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One of the most important things you can do to keep your skin youthful and fresh as you age is always thoroughly remove your makeup before bed.  I have been doing this religiously since I was 14 years old, and I still prioritize it no matter how tired I am!

woman cleaning her face

Over the years, I’ve used many face washes because I like to experiment, and it’s good to change things up. Switching cleansers like you occasionally switch shampoos keeps your skin active and responding.

I also find that some cleaners are better for different times of the year. For instance,  in winter versus summer, your skin may be drier or have extra challenges, so that you might benefit more from an oily cleanser.

I’ve been testing several new face washes lately and rotating them as needed. Check out some of my favorites, which are great for mature skin. Everything I’m showing is available in my Amazon shop.


yours. Cloud Factory Facial Cleanser

Yours Cloud Factory Facial Cleanser

Here’s a cleanser I’d never heard about but was instantly attracted to because of the name. Who doesn’t like the idea of washing their face with something called a cloud?

This is a cool cleanser from Switzerland. One pump and you get a foamy white cloud that looks like hair mousse or light, fluffy shaving cream.

This cleanser is airy, thin, and fun to use. It’s a refreshing change from anything else on the market.

Babor Phyto Cleanser with Hy-Ol

Babor Phyto Cleanser with Hy-Ol

When I was 14 years old, I got my first facial. The esthetician was an older German woman who was so intense and exacting about skincare that she reminded me of a scientist. Her go-to skin care brand was Babor, from Europe, and I have been using it on and off for years.

One of my favorite Babor cleansers is their famous Hy-Ol cleanser, a thick, oily serum that feels luxurious and heavy-duty. Squirt one or two pumps of this rich cleanser onto your face, let it warm up, and it will start melting off your makeup. I especially love how it easily removes mascara.

Add a little water water and the balm turns into a creamy wash, giving you a double cleanse!

This is great for days when your skin feels super dehydrated!



Andalou Brightening Creamy Cleanser

Andalou Brightening Creamy Cleanser

My skin is often dehydrated so I often reach for a creamy cleanser  like this one by Andalou. The reason I like it is because it’s fresh and natural.

It’s made from fruity stem cells like Myer Lemon, has a strong citrus smell, and has natural exfoliating powers. It also contains vitamin C to help brighten while you clean. I enjoy using this creamy cleanser in summer.


Juno face wash

Juno & Co. Cleansing 10 Balm 

This popular Amazon cleanser looks and feels similar to light yellow Vaseline. It’s loaded with vitamin E-derived antioxidants that fight inflammation and nourish your skin, and   Japanese pearl barley moisturizes, brightens, and reduces the appearance of dark spots.

Grease your face with it, let it sit for a minute, and then wipe it off with a hot, wet facecloth!

I love the beautiful,  sweet California tangerine citrus scent infused into the formula.  It’s refreshing but doesn’t linger after rinsing.


Bioderma Micellar Water

Bioderma Micellar Water

Do you use Micellar water? It’s a gentle facial cleanser made with purified water that you dab on a cotton ball and wipe your face with. It’s so light, like watery astringent, but there’s no sting or tightness afterward.

If I wear heavy makeup, I often start with this watery cleaner, giving my face a first-round wash down. Then, I follow with something creamier. Micellar water is gentle and especially good for removing every last trace of eye makeup.


THE FACE SHOP Rice Water Cleansing Oil

Rice Water Cleansing Oil

Korean face cleansers are highly regarded, which led me to want to try this Rice Water Cleanser. It looks like water but feels more like water mixed with oil. Massage it into your face, then add water for a smooth double cleanse.

I love how hydrating this is for dehydrated aging skin like mine.


Rotating Makeup Organizer

Rotating Makeup Organizer

I wanted to take a quick break from face washes to share this cool plastic beauty organizer I have on my bathroom counter. It keeps all my cleaners neatly one place, and it spins so it easy to choose what I want to use each night. I’ve got the two tier but it also comes as a three tier too. I love the soft, gold color and the textured trays which remind me of Old Hollywood Glam


Elta MD Foaming Facial Cleanser

Whoa! A little dab will do ya with this cleanser! Dermatologists highly recommend Elta MD, and it is a top seller at Amazon. You only need a tiny pea size because this thick cleanser  foams up like mad when you add a drop or two of water. If you want a satisfying wash from a pH-balanced, oil-free product that is good for sensitive skin, this is it!


Tula Purifying Face Cleanser

Tula Purifying Face Cleanser

Every so often, you hear about a cult favorite and have to try it. So far, I like the Tula Face cleanser and the science behind it. TULA is a brand built on the power of probiotic extracts and superfoods.

The brand believes the same ingredients that are great for your body are also great for your skin. This clear, silky cleanser contains pre- and probiotic extracts and turmeric to leave your skin purified, clarified, and balanced.


Pond's Cold Cream

Pond’s Cold Cream

Your mom, your grandma, and probably her mother used it, too. Ponds Cold Cream has been around since 1846 and is still amazing.

This is my heavy facial cleanser for times when I’ve been wearing a lot of makeup for a special shoot,  and my mascara is several layers thick.

I scoop it out with my fingers, glide it over my face, and then press down on the top of my lids, moving Ponds up and down over my lashes. This heats things up,  the cream gets oily, and the makeup drips off. No wonder it’s still considered one of the best.

Babor Hyaluronic Cleansing Balm

Babor Hyaluronic Cleansing Balm

Earlier, I mentioned I use Babor’s Hy-Lo Cleanser, but that isn’t the only face wash of theirs I love. I’m also a fan of their Hyaluronic Cleansing Balm. This thick balm has an interesting texture that is both oily and gritty to the touch. Textured 3D hyaluronic cushions cleanse, nourish, and melt into the skin, giving you a plumped-up look.


L’Occitane Lavender and Verbena Extra-Gentle Soap

Every once in a blue moon, I feel like using some good old-fashioned soap to cleanse my skin, and when I do, I reach for this bar from L’Occitane.

This extra-rich cleanser feels too good to be soap. It’s very gentle and creamy—more like butter—and since it is infused with lavender, it smells heavenly.

I’ve used many L’Occitane products, and they never disappoint. This one is a favorite.


What’s Your Favorite Cleanser?

Do you like a creamy cleanser, or is a balm more your style? Let me know your cleanser of choice, and which of these you think is worth a try. You’ll find these face washes and more by clicking the link to my Amazon Beauty shop below:

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3 thoughts on “Best Face Washes for Mature Skin at Amazon

  1. I have tried the Tula cleanser, but it has too much fragrance for me. I avoid putting anything with a scent on my face as it causes sensitivity. I have dry skin and live in a very dry climate, so I need moisturizing ingredients. The Sensibio is great. I’d love to try the Rice Water cleanser.
    My all-time favorite go-to cleanser is Paula’s Choice Resist anti-aging cleanser. It removes all my makeup, including mascara, without stinging my eyes and leaves my skin feeling supple. It’s inexpensive and worth the value. It also has the best moisturizer and toner that I have used for over 10 years. Great packaging, too!

    1. Hi Laura,
      Well,Thanks so much for telling me about Paula’s Choice. I have used many of her products, but not that one, and they are excellent. She really knows her stuff. I used to be a lifestyle TV producer back in the 80’/90’s and she was a regular guest on our show. Paula does her research and is all about quality. I’m thrilled she eventually came out with her own line. I will try the cleanser and report back on it on one of my Amazon Lives!

    2. Hi Laura, Thanks for the tip about Paula’s Choice. I have used many but not the cleanser so I will definitely try. Years ago I was a Lifestyle TV producer and Paula was a regular guest on our show. She does her homework and knows her stuff. I’m so pleased she now has her own line – quality all the way. I’m so glad you popped in. Cheers, Deborah

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