Classy Maxi Beach Dresses that are Vacation Must-Packs!

It’s easy to fall into a style rut, even with vacation clothes.

I’ve been going to Florida during March break for years and recently realized the only kind of dresses I ever packed were cute, short beach dresses (like the Tommy Bahama tropical beach dresses I posted about).

Yes, they’re my favorite things to wear down by the ocean or when having a nice meal by the pool. But, with all the gorgeous maxi beach dresses in stores right now, I thought it was high time to try something different. Here’s a look at two breezy maxi beach dresses that are casual and classy and have given my vacation wardrobe a beautiful, modern lift.

blue maxi beach dress

Seashell Maxi Beach Dress

The first thing I asked myself when shopping for Beach Maxis was why I hadn’t bought one sooner. Yes, I’ve had the odd one over the years, but I do not normally gravitate toward them. That is because so many beach maxis are very boho, and that natural, eclectic look makes me feel like an old hippie. (lol!)

If you think of Frankie and Grace, I’m more Grace! My style is much more on the classic side, and I’m not one for anything too flowy or busy.


seashell beach maxi dressThis is why I instantly fell for this cute navy maxi beach dress. Although relaxed and breezy, the dark navy color gives it a more classic look. I love how the pretty embroidered seashells add a dash of whimsy.

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I also like the feminine sweetheart neckline and the thicker straps that make it easy to wear a bra. Call me lazy, but I avoid dresses requiring strapless bras. Most of the time, I can’t be bothered. (Lol!)

In keeping with the more classict nautical vibe of this maxi beach dress, I accessorized it with my favorite Dean Davidson jewelry. I added a chunky Manhattan Gemstone Pearl Pendant, and layered it with Dean’s Signature Knockout Pendant to look modern. A touch of jewelry is a great way to uplevel a casual vacation outfit and look chic.

beach maxi dress with woven sandals and bag

I also bought some cute sandals from Sam Edelman, which I like wearing with this adorable maxi beach dress. The tiny beads are a perfect match for my pearl necklace.

You can carry a beach straw bag or this faux woven vegan leather one that is a bestseller at Amazon. It looks similar to the real thing but better since it’s light, stretchy, and flexible.

Crochet Maxi Beach Dress

The second Beach maxi dress I took to Florida is this sleek crocket dress I bought last summer at Amazon – The Drop if you can believe it. The Drop is Amazon’s influencer-inspired house brand, which I like to show on my Amazon live streams. It’s always stylish and affordable.

Crochet is artsy and crafty, so it has a boho vibe, but that’s okay with me since the dress has such a sleek, elegant shape!


crochet beach maxi with yellow bag

Now, don’t think this is just a skinny crochet tube. It’s very stretchy, not tight at all, and easy to wear.

I love the side slits that reveal a little bit of leg as you move, and the perky half slip sewn inside gives a slight peek-boo effect to the bottom of the dress. This dress is still available but not in all sizes. However, it has been such a hit that several other brands have created look-alikes this season, and I have linked them below.

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crochet beach maxiWhen I ordered this crochet maxi beach dress, I wasn’t sure if the color was so light that I would look pale, like a ghost.  I don’t tan well, and even with self-tanner, my skin is so fair that I never get that dark. But this dress turned out to be one of my favorites.


white crochet beach maxiThe key is to accessorize it to complement the beachy crochet look. I like to wear it with woven Amazon’s H sandals and this cute yellow straw tote from Target.

Once again, Dean Davidson’s jewelry elevates the look. I love this dainty beaded gold bracelet and these modern square hoop earrings.

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I’m so glad I branched out and bought these cute maxi beach dresses. They’re the perfect resort to wear when you are going on vacation. They’re relaxed, playful, comfy, and classy all at the same time, making packing for a sunny day a lot more exciting!

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