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Confused about What Hose to Wear With Boots?

Dear Deb,

Do I match my tights to the color of my boots or the outfit? If I’m wearing a skirt that hits above my knee, I will wear a tight one that matches my boot that hits mid-calf.

Also, what if I wear ankle boots with a skirt or dress? Does the same rule apply? Thanks, Jennifer


Hi Jennifer,

1) Do match your tights to the color of your boots, not the outfit.

2) When wearing an ankle boot with a skirt or dress, it will look best if you keep the tights the same color as the boot. Notice how these boots  fit nicely around the ankle. Good fit; it will make the short boot more flattering to the leg!

The fashion magazines show young gals wearing fun, colorful tights with these short boots, and if you are daring, you could try that.

But for most of us, it is more sophisticated to go solid, black, or brown. P.S. Stay clear of sheer pantyhose with short or tall boots; they will look too fine and not look right unless your outfit is on the dressy side.


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5 thoughts on “Confused about What Hose to Wear With Boots?

  1. So I’m meeting friends in NY.C & pieced together an outfit with a shorter black denim skirt, a black layered shirt that goes a little longer than the skirt on the sides, and black peep toe shoe/boots. Do I wear black stockings or tights? Textured to split all the black up? P.s. I’m (a young)50!

  2. Hi There…I am 45, and feel pretty good about my body…told me I don’t look my age..don’t believe it myself, but I’ll take it! going to Vegas. I have a fitted pencil skirt just above the knee and a white (lightly sparkled) tank which I am going to wear with a tasteful, fitted at the waist, leather jacket (it’s cold there!!) My problem is shoes!! booties? pump? I can go without hose… the tights cut at the ankle with pumps?? help!

  3. I know that black opaque stockings are the way to go this fall, but do I need to wear them with a business suit? I like dark hose but the thickness of opaques makes me feel “underdressed”& more casual. Are dark pantyhose ok to wear with business attire??

    Thank you

    1. Hi Josie,
      My feeling is you can go either way. The ultrasheer black hose is more traditional and dressier; the tights are more fashion forward and casual. It often depends on the look of the outfit.

      For example, I would suggest you wear an ultrasheer hose with a very fine lightweight black pencil skirt with a pretty blouse and cardigan. The tights would make your legs look too heavy. But then again, a cute knit dress, which is a heavier weight, would look great with black tights and boots or pumps. Eyeball it. Check yourself out in the mirror and see what works best!


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