But, if your skin seems a little dehydrated and crepey in this area, you’ll feel more confident wearing an off-the-shoulder top if you moisturize.  I’ve found City Beauty Invisicrepe Body Balm to be a good skin plumper. Nature Well Clinical Retinol Advanced Moisture Cream from Amazon also works for me.

Both make great body creams that heal dried-out, estrogen-starved skin. Apply it after you shower, and maybe add a  little Jergens Natural Glow and Firming Self Tanner to get a light glow and feel better in an off-the-shoulder top.

Now, let’s look at some of the newest off-the-shoulder tops for summer as we continue to explore how to wear one with confidence.

Off the Shoulder - Floral

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Wear an Off the Shoulder Tops with Sleeves

An Off-the-shoulder top may seem bold and bare at first, but it is really the perfect blend of ease and elegance. If you want to feel more comfortable and confident, choose an off-the-shoulder top with long sleeves.

The sleeves on this floral off-the-shoulder top counterbalance the bare neckline and make you feel less exposed.

Slip this top on with your favorite jeans, add some pretty jewelry, and you have the look everyone wants: a classy but casual off-the-shoulder top outfit!




Off the Shoulder - Black

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Opt for a Black (or dark) off-the-shoulder top.

Bright, colorful floral off-the-shoulder tops are trending right now, but can seem a bit much if you you are the type who prefers a more low-key, sophisticated look.

In this case, I suggest you wear a black off-the-shoulder top. This is a beautiful off-the-shoulder top for older women who want a more toned-down look.

This smaller floral print top in classic, low-key black and white is modern and chic. I’ve paired it with black accessories and dark-wash jeans for a classic look.


Off the Shoulder - Yellow

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Choose a One Shoulder Off the Shoulder Top

Here’s an interesting way to get the off-the-shoulder look. This beautiful yellow top looks like an off-the-shoulder top, but it is cut on a slight angle, so one side comes up slightly over your shoulder. This is a sleek, sophisticated way to wear an off-the-shoulder top, and the extra coverage can keep you feeling less exposed.


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Try a Shoulder Top with Straps

I talked about getting a comfy, strapless bra earlier, and although that is important, sometimes more is needed. If you are a big-busted gal or are always fiddling with your bra or the elastic on your strapless top, consider an off-the-shoulder top with straps. This airy white top has tiny straps to increase your comfort and add a delicate look to the design.

Off-the-shoulder tops with tiny spaghetti straps that tie at the neck like a halter are also good for this. This plus size off the shoulder top is a great example of that.

An off-the-shoulder top with thick straps is harder to come by, and if they are really wide, your off-the-shoulder top could actually be more of a cold shoulder top, which is another good option to consider.

More Off the Shoulder Tops


Where would you wear an off-the-shoulder top?

You wouldn’t wear an off-the-shoulder top to work ( too casual, alluring ) or any place with heavy air conditioning ( you’d freeze). But all these tops would look great if you were going somewhere special on the weekend, having a meal at an outdoor café, or going on vacation. These are just a few ideas.

Are you feeling more confident about wearing an off-the-shoulder top? Would you wear one at 50 or 60+? Let me know your ideas for how to style an off-the-shoulder top!

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7 thoughts on “How to Rock an Off the Shoulder Top After 50

  1. Hi Deborah
    I need to go to a late afternoon wedding in August (not particularly formal) and was planning to wear a pair of white crepe pants and a navy cold shoulder lace top with pearls. I’m 59 – so I’m wondering 1) is the cold shoulder (not off-the-shoulder) still in style, and 2) am I just too old for it? I’m 5’11” and 175 pounds. This is an important day, so I want to look my best.
    Thanks so much!!!

    1. Hi Lee, Cold shoulder is fine, and yes, this sounds lovely. You are not too old. Crepe, Lace, and pearls display perfect for an informal August wedding – Romantic and summery.
      Cheers, Deborah

  2. When I first saw this style in In Style magazine, I didn’t think I would go there. But you’ve done it again, Deborah! Your choice of off-the-shoulder tops shows how this look can be classy for us 40+fashionistas. I’ll wear one of these on my next visit to Las Vegas.

  3. Hi Deborah, I love your blog, and this is the first time I have commented.
    I live in Australia, so this trend won’t hit here until later this year, although some of the Winter sweaters we see already are off-the-shoulder. I have broad shoulders, and do I mean general? (Ah, dear….genetics!). Is there a way of wearing this trend or adapting it not to make them look even wider or accentuate them? Or should I forget about it?

    Kind regards, Monica

    1. Hi Monica,
      I love hearing from my Australian readers!
      Great question, Monica! Yes, you can wear an off-the-shoulder but must balance things out. Wear your off-the-shoulder top with a fuller skirt or wide palazzo pants to do this. This will give the illusion of a fuller hip, creating that perfect hourglass shape. Can you visualize how fab you will look? I hope that helps! Cheers, Deborah

      1. Thank you so much for your advice, Deborah. I will try your suggestions and look forward to experimenting with this trend.
        Kind regards, Monica

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