Cozy Cowl Neck Tunic Sweater for Leggings and Jeggings

Straight-leg jeans may be the new trend, but leggings and jeggings are still going strong. A very flattering way to wear them is with a cozy cowl neck tunic top. Today I’m sharing one of my favorites, this sweater, along with some tips on how to make cowl neck tunic tops work for you.

orange tunic sweater

I love soft, stretchy leggings and jeggings and wear them all the time. These are my newest pair of jeggings from Talbots. They have a traditional waistband and zip fly just like jeans (or you can get the pull-on kind if you prefer), and they are thick enough like regular jeans so that you can wear them with any length top.  But, I love them wearing them with this cowl neck tunic sweater. Why?

This is a Talbots cowl neck sweater and it is a beauty. Look at that color!  Color is a great way to make a statement, and this gorgeous squash orange color announces loud and clear, It’s Fall!  This orange cowl neck sweater also comes in a stunning Forrest Green and a cheery Autumn Rose.

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orange cowl neck sweater

The classic diamond pattern and the tiny colored flecks in the yarn are also beautiful. They create texture, and texture is a great way to add richness and excitement to your outfit. This wide cowl neck sweater is also super comfy. It’s made from Talbot’s Kitty Tweed, an ultra-soft yarn that gives this sweater a luxurious look and feel.

There are also practical reasons I love wearing cowl neck tinic tops. Sometimes I want to cover my belly!  If I’ve been eating a bit too much, I’m feeling bloated, or I just want to wear something that doesn’t show everything,  I reach for this.  It’s roomy, and I can relax, plus the long over skinny silhouette is slimming. A pair of great booties with a small-medium heel really helps make this look work too.


orange cowl neck tunic sweater

Another great thing about a cowl neck tunic sweater is that a cowl neckline is very flattering because it softens the neck while framing the face. It’s much better than a turtleneck if you are feeling self-conscious about your aging neck.  You can wear your cowl neckline higher or lower, and it will always look lovely as the soft folds give off a casually elegant vibe.

dean davidson jewelry

I just wanted to add a styling note. I like to push up the sleeves. It’s a lot of sweater, and while it’s OK to leave the sleeves down, I think it looks more sporty and youthful if you push them up to 3/4 length. This way, you also get to wear some beautiful bracelets that complete the look.

I’m wearing Dean Davidson, my favorite jewelry designer.  Dean’s jewelry is modern, classy, and thoughtful. There’s an exciting travel theme to each of his collections,  and you can mix and match collections,  as I have done here. I love his Manhattan chain link statement bracelet inspired by Studio 54 in NYC in the ’70s.

I’ve combined it with this stunning braided bangle and huggie earrings inspired by Dean’s travels to Bali.  This jewelry is definitely something you may want to put on your Christmas list for Santa!

orange tunic sweater and jeans

Small side slits are a cute style detail on this gorgeous cowl neck tunic. To shop this look, click the links below. This outfit is perfect for Thanksgiving, don’t you think?

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