The Latest Faux Leather Pants For Spring

Faux Leather pants are an easy way to add a sexy edge to your look, but up until now, this has mainly meant black, skinny leggings – not everyone’s cup of tea.

Good news this spring! Faux leather pants have taken on some different shapes, styles, and fresh new colors for a whole new look.

Here’s what’s trending in faux leather pants. Which style is “you”?

Paperbag Waist Faux Leather Pants

Everyone’s favorite style of dress pants has taken a walk down the leather lane. “Faux leather” lane, of course. These chic pants with the statement-making waist tie look pretty darn fabulous with this silky blue animal print blouse. Rolled-up sleeves give it a sporty -“let’s get the job done” look.

These pants, which narrow to just above the ankle, are the perfect length to look a little sexy and show off these elegant black mules. The blue bag and touch of silver jewelry add a feminine touch to what could be a tough look if you styled it otherwise.




White Leather Pants

If I had heard white leather pants were in style before I saw these, I would probably have written this trend off.

Too white, too stark, too tacky, but I like these high-waisted white leather pants. I haven’t seen them in person, but they look good here. I’d be interested in trying a pair. I think the key is to wear them with neutrals. What do you think?

Faux Leather Wide Leg Crop Pants

Wide-leg crop pants and super popular now, so it’s no surprise we are even seeing them in faux leather. I think these I’m featuring are great, especially when you keep things simple and pair them with something classic like this simple striped tee, sandals, and a quality leather bag.

I love the hat! It really adds some attitude!

Faux Leather Jogger Pants

It was only a matter of time before lounge pants turned to leather. These cute black leather jogger pants may be comfy, but they are seriously chic too.

Scrunch up the legs and pull on some booties for a cool girl vibe!

Tan Suede Faux Leather Jeans

You probably read my trends report where I talked about straight leg replacing skinny. Not that skinny is out, but the straight leg is the new loo. These sleek, tan faux leather pants are right on trend in that regard, and they are also a buttery beautiful shade of tan.

What do you think of the new faux leather pants? Ready to give them a try?


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