How to Style a Colorful Denim Jacket

One of the easiest ways to create a cute spring outfit that look sporty and modern, is to start with a colored denim jacket. A stylish, colorful denim jacket is the perfect thing to throw on with jeans and a top to look casually chic.

pink denim jacket for spring, taupe cropped pants

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What Color of Denim Jacket is Best?

Many women swear by the classic dark or light blue denim jacket. White is extremely popular, and black too. And while all they certainly have their place, I like something a little livelier in summer.


For example, a yellow, mint green, olive green, orange, lavender, pink, or maybe even a red denim jacket.

pink jean jacket, wide cropped pants

Which Color of Denim Jacket is in Style in 2024?

All these colors look great, and you don’t have to worry about them being too loud because there are ways to style them that won’t make it look like you belong in a kindergarten classroom. (We’ll get to that.)

But, if you are asking me which color of denim jacket is in style for 2024, I’d say bright pink, like this cute hot pink jacket from Talbots.  This is likely because of the Barbicore trend, which has been so popular.

Also, pink always looks so fresh and summery with white. Whatever the case, Pink is my pick this summer, and I’m sticking to it!


Pink denim jacket | Spanx Twill Cropped Wide Leg | tee | shoes (similar) | cream bag

What to Wear with a Colored Denim Jacket

You can wear a colored denim jacket with a casual dress or skirt but most women like to wear them with casual pants or jeans.

These can be straight leg, wide leg, or flares, all of which are very popular now,  or wear some good old bootcut, boyfriend, or skinny jeans. It’s a personal choice because a denim jacket works with them all.

If you want to wear a colored denim jacket with wide-leg jeans, especially wide-leg cropped jeans, then go for it. I’m wearing the Spanx Twill Cropped Wide Leg pants. A denim jacket with these is a fantastic choice since it adds structure visually, broadening the shoulders and balancing out wide bottoms to give you more of a waist.


How to Style a Colored Denim Jacket

Colored Denim jackets look modern and classy styled with neutrals. Why?  A neutral like white, navy, black, beige, or taupe turns down the brightness a notch and makes your outfit look mature, modern and sophisticated.

Let’s say you are styling a colored denim jacket with pants. You can go a couple of different ways. You can:

  • Wear a neutral pants and a neutral top. For example, my bone-colored Spanx twill pants, worn with a white and bone colored striped tee, paired with this vivid pink denim jacket.

pink jacket striped top

Another Modern Way to Wear a Colorful Denim Jacket

  • Wear neutral pants with a top in the same or a complementary color as your denim jacket. For example, white jeans with a pink and orange striped top with a pink jacket.

If you try to match your colorful denim jacket to the color of your pants: ie: pink pants/ pink jacket,  you will look matchy-matchy,  which is an old-boomer look. You are better to break up the jacket and pants with a different color.

pink denim jacket and taupe pants

More Styling Tips

Little touches make the difference. Remember to:

  • Turn or roll up the sleeves to show some forearm and look youthful
  • Pop the collar to elongate your neck and body and frame your face
  • Slip on a pair of sunglasses to look extra cool in a colorful denim jacket

pink jean jacket with cropped spanx pants

What Color Shoes to Wear with a Colorful Denim Jacket?

Some ask: Should you match your shoes to your denim jacket, neutral pants, or neither?

I always get a ton of questions about this, so I’m going to make it simple. You can wear whatever you want. But if you want to appear taller, wear your shoes in the same color as your pants or a nude shade. Let all the attention be on your top half and that bright jacket.

A metallic shoe has a similar leg-lengthening effect. A shoe that matches the color of your jacket will break up the length of your leg, and you will look shorter.

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And that’s it! Your guide to wearing a colorful denim jacket this spring and summer.

More Colorful Denim Jackets Here!


Don’t get rid of that favorite blue or white denim jacket, but don’t be afraid to branch out by adding a cheery color.

Color is energy; if you want to look vibrant and youthful, a cute, colorful denim jacket is one way to do it and look Age-amazing!


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2 thoughts on “How to Style a Colorful Denim Jacket

  1. Love this post! I have some follow up questions:
    1. Are raw edge denim jackets still trending or should I pursue hemmed for a new jacket purchase?
    2. Are denim jackets changing style/shape in 2024? I’d heard traditional trucker was going out in favor of oversized. I’m not a fan of loose/oversized/ dropped shoulders with heavy pockets or epaulettes. What shape should I pursue as a short waisted pear with a defined waist?

    1. Hi Nancy! Thanks for dropping by. Yes, raw-edge denim jackets are still trending along with clean edges. It’s more personal preference and how dressy you want to look. The raw edge is more casual/natural, while the clean edge is more classic/polished. As for style, I know what you mean about those oversized trucker jackets. I prefer a more fitted look. If you are a pear, I would advise against them because they end below your hips, and they are wide and bulky, so they will make you look bottom-heavy. Jackets for a pear-shaped body should add volume to the bust and shoulder areas while avoiding the hip area altogether or skimming over it. In other words, a shorter denim jacket that ends at the waist or slightly below is better. Shacket-style denim jackets are also trending. You could do a shacket style if it is cropped or wear a longer one, but only if it has a strong ( wider) shoulder to balance your hips. Does all this make sense? You are trying to highlight your upper half and downplay your bottom half. I hope this helps! Cheers, Deb

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