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Midlife Fashion – Taking You Beyond The Comfort Zone

I’m meeting more and more women in their 40s, 50s, and beyond who are stepping out of their comfort zones and embracing newfound confidence. They are freeing themselves from limitations and boundaries, and it’s liberating and exciting!

When British fashion blogger Jane created her blog, she took a giant leap out of her comfort zone. Shy by nature and not one to crave attention, Jane plunged into the unknown world of blogging to share her love of fashion.

Jane’s aptly-named blog, My Midlife Fashion, features all the latest clothes and styles each season. Jane loves creating and showcasing new looks and sharing them with other women over 40.

I had a chance to catch up with Jane and learn a bit more about her and her passion for blogging and fashion. Here’s what makes her a Fabulous After 40 Styleblazer.

Deborah Boland mini

Deb: How do you define midlife fashion?

Jane: I would like to think that midlife fashion is when women find their inner confidence and self-belief.  Starting my blog was far outside my comfort zone, but I’ve indeed found that by embracing turning forty, I’ve become more confident in myself as a person and how I dress.  I also think it’s a time in a woman’s life when their children are starting to get more independent, allowing us more time & often money to devote to ourselves.

Jane-My-Midlife-Fashion-lace skirt

Deb: Besides Olivia Palermo, do you have any other fashion role models?

Jane: I’m always looking at what people wear, whether celebrities in magazines or every day when I’m out and about so that I can incorporate ideas that I’ve seen to create my style and look.  From a celebrity point of view, there are lots of women whose style I admire from Audrey Hepburn, and Coco Chanel to Jenna Lyons & Victoria Beckham – the list could go on & on!

Jane-My-Midlife-Fashion-military jacket

Deb: Do you think there is such a thing as age-appropriate? Why, why not?

Jane: I think that over the years, dressing age appropriately has undoubtedly become less defined.  These days I think there are many factors to consider not just your age but your lifestyle, the shape of the body & most importantly, how the clothes make you feel.  Of course, that doesn’t mean you can wear the same outfit as a teenage girl. But, I think there are lots of styles & shapes that cross the ages & look fantastically worn by all, no matter what your age.

Jane-My-Midlife-Fashion-leather jacket

Deb: What’s your secret to looking edgy, yet classy and youthful?

I think as long as you dress for yourself and wear clothes that make you feel good on the inside and out, then you will feel confident. This confidence will show and radiate from you.  Personally, for me, I like to wear quite plain tailored clothes and add interest with my accessories, whether this is with some statement jewelry, leopard print shoes, or a pop of color with a scarf.

jane-my midlife fashion leather skirt

Deb: What is the biggest mistake you see women over 40 make when it comes to dressing?

Jane: Ooh, this is a difficult question, but I would say on the whole we can all get in the mindset that once we hit forty, we need to stop wearing certain items of clothing – whether this is shortish skirts or distressed jeans but as long as you balance the item with some key classic & chic pieces you don’t need to stop dressing for you!

Jane-My-Midlife-Fashion-faux fur vest

Deb: What is your favorite season of the year to dress for? What pieces do you particularly love wearing during this season?

I love both Spring and Autumn. One of my favorite items of clothing to wear is a blazer/jacket.  I always feel most comfortable when I’m wearing a blazer, whether it’s dressed up with heels and wax effect jeans or down with ballet pumps and distressed jeans.  I don’t think you can go wrong with a jacket. The right fit and style can take you anywhere!

Deb: Thanks, Jane. It’s been lovely getting to know you and learning more about your fab style.

Be sure to check out Jane’s blog,  My Midlife Fashion for more fabulous looks!

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  1. I have followed Jane on the blogging scene since I started blogging myself. Her style is great, and she mixes it up nicely. I recommend anyone reading this to take a look at Janes’s blog
    Laurie x

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