5 Ways to Wear Colorful Stripes Without Looking Like a Circus Clown

Rainbow bright stripes are popular for spring and summer, and the combination of colors is dazzling. How do you wear this cheery style (especially if you are shy about color) without looking like a circus clown?  Here are 5 style tips for wearing colorful stripes.

White Shorts and rainbow stripe dress


1.  Wear Colorful Stripes with Something White

The best way to wear something that has multiple bright stripes is to anchor it with white clothing. White shorts, white pants, or a white skirt make an excellent backdrop for colored stripes and will make your outfit pop!  Strong contrasting hues like coral, turquoise white, and black work together to create an energetic, youthful feel with the top above.

Bright pink color stripes

2.  Go for Mixed Stripe Widths

Not everyone is a fan of wide, evenly spaced color-blocked stripes, and that’s fair. So what you might try that looks fresh and different is a colorful striped top with less contrasting tones and varying bandwidths. This coral top above has more of a tone-on-tone look with a splash of yellow and white mixed it. It’s modern and eye-catching.

 3.  Choose Pieces with Uncluttered Shapes

Vibrant stripes on fussy clothing can make you dizzy. Choose streamlined pieces with clean, simple cuts and little detail to look sleek and modern. Vertical stripes are your figure’s best friend because they elongate your body. Play up a dress or top with vertical stripes with dangling earrings.

Green and white striped top

4. Play Up a Nautical Theme

Nautical always comes to mind when you think about stripes. This spring, you’ll see nautical clothing with new shapes, new details, and colorful stripes. This green and blue striped blouse with the dramatic bell sleeves is a good example. Pair this top with waist tie shorts, rope sandals, and some nautical-themed jewelry for a shipshape look.

Striped tote bag

5.  A Striped Accessory May Be All You Need

Accessories are a great way to incorporate colorful stripes without going all out. I love this rich coral maxi paired with this darling Kate Spade tote. This sporty black bag with colorful stripes gives the outfit a fun feel. Be sure to keep your shoes neutral for a look like this. You can have too much color going on.

What do you think of bright stripes? Classy or clownish?

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