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Your Guide to Nailing British Style Wherever You Are

Love French fashion, sporty American style, or the way the Italians dress? Welcome to part 2 of my Style Made Easy series where we dissect the elements of international style. Today: England.

Leave it to the Brits to rewrite all the fashion rules: there’s no nation that pulls off fashion “don’ts” quite as well. Call it the land of “more is more” and the birthplace of punk! Wallflowers need not apply.

Fabulous After 40 stylist Morgan Mullin breaks down this world-famous look.


British-style purple faux fur vest

More is more, mate!

British style is the sartorial equivalent of an all-you-can-eat buffet: piles of texture, heaps of prints, and enough embellishment to make your head spin. At its best, it is an irreverent way to have fun with fashion. At its worst, it can spell out “fashion victim” pretty fast.

To fall into the former category,  stick to a maximum of 3 statement pieces per outfit, and make sure they are all unified in some way- be it color, shape, or type of embellishment.  For example, in an all-grey ensemble, you could get away with oversized grey earrings, a grey faux fur vest, and grey studded heels. It’ll make you look as bold as a Brit and stylish, too!

British-style floral shift dress leather jacket

Color Clash

Playing by the rules isn’t something British fashionistas believe in. In fact, if a rule is broken in the right way, it can earn you even more style points. My meaning? Pair colors together that might clash. Layer textures.  The result is totally avant-garde.

Play with prints

Much like there are no rules of what colors go together for the British fashion fiend, there’s also a distinct way of mixing prints that can make you look straight out of London. The secret? Choose two prints that share 1 to 2 colors and then pair them together. Timid types can try polka dots with stripes while those feeling fearless could try florals with abstract prints.

Another aspect of the “more is more” aesthetic British stylists live by is? Playing with volume.  So, instead of reaching for a fitted blazer, try an oversized one on for size. Bored with regular jeans? Try full, palazzo pants instead. The options are endless- just remember that any volume-y pieces do count as one of your 3 statement items (as noted above).



All about accessories

The ultimate British add-on? Notice-me shoes. Why opt for boring black pumps when you can use your feet to showcase your whole personality? To get a truly British look, drop some dough on one-of-a-kind heels and wear them everywhere. Pair them with a simple handbag to avoid looking costumey. As for jewelry, layer like there’s no tomorrow!

There you have it! No matter whether you’ve been to London or ridden on a double-decker bus, you’ll at least look like a Brit with these style tips!

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  1. I love all of these! Since some of my family lives in the UK, it’s no surprise these styles feel just right and familiar.

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