Two Cool Ways to Style a Long Vest for Women Over 40

Move over jackets and cardigans. The newest way to layer is with a long vest. There are many ways to work a long vest into your wardrobe.

Today, I’m sharing two cool ways to style a long vest that are easy to wear and look fabulous on mature fashionistas. Take a look.



I just wanted to start by telling you a bit about the long vest I will be layering with. This is a sleeveless trench, one of the more popular long vests.



This piece has that instant cool factor. It’s more hip than a long sweater and lighter than a long jacket or coat. When you slip it on, you feel like you can take on the world!


Although it has an oversized menswear vibe, it doesn’t look overly masculine. I love the dramatic drape collar. The warm honey color is soft and rich.



One of the reasons this vest looks so luxurious is because it is wool. Details also make the difference. Check out the epaulets- a classy military detail.

1. Style a Long Vest with leggings and a Long Sleeve Tee

As you can see, one of the best ways to style a long best is to wear it with skinny black jeans and a stretchy, long-sleeve top. You could also wear thick ponte leggings or straight-leg jeans.

I have layered the long vest over this outfit and added a long Kendra Scott pendant. My pendant creates an excellent focal point that draws the eye up and down and has a slimming effect.


For an even more slimming effect, try wearing your long vest with a black tee, black jeans, and black footwear. Wearing a dark color from head to toe under a long, open, lighter-colored vest like this will make you look long and lean.



See how nice my outfit looks with these pointy-toe zip suede booties?


A bit of arm candy always adds so much. This Sailor’s Knot bangle and Crystal Enamel bracelet are from Kate Spade. The purse is, too. This is the Kate Spade Dillon Tassel bag, a great all-around bag that is classic and functional.



Looking ahead to my day, this is a great outfit for a casual business meeting. It has an authoritative feel but is not uptight. 

sweater dress with long vest


2. Style a Long Vest with a Dress

Another cool way to style a long vest is to pair it with a sweater dress. I did that here and added a belt.



sweater dress with camel vest

This is a cozy, fashion-forward look with tall black suede boots. The leopard-print bag ties it all together.

Other Ways to Style a Long Vest

A long vest can also be styled with dress pants, flare jeans, a skirt, a top, or anything else you would style a jacket or cardigan with. Experiment with this look and see what you come up with. A long vest is a modern way to look fabulous after 40, 50, or 60!

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      1. Thank you. What I love about the vests is that they are versatile. I can wear them to the office over slacks or even a dress; they make a great addition to my jeans for a casual look. I wear them anywhere one of my staple pieces?

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