Best Denim Jackets in Style for Spring

A denim jacket is a handy thing to own, but it is easy to fall into the rut of buying the same style over and over. This can make you appear dated and dull.   Now is an excellent time to update your denim jacket (or add to your collection) with one of the many new styles of denim jackets popping up. Here are a few of the best denim jackets for every personality.


Ruffled Denim Jacket

Ruffled Tops and Blouses are everywhere this spring, so why not denim jackets? This pink denim jacket has a feminine twist, not just because it is pink. Take a look at the ruffle collar. It’s enough even to make non-jean jacket lovers do a double-take.

I love how this tiny ruffle adds a subtle softness to a regular old jean jacket. And if this is too pretty for you, this jacket comes in traditional blue denim.

A light, sporty jacket like this is great to have on hand in the spring and summer. Throw on a pretty top and a pair of jeans.

The key is in the styling, so don’t forget to roll up the sleeves and slip on a few bracelets. This would look great with an airy summer sundress too.

Puffed Sleeve Denim Jacket

Now, this is different! You know, boulder shoulders are a big thing this spring, which is why puffed shoulder tops and now jackets are popping up. I like this one. That broad shoulder helps correct aging posture and is not too puffy at the shoulder but has attitude. I also like the fitted waist and cropped style that plays up the core.

This is super cute with white jeans and this striped top.



Safari Denim Jacket

I LOVE this darling denim jacket with the fresh  Out of Africa vibe. This sleek safari jacket is cool and classy and looks fab with khaki jeans and this lace-up chambray top.

It’s a nice change from the traditional cropped denim jacket if you want something more elegant. Wear it with textured mules and this fabulous bag for a casually chic summer look. It comes in blue denim, too, and looks great as well.


Denim Shacket

I wrote about shackets in my spring trends report, and I got a lot of comments back that you love them! I can see why. They’re an easy-going style – a cross between a jacket and a shirt, so they’re nice to slip on without getting all fussy.

This one is simple, and that’s what I like about it. It doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles., which makes it more feminine and elegant.

Colored Denim Jacket

If you like a classic cropped denim jacket but are bored with blue, go for a colored jacket. Like a blazing summer sunset, this fiery red jacket is a beautiful color to make your outfit pop.

Pair it with skinny jeans (white is fresh for summer) and a dark floral blouse to play up the red. Add some canvas flats, a great leather bag, and some pretty earrings, and rock that darling denim jacket look.

Do you wear denim jackets- classic or with a twist? Please share a photo in my Fabulous after 40 Dressing Room Private Facebook group.

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  1. Absolutely love the new denim jackets. So glad you have featured the new styles. So darn cute!

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