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Ankle Bracelets For Women After 40 – Stylish or Silly?

Hi Deborah, 

Will you please tell women that ankle bracelets have no place in a professional work environment?  I don’t know how many times I’ve seen this. tacky and horrible! Thanks, Shawn

ankle bracelets for women

Hi Shawn,

I agree that ankle bracelets or anklets are they are sometimes called, don’t belong in the workplace or any professional setting. They send out a sexy, carefree message, and are best-worn outside of work, especially in more casual settings.

blue beaded ankle bracelet

Where should you wear ankle bracelets?

  • On vacation, at the beach, or on a cruise. Beaded or charm anklets can be cute.
  • Poolside in your bathing suit, lounging in the sun
  • At a summer BBQ or cocktail party with a flirty, feminine sundress and open-toe sandals.
  • Summer festivals like Coachella, an outdoor arts and crafts event, or a  Farmer’s Market -anything laid back and boho is a perfect match
  • While running everyday errands. Try wearing your anklet with sneakers, for a modern, fun look.

gold ankle bracelet


What about an elegant ankle bracelet worn in the evening with a cocktail dress?

Some women like to wear a delicate gold or silver ankle bracelet, and that’s fine, but when you wear it with a cocktail dress to a special event, I feel it looks very dated. And on top of that, when you wear an ankle bracelet over or under nylons, it’s not very flattering. Ankle bracelets are meant to be worn with bare legs.

Other tips for wearing anklets

  • Keep anklets dainty and feminine to highlight your ankles and legs
  • Don’t wear them with shoes that have ankle straps or it gets too messy and confusing at the ankle
  • Wear ankle bracelets just below the ankle bone for a most flattering look.
  • Feel free to wear an anklet on your right or your left ankle. There is no right or wrong side.

How do you feel about ankle bracelets?

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101 thoughts on “Ankle Bracelets For Women After 40 – Stylish or Silly?

  1. I’m 41 years old, and my wife is 54. We’ve been together for 17 years, married for 15.

    I gave her a thin silver anklet on our third or fourth date. She loved it and continues to wear it to this day. It’s one of about a half dozen she wears regularly. She looks beautiful and sexy when she wears one, and I know she always will.

  2. I love them. I don’t know why they have negative connotations. I have lovely slim ankles and like to wear something like that in light of this. There shouldn’t be any judgment or rules about them. People want to add limitations to things to minimize fun. Life can be hard enough as it is without human-made nonsense.

  3. As a teenager, I started wearing a leather anklet as a sign of friendship with my friends. While some people outgrew what some thought was a fad. I found that I liked the way they looked. And even a middle-aged adult has a whole collection of gold and silver anklets that I wear daily during the warmer months.

  4. The notion that ankle bracelets are outdated is silly and prudish. Women of any age can wear an anklet. I received my very first ankle bracelet at 16. Today I am sixty-one and still wear them. I feel sexy and secure when wearing this particular piece of adornment and never leave home without one.

  5. Ankle bracelets, as with any accessory, are meant to get attention. My daughter and I work in the same office. We are expected to wear hose and heels. We each choose to wear an ankle bracelet. It gets us noticed. We get approached a lot at work and in public.

      1. I love women who wear pantyhose. I don’t think there is anything sexier. Something about reinforced toe as well. Adding an ankle bracelet and a toe ring drives me crazy!

  6. Any woman of any age can wear an anklet whenever, as long as she’s confident about it. Some of the reasons are given through the male gaze; you know, a woman can’t be beautiful/sexy, and intelligent.
    IMO, anklets add pizzazz and an inexplainable touch of beauty. So yes, as long as you are confident, I say rock them!

    1. Agreed! While I don’t like anklets, I would never look at someone wearing one in the office and say, “Oh, well, I thought that presentation was well laid out, but the anklet blew the whole thing.”

    2. I still have the first gold ankle bracelet my first boyfriend gave me at 16. With a heart. Very dainty and sexy. I’ve had many more over the years, including ones with small bells, which I used for dancing professionally. Yesterday a male friend gifted me a gold one with tiny hearts of aquamarine. So feminine and pretty. I’ve always had sexy legs and ankles. And still do. Living in Florida, open shoes and bare feet are typical. BTW I’m 75. Don’t let anyone dictate your style…

  7. I’m afraid I have to disagree. I think a woman of any age can wear an ankle bracelet as long as it is tasteful and in concert with the outfit and occasion. An anklet at work is not an issue! I think the rationale provided here is a bit old-fashioned at best…; that is, if tastefully paired with the outfit, it is an enhancer. I don’t get the “distracter” position; I had personally worn ankle bracelets when I worked in civilian life, and there was no issue at all. I want to think that my credibility was never questioned; I managed to advance without problems. Ladies must be confident and do what works for them, not others.

  8. My wife is 55 years old and always an ankle chain with her ballet flats. She is an executive and loves attention.

  9. I am the president of a vast company. I wear an ankle bracelet in the summer months all the time.
    I have many compliments, and it has been a conversation starter.
    Who decides what’s inappropriate?!?!?!

    1. Exactly!!! I am 48 and told my husband I wanted an ankle bracelet. I feel like you can wear whatever you want. I hate when people criticize others because they don’t feel comfortable.

      1. Thank you! I agree.
        Hard to see women demeaning other women who can and do wear this beautiful piece of jewelry well.


  10. I couldn’t agree more.
    My wife wears two gold ankle chains beneath her seamed stockings and looks sensational.
    Men can’t take their eyes off her when she crosses her legs.
    I love her dressing like that and the attention she gets.

    1. Same with my wife. Her legs and feet get lots of attention. She doesn’t wear seamed stockings, but her feet and ankles look great with an ankle bracelet, sheer hose, and heels. She likes to play poker, so I got her an ankle bracelet with a queen of spades playing card. It looks lovely.

  11. The feet are the sexiest beautiful, most attractive, and most sensual part of the female body. I believe that elegant anklet toe rings give me much more super attraction; I like middle-aged women wearing anklet toe rings with dark painted toenails.

  12. My wife wears a double gold chain anklet. She’s had it on for nearly 20 years and wore it when we were married 15 years ago. The clasp was removed some time ago, and she can no longer remove the chains, although she wore them 24/7 anyway. Beach or boardroom, heels or tennis shoes, she’s wearing her anklet. There’s never been a negative comment from anyone.

  13. So it’s okay to wear one on the wrist but not on the ankle?

    Um, okay.

    It’s all up to the boss. Just ask them.

    I like them, and it doesn’t matter when or where she wears them.

    Just as long as she does her job well.


  14. My wife is 45 years old, and we have been married for 25 years and have two adult daughters. She works as an executive in a marketing company. As a 25th anniversary gift, I gave her a dainty and skinny diamond and a platinum ankle bracelet. She has beautiful feet and soft soles and looks very sexy when she wears the anklet. I see it as both extraordinarily sexy and elegant.

  15. You are the outdated one. What you show for fashion is way behind the times. As for anklets, they are typically delicate and highly feminine, perfect for most ages.

  16. I am starting a new job at a bank soon (in the actual branch). Not in management yet, but adjacent. I usually wear two anklets (1 on each ankle). I think they are super sexy! I was wondering whether I should take one or both off.
    Ps* the lady who interviewed me was wearing one.

    1. Hi Onika,
      I think you know where I stand on this if you read my post. If you want to be taken seriously and move into management, I would not advise you to wear an ankle bracelet to work. Save it for the beach or party time.

  17. Hoda on Today wears an ankle bracelet. If anyone knows how to dress, she does. I think they look great on women of any age. I believe the workplace can be left off or just a thin gold chain. Any other time I think they can be worn.

  18. To give a man’s point of view, I love anklets on women and find them beautiful whether in business, casual, or beach attire. To me, they complement a woman’s fashion, are very feminine, and display a distinctive side of her, not unlike other jewelry or even clothing.

    Granted, like with other jewelry and fashion, there’s an appropriateness to the style, design, color, and how they are worn. All can be worn and displayed inappropriately. It’s usually the woman’s character and how she wishes to express/carry herself that usually makes the difference, not the fact that she is wearing an anklet.

    My girlfriend (who is over 40) is a very successful professional and loves wearing anklets . . she has many . . .

  19. Hi Shawn,

    I dont find any problem in wearing anklets during business hours. It is one additional ornament she is sporting to adore her feet. She is already wearing earrings, finger rings, and chains around her neck, so what is the big deal if she adds one more in the form of an anklet? But she should ensure that it does not make a sound while she moves around. Only then will it disturb the business. The anklets shown in the pics are beautiful and add beauty to the feet. Anklets that make the lovely tinkling sound can be worn for parties, outings, beaches, etc.

  20. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a professional woman wearing an anklet. I was an assistant secretary to a Vice President & in-house legal counsel and wore anklets that were in good taste, and NEVER was there a negative comment. However, women in the office were not allowed to wear outrageous jewelry that made them look cheap, nor were the women allowed to wear solid or offensive perfume. Clients could be allergic to the aroma of the smell but never allergic to an anklet. If a woman can wear even a simple gold necklace that would bring attention to her female assets, what is the difference if she wears a simple gold anklet? NOTHING! After all, it is not the 1800s,

    1. It’s pretty shocking that since writing this post, I have received several angry, aggressive comments from ankle bracelet wearers- some of which I have had to edit. (Saying what you think is one thing, but I don’t allow nasty on the blog.)
      I’m not here to dictate what you should and shouldn’t wear. That’s up to you, but a reader said she felt they were inappropriate for work, and I agreed.

      Cheers, Deborah

      1. I agree with you, Deborah. Just like we can’t wear shorts or bikinis at work, sure ornaments give out unsmart and unprofessional vibes at the workplace. It’s not about being not free; it’s just how most human psychology works. I personally ‘feel’ very dull while wearing elaborate earrings or any other ornaments to work. I always gain confidence from a subtle look with just a watch on my wrist. I get noticed and appreciated for my professional conduct and practical work, not my ‘beauty,’ which makes it worth it. So yes, I agree with you – there’s a time and place for everything.

  21. female real natural beauty starts from her feet, that was a fact….so beautiful sexy, attractive dark painted female toes with elegant stunning anklets….pretty sensual female feet hope to see more images with thanks, please

  22. Disagree…..Do you consider an anklet ‘distractive’ ?? Are earrings distractive or a watch, maybe an oversized belt, too high of a heel…..really ??? They are no more distractive than any of the before mentioned, and who decided that an anklet was for young women? Your attitude is making you old. Lighten up, have fun, be free… you are only as old as you feel !!

  23. Please! This is 2014. Why not? It is a piece of jewelry. No different than a bracelet on your arm. It’s a matter of taste.

  24. Hello ladies! Today in the United States, some women wear what they think looks appropriate, not what others dictate is fashionable!
    I will not comment on the workplace; only about general attire. I used to make the world’s prettiest ankle bracelets; and sold them to all types of women. Please *note that I said types of women, not a class of women! Styles can be rich, poor, executives, unemployed, etc…
    Think back, older ladies; in the ’50s and ’60s, many women were of the old *mindset that having your ears *Pierced was barbaric!!! Also, women/children with pierced ears were tribal (relating to African traditions). I am proud to say, Yes, African women had pierced ears, not for style, but custom.
    Also, American women were of the mindset that only Common women wore them! Ladies, I have 1 question for you, especially those who are not ankle bracelet fans:

    Do you have your ears pierced? LOL?

    Respectively submitted

    *Ladies, wearing ankle bracelets is beautiful!

  25. I found this so amusing. I turned 40 last year and am always flattered when I get compliments on how young I look. I’ve learned age is a stupid number & I’m not trashy if I wear an anklet and have a simple tattoo on my shoulder that is tasteful and only revealed when I wear a strapless gown to our annual Marine Corps Birthday ball. I get compliments on that tattoo always. Life is NOT a dress rehearsal. People should wear their best perfume even to the post office. Use your best china on a Wednesday night. Wear that anklet you love today. Tomorrow may not come.

  26. I came across this article as I was searching for an excellent ankle tattoo design. I was shocked to see a woman writing the paper. I have a bachelor’s degree in Social Work and a minor in business administration. I have a Master’s in Social Work. I work for the federal government and make a great wage. I served in the ARMY on active duty for five years. I raised two children who are productive citizens and notable people, AND I’ve been married for 15 years! I work my ass off and believe in having the right to do whatever to my body, including getting an ankle tattoo AND exposing it in my office environment. If anyone thinks it’s trashy…I could care less. Those degrees on the wall will ensure I’m taken lyseriously. I choose to be a role model for women all around me. Ladies don’t have to fit in a box; they should feel free to express themselves how they choose.

    1. Hi Brenda,
      You are right. Everyone is different. There are no rules, only preferences, so if you enjoy having an ankle tattoo and it makes you feel good, that’s your choice.

  27. I am 48 and just found this site while browsing for an excellent ankle bracelet tattoo idea. I feel young and free-spirited and would never be considered trashy. I am a nurse, dating an internist, and he went with me to get my first ( and so far only) tattoo when I was probably 45, and he was very encouraging though it was my idea. The majority of nurses I work with have at least one tattoo. One of them has a beautiful and dainty ankle bracelet, and I have wanted one since I first saw it. Otherwise, I would never get a tattoo in a visible place. Mine is well hidden but has meaning for me. I say “to each his own” and let our fashion reflect our inner selves. No offense to you, ladies. You are both beautiful in your respect, but I will feel stuffy and stifled in your fashion.

  28. I just purchased an anklet at age 49. It is very dainty with sea-class beads. I bought it for vacationing at the beach, which is very casual. I think it depends on where you wear it. My opinion of the pic with of the black shoe with the diamond ankle bracelet above is that it is gorgeous at any age! There are a lot of Baby Boomers who would agree.

    1. Dear Alison… I like your attitude. Age is no bar if one wants to wear something as far as jewelry is concerned, but one should not overdo it, where people look at it differently.

  29. Hi Jill,
    You are correct; I have indeed not crowned myself part of the “fashion police”! I pride myself on NOT saying what you should or should not do. However, I DO give my personal opinion. If you like your ankle bracelet, I say, go for it! Just because I choose not to wear one does not mean you shouldn’t.

  30. Hi sweet Lady!

    I didn’t realize that ankle bracelets are a “no.”
    Mine is simple gold links with a tiny dangling heart.
    I’ve worn it with dark blue jeans, and black slacks
    with flats. It gives me a feeling of being a bit
    naughty because I don’t have piercings ( except ears)
    or tattoos.
    I’m going to keep wearing my delicate ankle bracelet but
    I love hearing the comments and all the fashion tips.

    Thanks, Carrie

  31. Glad I don’t live in Delaware! I love my anklets and will always wear them, at home, out to dinner, to work, to the beach… NO ONE will tell me whether I can or can not wear them :-)

    To further stir the pot, I will wear two or three together! Today I have a delicate gold tracer chain around each ankle, court shoes, and a trouser suit for work. Don’t like that? Tough!

    Seriously, do we need to be told what to wear all the time by ‘fashion experts’? Think for yourselves, people!

    1. Great Emma. I am glad to hear that you were 2-3 anklets simultaneously. Your feet must be looking pretty. That’s the spirit. Imagine while writing this how beautiful your feet must be with 2-3 anklets. Thank you for your liking…

  32. Wow! Who makes these rules anyway? I can’t believe people are arguing over a body adornment! I am an artist and all for self-expression. I also have lived long enough to see fashion come and go. The big picture is style does come and go, and people should do what they want, especially in a casual environment. I can understand a few rules for professional dress, but outside the office, as long as it isn’t vulgar, all bets are off! If ankle bracelets are “out of style, ” this should make people in the “retro” look happy! It’s all relative. I see nothing wrong with people having fun with jewelry. There will always be “snobby” people trying to make rules for everyone else!

    1. Hi Kathy,
      Oh no…I certainly do NOT want to come off as snobby, and I’m not trying to make any “rules”! Here at Fabulous After 40, I just try to help readers with what is currently trending and what is not.
      Fashion is ever-changing and evolving. Styles and trends come and go. As we age…it gets harder to wear trends, so I’m here to help you wade through it.
      Everyone is different, and you can take or leave my opinion…but I have to be honest.
      If you want to buck the trends and do your own thing…go for it.

  33. I’m 66. I wear an ankle bracelet and have worn one since I was a teen, and when I’m 80, I will still wear one. Believe me; the 1950′s was when we wore ankle bracelets. I have an aunt in her 80s that still wears hers—they’re beautiful. Why shouldn’t we wear them? We are very conservative women. I do not wear one in the winter. To cold can’t see them anyway.
    I have also worn a cross all my life and once had a friend say crosses are only for wearing in church. I have no idea where she ever got that idea.

  34. I am 34 yr—Old and also a new mother. I have an extremely professional and demanding career; my husband is a doctor. I am free of any tattoos and am somewhat on the conservative side. I’m afraid I have to disagree with anyone who thinks an ankle bracelet is silly or tacky at 40, 50, or 60 yrs. of age. I also agree with Dave when he said that anyone with that type of attitude that thinks it’s tacky or silly has a 1950s mentality. I love to see women of any age take care of themselves and know how to have fun. It’s always the woman who doesn’t feel that something is age-appropriate that ruins it. Since when was having fun or living on the edge for a young woman? Now that’s silly. I always loved seeing my grandmother with her freshly polished pink toenails and her ankle bracelet, but then again, maybe I’m just tacky!

    1. Hi Molly,
      If it makes you feel good, wear it! For me, it’s a novelty thing for the beach. Why don’t you send me a picture of yourself with an ankle bracelet so my readers can weigh in?
      Cheers, Deborah

  35. Just what you need,d another male’s opinion. I think ankle bracelets are very sexy AND stylish on the right legs, regardless of age. Toe ring,s on the other hand,d should be banned,d and the person who came up with the idea shot. I think style is 50% personal like and 50% others perception. No foot jewelry of any kind should not be worn to the workplace.

  36. Wow, really? (since you’re into trends). Men most definitely keep track! We know what is attractive and appropriate for our partners at and away from work, and we don’t take those cues from models on magazine covers. I believe ladies who spend so much of their time and money adorning their bodies with makeup, hairstyles and colors, jewelry, and clothing often do so to be appealing to men and are better served by being advised to ignore your sacred trends. Fashion isn’t science, it’s art, and art is subjective.

  37. My gorgeous 40-year-old, extremely respected, and successful executive wife wears a dainty ankle bracelet and toe ring and has for years. I found this website by accident, searching for new versions of both for her. I, like others here, am a bit surprised by your opinions being offered up as fashion dogma. You are entitled to your interpretation of fashion trends, but since you encourage comments, I will say that I find both jewelry items extremely feminine, sexy, and appealing.

    1. Hi Roger,
      Yes, many men do love and find them sexy. My comment is that the reality is, in today’s world, ankle bracelets are not in style, especially in a professional environment. Men don’t keep track of what is in or out; that is our job. I’m not trying to be the fashion police…If a woman wants to wear an ankle bracelet or toe ring, that’s her business. I’m just reporting trends. You are probably searching for ankle bracelets because they are nowhere to be found in stores these days or on models in fashion magazines. You will find them on surfer girls, the younger set, and those women who want to do their own thing, which is perfectly fine.

    2. Hi Roger, I agree that toe rings and anklets add beauty to the woman’s feet. Glad to know that your wife is also wearing a toe ring. If a lady feels that a particular ornament or design adds beauty to her outlook, she should go for it without thinking about what others will think and speak. Everybody may not like to wear even finger rings as it could make them uncomfortable adjusting them. Some ladies even wear three rings on each foot, one on each finger, and others wear even two roe rings on one toe and may total up to 7-8 in nos on both feet. That many are too much, but wearing a pair of toe rings on each foot should be fine.

  38. I hate to say it, being a jewelry designer and all, but I think ankle bracelets look tacky… except when I’m doing my hippie thing in the summer at the beach.

    Then I have some colorful seed beaded beauties that seem to complete the look.

    So, overall, I guess there’s a time and a place for them.

    1. I always considered the hippie thing tacky, even in the sixties. But even more so today.
      Ankle bracelets on the right woman can look great anywhere, any time.
      On the other hand, some women also need a dose of reality when they dress for the beach.

      My wife wears them and wears them well; She is always a perfect lady.

  39. The women who think it looks tacky most likely have legs like tree trunks and feet like an ostrich’s !!!! An attractive, well-built, well-groomed woman over 40 can pull it off … If you’ve got legs and feet that look like a 400-pound, old, fat retired linebacker, then No !! PLEASE dont wear one !!!!

  40. Lorena says it all. If an anklet looked great on a woman (or girl) in the ’50s, one would look great on a woman today. Anyone who finds all anklets “horrible” and “tacky” has the problem, not women who wear anklets. Are some anklets tacky? Of course, but so are some bracelets, necklaces, skirts, pants, shoes, hats, hosiery, etc. And if an anklet is tacky, what about tattoos, to say nothing of piercings on a woman’s head (and in other places best not thought about)? I agree that more than one ankle bracelet is excessive, as are large, clunky ones, and might suggest “gypsy.” Plastic beads, strings, ropes, and so on are best left to youngsters and might look foolish on older women. However, a delicate gold or silver chain around a woman’s ankle is simply an adornment. Some anklets of lesser quality are cheap, but some, perhaps with a diamond, charm, heart, or engravable plaque, can cost upwards of $200: they are not categorically affordable. I have met many women of all ages who wear an ankle bracelet — some year-round, some infrequently — and almost all are educated, intelligent, honorable women. If you find anklets so shocking, stop looking at women’s feet. A good quality, feminine anklet looks excellent; it is jewelry; it signifies nothing other than that its wearer wants to wear it, and perhaps has a bit more class than those who argue about what anklets mean.

  41. I’m from Puerto Rico. My point is that it doesn’t matter where in the world you live if you like wearing anklets. It is a matter of personal style. Who cares if it is in fashion or not or if you are 8 or 80 years old, you wear them if you like them. I know I do. It would help if you lightened up in America because you are all talking like a bunch of women from the Victorian Era. You want to be so proper all of the time that you pass as uptight people who don’t know how to enjoy little things like wearing stuff just because they make you happy. Should learn from other countries.

      1. Pity how the simple feel “fashion” is about following rather than expressing individuality.

        Following, of course, means constantly being behind.

  42. Dear Deb,
    My opinion is that ankle bracelets are a waste of your jewelry dollars. With so many beautiful jewelry styles available to accent your wardrobe in all price ranges, this category of accessories fails to deliver my credo that jewelry imbues the wearer with Beauty, Grace, and Power.

  43. Hi there from a HOT KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa!

    In our part of the world, ankle bracelets are delicate on the beach with a sarong and bikini, but never for the workplace. In fact, in our part of the world, they are associated with low-class people or even hookers! Although Zulu beaded ankle bracelets on the beach are delicate. Have a great weekend, :)


  44. I dont accessorize my saris traditionally-I wear extremely modern saris with little or no jewelry, and I think the styles can be mixed with significant effect. I am much more likely to wear my Indian jewelry and accessories (shawls) with western clothes than the other way round. However, I dont agree that ankle bracelets are too dread to think of for women over 40-it all depends on how you wear them—There’s no need to look like a refugee from a Renaissance Fair. I live in CA-vey casual-I might not wear them to the office, but I might well wear one on the weekend without feeling I am dressing too young. I have to admit I dont care for toe rings, but that’s because to me, they are too “South Indian Traditional Married Lady” and dowdy. I find your site full of helpful tips and enjoy reading it, but I have pretty much given up on Western fashion-as. I said- it has little to offer women our age -this despite working with a wardrobe consultant! I think it’s a real issue. Oh well. There are my 5 cents.

  45. I will chime in and agree that anklets do not belong in a business office. My opinion is that it is for younger women if worn, although my two daughters, 18 and 22, would not wear an anklet….only because Deborah is right, they are not the style now.

    1. Hi Benita,
      Good to hear from you.. this subject has hit a nerve, but I’m standing firm on my position about this one. Thanks for backing me up. I have a 21-year-old niece, and she would not wear an anklet either… it is just not “cool” these days.

  46. I have to disagree. Women in my country have been using them for ages. Doesn’t matter their ages. It is just a matter of taste. I agree with Dave; a discreet, silver, or gold chain anklet looks elegant even for work and doesn’t attract much attention as a chunky anklet would.

  47. The anklets may not be professional. However, I feel they are feminine and love seeing them at parties or casual environments. Who said jewelry had to stop at the wrist?
    This is the first time I have disagreed with your fashion advice. I think that is a pretty good record.

  48. I have to disagree with you also on this. I live in FL, where the weather calls for wearing shorts, capris, skirts, or dresses almost all the time, and I love to wear anklets all the time. I have several that I change depending on what I wear and where I go. I have a plain leather one that I wear (that my son, who is now serving in Afghanistan, gave me) that I wear with my casual shorts and t-shirts or tanks. Then I have a simple silver chain of Mickey Mouse heads (you can barely tell that is what they are) that I always wear when I go to Disney World. And I wear a plain gold chain when I am more dressed up. I do not, however, wear one when the weather gets cold enough or if I go somewhere that I have to wear pantyhose or tights – because I don’t feel that looks appropriate for my age; I am 44.

  49. Bracing for the slam, but I think ankle bracelets (and thick ol’ french manicures– think Kate Gosselin) have got to go. I live and work in San Francisco, and you don’t see professional women wearing them. If you want to wear them, restrict them to the beach.

  50. I own a jewelry boutique but would never wear an ankle bracelet. My boutique demographic is women from 30+, but I have no desire to sell them either!

    I’m afraid I have to disagree with Dave either that they add femininity. They send out quite a different message. Let’s not forget why they were initially worn in the Western world ;-)

    Agree that anklets look trashy unless you are a young, nubile 16-year-old.

    (Just my humble opinion!)

  51. I’m in Los Angeles, and many women wear toe rings, so much so that I think most people take them in stride (not that you would see them inside shoes or even in peep-toe styles). My 70-years old mom wears them, as do almost all her friends. I haven’t heard comments about toe rings in a long time. I don’t notice subtle wedding bands that much, either. I hI haven’t seen anklets for a long time, but I’m sure they’re out there. Tattoos are enormous here, on folks of all genders and ages.

  52. Hi,

    I am Indian but have always lived in the West-I also have a very high-status professional job and have to manage two wardrobes with different esthetics. As far as I am concerned, I wouldn’t wear an anklet with a suit or work attire, but I dont much like the condemnatory attitude-they are FINE with saris, salwar, etc., all of which I wear, and part of the vast repertoire of Indian jewelry. Frankly, at 55, I have given up on Western fashion-it has little to offer women of my age- and have gone back to wearing saris for pm events, which I have to attend as part of my job. The sari has modernized beautifully (I like Satya Paul) and is much more fun to wear than I can find at the mall.

    1. Hi Maharani, goodness, now we are on an entirely different topic. A sari is a style of dressing that is different. I would not suggest you try to apply our “western” tips to traditional dress. You say you don’t wear ankle bracelets to work when you are in western attire, so it sounds like we are on the same page! I expect you to accessorize your sari traditionally… ankle bracelet(s) and all!

  53. I agree with Deborah – I don’t wear ankle bracelets. However, I love jewelry because I don’t feel they have a place in the office or the professional environment.

    They draw attention to your feet – in a professional environment, you want the focus to be on your face, what you say, your ideas, and your experience. Drawing unnecessary attention to your feet may also open the door for someone to make an inappropriate or too-personal comment regarding your accessories.

    Better to keep it conservative in the office / professional environment – there are plenty of other ways to express your personality!

  54. I usually agree with the advice on this blog, but I’m afraid I have to disagree regarding ankle bracelets. I was shocked that you consider them tacky. I think they are feminine and sexy. I am 52, 5′ 6”, weigh 103, and I have always thought ankle bracelets look wonderful on slender legs. I have a simple, elegant one I wear in the summer months with bare legs, and I love the look and the way it makes me feel—just a subtle accent of feminity. I said a “simple” ankle bracelet, not a jingly belly dancer number.

    1. Hi Ann,
      Thanks for writing in. We have a difference of opinion on this one! Also, I was wondering where you live. In some areas of the country, they might be more in fashion.
      I can understand that some perceive them to be feminine, and I can see that some are pretty, but in a corporate environment, they undermine your credibility, whether you have lovely legs or not. They’re also not in style for outside work.

  55. Yeah, I’m a guy. I’m 49, and I make jewelry as a hobby. I know several ladies in their forties and fifties who are in management and have to do the pantsuit thing and try not to appear too feminine for business purposes. They do, however, wear very subtle anklets and add a touch of femininity to the more masculine style they feel they need to wear to be taken seriously by the men. I think seeing a chain or strand of tiny beads around an ankle is very feminine and sexy IF it matches her overall look. These ladies I know view it as an individual statement of nonconformity. So, yes, your attitudes are a bit stuffy and outdated. And as in all things, moderation regarding all jewelry works wonderfully.

    1. So, Dave, we get your point and are all for non-conformity, but our goal is to “report” what is in or out of style. Just for clarification, we feel that ankle bracelets on women over 40 make them look like they are trying to dress too young. My 20-year-old daughter would not even wear an ankle bracelet; they are just not “cool” to wear right now. Moreover, they are especially not appropriate or professional in the workplace at any age. But, keep checking back; we will keep you posted when they come back in style!

      1. Ladies, when you realize who you are, you can wear whatever you believe looks good on you regardless of what’s trendy. I, too, stumbled onto this site while searching for an ankle bracelet to replace a recently lost one. I wear my ankle bracelet because I like it, not for anyone else.

  56. I’m afraid I have to disagree. A delicate gold or silver chain anklet with the right shoes, skirt, or pantsuit can look feminine and not tacky. You ladies may be 40’s, but your attitudes are 1950’s.

    1. Wow, it Sounds like we hit a nerve!
      Question: This comment is signed by Dave. Are you a man writing this? Perhaps men and women feel differently about ankle bracelets. Either way, we welcome everyone’s opinion. Fashion should be individual and fun!

  57. What about toe rings? I put them in the same category as ankle bracelets. A friend of mine in her 50 always wears one with sandals. I suppose your pedicure is excellent because it draws attention to your toes, but I always equate them with teenagers. Your opinion?

    1. Hi Amy,
      Thanks for mentioning that… Well, if you are really into the bohemian look and are very artsy… then it would be ok… (def. better than an ankle bracelet). Neither of us Glam Gals would ever wear a toe ring; it is not our style.

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