Style Recipe – Lug Sole Boots with Animal Print Sweater

If you have been thinking about buying a pair of Lug Sole Boots but you didn’t know what to wear them with, here is an easy style recipe. Try an animal print sweater and some cropped straight-leg jeans for a modern, everyday look.

lug sole boots animal print


Let’s start with my boots as we diver a little deeper since Lug Sole boots come in hundreds of styles and colors. Lug sole boots are hearty, chunky boots with big thick rubber soles. It took a while to get my head around them because I usually go for a lighter, finer boot. But I needed a pair of waterproof winter boots, and I was determined to find a pair that were more in line with my style.


lug sole boots blackAfter much looking around, I settled on these cute, suede lug sole boots from @Blondo. They’re a simple, understated version of the more edgy lug sole boots that you have probably been seeing some women wearing. They’re quite classic, with a zip-up side and a wide ankle buckle, and they’re feminine, too (if a big thick chunky boot can be feminine -LOL!)

lug sole boots leopard sweater

I’m wearing mine with a really great animal-inspired print crew neck sweater from @AmazonFashion. This is from their house brand, Daily Ritual, and it’s one of the softest sweaters I own! ( They bill it as ultrasoft, and it is true). I love the subtle Dot print pattern that makes you look twice since at a distance; you’d swear this sweater was leopard print.

lug sole boots animal print sweater

You can wear this outfit with skinny jeans, but straight-leg jeans are more trendy, and I have come to prefer them. Also, they don’t make the boots look quite as giant and clunky. These are my favorite straight legs. They are a classy dark wash, and they’re cropped above the ankle, ending right at the top of my boot -so perfect!

lug sole boots animal print

Here’s the final look. Comfy, casual, and very practical for your busy over 40 lifestyles. To shop this link, just click the links below.

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4 thoughts on “Style Recipe – Lug Sole Boots with Animal Print Sweater

  1. I need these boots. Are they comfortable with walking? If all goes well, I will be touring Scotland in April. I hear it is rainy during that time.

  2. The boots are great with those jeans. It took me a while to find just the right pair too. Have a great weekend

xo, Deb

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