Are Corduroy Pants in Style & What Do You Wear Them With?

Corduroy pants have always felt like a sister pant to jeans, just not quite as cool. But that’s changing this fall, since the newest styles have made me look twice! If you’ve also noticed a lot more corduroy and wondered if corduroy pants are in fashion in 2023, the answer is yes! Here’s a look at some surprisingly chic corduroy pants and ways to style them.

Corduroy - Caramel

corduroys | blouse | booties | bag | earrings


Bootcut Corduroy Flares

I love pants that give me mile-long legs and a curvy shape, so I’m a big fan of these classic bootcut-style cords from Sanctuary.  They have a flattering high waist and fit slim through the hips, which gently widens at the knee to a perfect flare. Just add heels! Big patch pockets give them a modern-day touch.

Don’t like the stiff feel of corduroy? That was the old days! These cords have plenty of stretch. Mix some black pieces with this gorgeous caramel shade for a sophisticated, high-end look.

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Corduroy Pants - Red

corduroys | sweater | booties | bag | earrings | hat


Straight Leg Cords 

Camel, brown, and black are all beautiful colors for corduroy pants, but if you want something with a little more life, how about these ruby-red cords? This gorgeous fall shade between red and plum looks fabulous paired with a creamy off-white sweater and booties.

Straight-leg cords like this beautiful pair from Jag Jeans are easy to wear and more fashion-forward than last year’s skinnies.  Top off your look with this earthy, green woven bag for a beautiful Autumn outfit.

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Corduroy Pants - Camel

corduroys | sweater | vest | booties | bag | earrings


Wide Leg Corduroy Pants

The 70’s is the inspiration behind these fabulous wide-leg cords that look fabulous paired with some updated pieces. 

I love them worn with lots of texture, including this ribbed mock neck sweater,  elegant vest, and these glam and shiny Croc booties.  Add a chic off-white bag for a classy neutral look.

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Corduroy Pants - Camel

corduroys | sweater | mules | bag | earrings


White Cords

Here’s a great idea if you plan to wear white in the fall. Check out these fabulous white corduroy jeans that look super chic paired with this sporty black and white sweater. Gold sandals mirror the gold buttons earrings, and this cute bag adds a classy casual vibe.

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So what do you think? Are cords the new denim? Comment below and let me know.

More fabulous cords here!
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5 thoughts on “Are Corduroy Pants in Style & What Do You Wear Them With?

  1. I love corduroy because it keeps me warm. I got a pair in the winter of 2007/2008 and have been wearing them ever since.

  2. I loved chords as a teen in the 70s. Unfortunately I would start a fire with the friction generated from my thunder thighs!

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